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Discussion in 'Colorado Mammoth Forum' started by bbilly1, May 8, 2016.

  1. bbilly1

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    We had a free night tonight, so we made our way down to The Can for the game. A rather predictable outcome. Idiots all around us in the stands. Young adults spewing profanity, kids who have no attention span who seem to be there just to bother others, people who don't know the game or the rules yelling stuff that makes no sense, crappy refs... 23 shots and no goals for Jr. Could this have been his last game? Ultimately, giving up our season tickets this year looks like a wise move. I doubt the Mammoth would have had any shot against the Rush, but this result shows no progress and exposes the same wounds. Who cares how well you play in January and February when you are one and done against the same team every year? The Mammoth players can get on with their summer programs now...this probably makes everyone happy except the fans. Some of the fans, anyway. No playoff wins since 2006. Wow.
  2. CrocodileLax

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    Since 2007, Jr. has piled up points, but never the point that matters most: the point that advances his team to the next round. He came back from a major injury in that time, so he deserves some slack for a season or two. That said, I've often wondered how much of a team player he's been, particularly during his time on the Mammoth: at times, his individual stats have seemed more important to him than team stats. In fairness to him, he is a legend and one extra point last night would've been the difference maker. Why not keep shooting? Others might suggest he should've made a pass or two, if the shot count you cited is correct.

    It also sucks that lacrosse has proven so unappealing for you of late. I love the sport but I've come across some ugly crowds in Toronto in recent years that really turned me off the live game. It can't have been easy for you to watch such a close OT loss to a long-time rival after so many years of frustration, particularly in an environment you weren't enjoying. Here's hoping for some changes, so that you can come back to the game.
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  3. CanHawk Fan

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    I will always love the game and I am never going to let stupid fans - be it at the Blue Cross Arena, or when we are watching the boys on the road - spoil my love of the NLL and Knighthawks lacrosse. We had a very rough year this year, but I still loved going to every game, because there are still half a dozen jaw dropping plays every night at every game, and no other sport can match that.

    As for John Grant Jr., I can understand your frustration. He is a legend, and is still loved in Rochester, but - despite the off season from Matt Vinc - it was still the best move ever to trade Grant for Vinc. 3 titles to 0 since the move was made, and I will still take that trade ALL DAY LONG!!

    Great two games this weekend though. If those games didn't get your blood moving, I am not sure what will. Great effort by the Mammoth and major congrats to the Riggers.
  4. jetman

    jetman Active Member

    Sorry, never did like Junior. Always seemed to put himself above the team. Is he a great talent? Yes. Would I want him on my team? Not a chance.

    Vinc for Grant was the best trade the Hawks could've made.
  5. bbilly1

    bbilly1 Member

    John Grant Jr. is a great player with amazing talent. Every time you see him play you can recognize his skill and appreciate his greatness. I don't mean to beat a dead horse but....

    That trade is a clear example of everything that is wrong with the NLL. Vinc stating how excited he was to come and play in Colorado. Govett claiming he absolutely had no choice but to make that trade. The entire episode was full of BS on all sides. Sure Rochester fans are happy with the trade. It really could mark the death of the Mammoth organization. It sure was the end of the honeymoon for us.

    Now that the same result has happened year after year after year, it should be clear that no team built around Jr. at this stage of his career can have any playoff success. That matters to some people.
  6. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    If it makes you feel any better, "Philadelphia" finally got its first playoff win since 2001 - the last time they won the championship too.
  7. LordStanley1893

    LordStanley1893 Active Member

    Despite adding Crawford there are lots of holes on offense. If Grant retires are McLaughlin and Wardle going to pickup the slack? Are Noble and Mallory the answers on the right?

