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  1. Plats

    Plats New Member

    Here we go folks for a third rush down the floor - we have 1 week for veteran and new players to make their picks - have fun trying to guess whom Fate or the Grim Reaper will tap next!

    Congrats to The_Vukster for winning Dead Pool II – Joey Bishop is the final member to join “The Rat Pack” reunion at the great casino in the sky. Losers have to display their dead logos until Saturday, November 17th.

    I hope 10 more board members will have the whimsy to join in on our game during the coming week.

    Dead Pool III goes into play at 12:00 AM, Friday the 26th of October...get your picks in or updated before then!


    1. All previous NLLMB Dead Pool I & II players (veterans) and their picks are automatically re-entered in the next game with their previous pick, or new pick if required by circumstances. Veterans have until before 12:00 AM, Friday, 26 October 2007 (the deadline)if they wish to discard and change their original pick. Any discarded pick will immediately be eligible for selection by any other player,
    2.) New players wishing to join the NLLMB Dead Pool game are limited to the next 10 NLLMB members that post an eligible pick in this thread, or are submitted by the deadline, whichever occurs first...
    3.) Picks cannot be repeated, and no more than one pool entry per board member, and are taken on a first come, first serve basis as determined by the post date and time.
    4.) All picks must be alive at the deadline, which is also the start of the Dead Pool III game,
    5.) The pick must be listed in Wikipedia,
    6.) Players cannot pick a person that is incarcerated on death row, held hostage under the threat of execution, Missing in Action (MIA) as a result of serving on active military duty, or a person that has gone/been declared missing in a remote or dangerous place under circumstances where it would be reasonable to assume that they may be dead before the game starts,
    7.) The winner is determined by the first pick that dies of any cause,
    8.) Wikipedia will be used to determine pick eligibility and confirm the winner; and
    9.) Dead Pool losers will have to display the Avatar of a "DEAD" franchise (defunct or suspended before October 16th, 2007) of their choice for a period of one month immediately following a win by a player..


    NOTE: This post will be updated when time permits. Thanks for your patience...



    01 . Fidel Castro Born 8/13/1926 - Cuban Dictator | Picked by Plats (discarded Oscar Peterson - won DP I with L. Pavarotti)

    02 . Tony Snow 6/01/1955 - Recent White House Press Secretary | Picked by ammispapa (discarded Jimmy Carter)

    03 . Oral Roberts 1/24/1918 - Midwest Televangelist | Picked by ParrotBayTaz (discarded Ed McMahon)

    04 . Art Linkletter Born 7/17/1912 - Classic TV Game Show Host | Picked by Fabio gump (discarded John Wooden)

    05 . Yogi Berra Born 5/12/1925 - Logic Twisting Baseball Hall of Famer | Picked by BARKS DAWG

    06 . John J. Rigas Born 11/14/1924 - Imprisoned Former Cable TV Mogul and Sabres Owner | Picked by fandit

    07 . Phyllis Diller Born 7/17/1917 - Classic Comedienne | Picked by raphilly

    08 . Britney Spears Born 12/2/1981 - Flaky behaving, nosediving Pop Star | Picked by Jimbo (discarded Lindsay Lohan)

    09 . Billy Graham Born 11/07/1918 - Famous Christian Evangelist | Picked by BanditsRed (discarded Don Rickles)

    10 . Robert Goulet Born 11/26/1933 - Old Showtune Crooner | Picked by scott15 (discarded Kirk Douglas)

    11 . Bo Diddley Born 12/30/1928 - Blues-Rock Legend | Picked by Jazzy#21 (discarded B.B. King)

    12 . Alex Delvecchio Born 12/4/1931 - Oldtime Detroit Red Wings Captain | Picked by Meathead

    13 . Jake Roberts Born 5/30/1955 - Professional Wrestler | Picked by N Barbera

    14 . George W. Bush Born 7/6/1946 - The U.S. President | Picked by mtbf

    15 . Nancy Reagan Born 6/4/1921 - Former First Lady | Picked by Eyes from Above

    16 . Justin Timberlake Born 1/31/1981 - Pop Star, Hollywood Playboy | Picked by Hooligan

    17 . Abe Vigoda Born 2/24/1921 - Classic Character Actor | Picked by Mr. Boo

    18 . Charlton Heston Born 10/4/1924 - Actor, Former NRA President | Picked by Atauserk

    19 . Jake LaMotta Born 7/10/1921 - Former Heavyweight Boxer, The "Raging Bull" | Picked by C-Murder

    20 . Edna Parker Born 4/20/1893 - World's Oldest Living Person | Picked by khawksfan

    21. Albert Hoffman Born 1/11/1906 - Scientist who created LSD | Picked by The_Vukster (Won Dead Pool II with Joey Bishop who passed away 10/17/07)

    22. Evel Knievel Born 9/17/1938 - Ailing Motorcycle Stunt Legend | Picked by thrillis (discarded Henry Allingham)


    23. Billy Werber Born 6/20/1908 - Oldest Living Major League Baseball Player | Picked by The Doctor

    24. Benazir Bhutto Born 6/21/53 - Former Prime Minister of Pakistan | Picked by UdaMann

    25. WINNER DEAD POOL III - Porter Wagoner Born 9/12/1927 Died 10/28/2007- Country Singer | Picked by Corporal

    26. Barbara West Born 5/24/1911 - One of two living Titanic survivors | Picked by Fetter
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  2. the doctor

    the doctor New Member

    I'm in if there is room for me.

    Going with Billy Werber the oldest living former major league baseball player - only player left who played with/against Babe Ruth. If I did it right the link to Wikipedia is below:

    Billy Werber
  3. thrillis

    thrillis New Member

    i believe ill stick with my pick, although im starting to have my doubts :p
  4. Jimbo

    Jimbo New Member

    I think I'll move my pick...

    ...but not too far

    If Lindsay is going to settle in Utah, she might die of boredom, but now I think Britney Spears is a better bet to join the "Rat Pack in the Sky".
  5. Richyrich11

    Richyrich11 New Member

    I believe I'm going to change my pick, I have to think about it a while :D
  6. The_Vukster

    The_Vukster Active Member

    I am surprised that this guy hasn't been taken yet...but for my new pick, I will go with the creator of LSD...Albert Hoffman born January 11, 1906.

    And let's see those Smash logos... :D
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  7. Plats

    Plats New Member

    I was going to Britney! Too slow on the draw. It's crazy to think of Britney sharing the stage with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. etc...

    I'll have to think about my current or new pick like ammispapa. thrillis, maybe old Henry is just too spry to go anytime soon.
  8. C-Murder

    C-Murder Member

    My pick is staying LaMotta, if he dies and I don't have him I'll be pissed
  9. ParrotBayTaz

    ParrotBayTaz New Member

    Congrats to the Vulkster

    I'm going to release Ed McMahon and go with Oral Roberts. I think the stress of his son being relieved of his duties of ORU might just get to him. He is 89 so I think his time is limited.
  10. Plats

    Plats New Member

    ParrotBayTaz dropped Fidel Castro go at the beginning of Dead Pool II, since we haven't seen any propaganda photos recently, the old dictator maybe on life support.

    I'm going to take Fidel!
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  11. ParrotBayTaz

    ParrotBayTaz New Member

    There were actually photos and video of him and I believe the mexican president last week so he's still around.
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  12. Jimbo

    Jimbo New Member

  13. Plats

    Plats New Member

    Missed the Axis of Evil Club Telecast

    I've been working too hard to miss that new story. I'll call that "a propaganda stunt".

    I'll stick with Fidel anyway, even though I have until midnight Thursday to change my mind...

    In the meanwhile, maybe I can get Zidane to visit Castro in his hospital room to finish him off ;) :rotfl:
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  14. Richyrich11

    Richyrich11 New Member

    I think I'll change mine to:
    Tony Snow He has been battling Cancer for a couple years and the last time I seen a picture of him on T.V. he looked pretty rough.
  15. The_Vukster

    The_Vukster Active Member

    Wow...what a jerk this guy must be...I read the wiki link...
    "On August 30th, Snow announced that he would step down from his position on September 14th, 2007. He said he had taken a major pay cut to become press secretary and that he could no longer raise his family on his $168,000 salary."
  16. Richyrich11

    Richyrich11 New Member

    I read that. But it also says the facts are in dispute so obviously he's denying he said that. Maybe the three rounds of Radiation and chemo has gone to his head. Please can someone pay me 168,000 a year? :D
  17. The_Vukster

    The_Vukster Active Member

    I think it would take me a year or two before I could even figure out how to spend that much a year!
  18. thrillis

    thrillis New Member

    hmm. after going over some things, evil knievil is starting to look mighty tempting..

    its funny though, in most dead pools, my pick would put me in negative points if he croaks :rotfl:
  19. UdaMann

    UdaMann New Member

  20. Plats

    Plats New Member

    Big target on her back

    Still room UdaMann - but she has to make it past midnight Thursday, can't start the Pool with a dead bombing or assassination victim... :D

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