    Lot's of questions for this team heading into next year.
  8. Grantjr24

    Grantjr24 New Member

    Go watch the Outlaws Championship game they won recently and come back here and talk about Juniors team playing. Sure the guy is old. Sure the guy takes some sloppy shots and should pass more instead of shoot, but as for your comment of a team built around Junior... He asked to step down as captain. He asked to take a back seat slowly. He knows his time is coming to an end and sadly, our offense woes are not ALL on junior and anyone who says otherwise clearly isnt watching the same games of lacrosse as i am. Championships are won AS A TEAM. The fact that you blame Junior for the losses since that trade is just insane. Does anyone remember what we gave Rochester for Noble last year? Does anyone remember how many points Noble had against the Roughnecks for that last playoff game? We have an offense built around 3 players and they know exactly how to beat us. Its not hard. Stop Jones, Grant, and Crawford. Duh. Then we default onto Noble or Eli, and when that fails we try more transition. Which, sadly, didnt work. Junior is a cool dude and i enjoy talking lacrosse with him when i can before or after games. Sadly, even when he does retire, because of our illustrious GM's inability to make solid trades with Rochester, we are kind of screwed for lefty draft picks for a few years. So unless we can do a trade of some sort or maybe another luck of the draw like Crawford, i doubt anything will change. We SHOULD have thrown the game VS the stealth and hoped for a Rock win vs the Roughnecks and played the stealth in the first round. Benefits us as the roughnecks seem to be our Achilles heal, and the stealth could use some playoff action for their fans. But whats done is done and next year hopefully will be much better. Giving up season tickets or not going to games due to poor performance or lack of Willie B announcing is just crap. Support your team or dont. That simple. No team can win every year, no team can be perfect. Rochester won 3 in a row and arent even in the playoffs 2 years after winning their 3rd. Dynasties are made, and they fall. Right now its the Rush's turn. I have no doubt they will be able to beat the Bandits in the final round. They have a good team ALL AROUND and dont build a lot around 3-4 players like we did in the recent years. This isnt a mom and pop sport for colorado anymore. We have DU at number one. We have the outlaws who just won a championship. We have womens lacrosse winning championships. Lacrosse is booming in Colorado and its only going to get bigger and bigger. So sure, drop your tickets. Complain some more about how the team sucks and cant win. They are better off without your crap negativity and poor sportsmanship. GTFO.
  9. blake1827

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    Ladies & Gentlemen Grantjr24, literally homer.
  10. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    Maybe it IS JGJ!
  11. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    The definition of insanity is Jr attempting 23 shots and not scoring . I'd of put his *** on the bench
  12. bbilly1

    bbilly1 Member sounds like you are writing in my direction, so I'm going to respond to that post. It sounds like you and Jr. are buddies, and I'm sure he is a 'cool dude' to you. That's just great. I hope you enjoy your Outlaws and women's games and DU and all that. I never pinned it all on Jr., but it sure seems like you and I agree about a lot of stuff. Especially with regard to the structure of the Mammoth and the coaching and the fact that team is way too predictable on offense. Bottom line, the Mammoth have failed miserably and have not accomplished anything of merit since the Vinc trade. That trade, to me, was a clear indication of what the NLL truly is. Frankly, the attitude exposed in your post there and what we saw in the stands last night is a clear example of poor sportsmanship. Throwing games? Really? Is that what you do in your life to try to get ahead? Hmmm. Yes, we gave up our season tickets this season after a 14 year run. There were many reasons for that. People like you are one of those reasons. I thought Big Rob was fine this season...didn't miss Willie at all. The team in its entirety really played hard last night. The Mammoth had a ton of chances to win it. As we were leaving, my wife said, "At least they didn't get blown out..." You can call that progress, if you want to.
  13. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    This is also true in Buffalo. Does Colorado have a beach ball problem in the stands? If not, you're lucky.

    As for Grant, I thought he was forcing too much on Saturday night. The shots were very low percentage shots and Poulin seemed dialed in on him. Crawford and Noble had the hotter hands but he's John Grant Jr., 2nd leading goal scorer all-time so he's going to take shots and deserves too. I don't think he retires just yet.

    And personally, he's always struck me as being kind of douche.....not a Rob Gronkowski type douche but still a douche.
  14. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    props to poulin for stopping grant. the bigger dog in this is Crawford imho, just could not swim pass the Calgary defense, he tried to split the double and the riggers rarely bit and kept the squeeze on him. the ball died in his stick too often. the ball rarely touched anyone but jones, grant, Crawford or noble. woolies not using all 5 forwards effectively allowed Calgary to double cover the ball with little fear. eli, Mallory and wardle did very little imho.
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  15. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    I feel the same way. He's pretty much a douche.
  16. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    given the lack from the three I mentioned, maybe playing cupido on the attacking unit would had added some quickness to the floor.
  17. roadrunner

    roadrunner Member

    He seemed to have a hard time getting the ball past Poulin. Had two breakaways and was stuffed. Gotta love Joey's hustle.

    Can't see Calgary getting by Sask unless Shatts and Dobbie get the left side working.
  18. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    but at getting the ball to joey puts pressure on the defense. I just did not see where the three named did much to warrant coverage. you play jones, Crawford and grant, you def sacrifice floor quickness.
  19. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    but really, the star for Calgary's defense was poulin, he was that good Saturday night.
  20. roadrunner

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