Del Bianco steals from the Rock

Discussion in 'Calgary Roughnecks Forum' started by rigger1, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. rigger1

    rigger1 Guest

    CDB stood on his head and got his first professional win! Congrats! Shut out the highest scoring team in the NLL for the entire 4th and then some.. Nice to see the offence clicking along and the defence played very well, keeping the Rock outside most of the time. When they did break through CBD made several amazing saves from in close.. Great team game 'Necks! Enjoy the win and let's see a repeat at home next weekend!
  2. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    Can't take anything away.

    Watched a hardworking team punk the favourite. If it wasn't the home team, it would have been an awesomely fun game to watch.

    I can live with this, just wish someone had cut Dobbie in half for his whining and general dickishness.
  3. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    I'm debating if I wanna watch this game on tape tomorrow since I missed it live tonight....
  4. CrocodileLax

    CrocodileLax Active Member

    It was an entertaining game until Calgary turned on the jets. Not much to see after that.
  5. rigger1

    rigger1 Guest

    Have to agree with you about the last point.. It does take away from his game a lot. If not for this quality, he probably would draw a lot more penalties and be ranked much higher amongst his peers..
  6. rigger1

    rigger1 Guest

    You need to watch if only to see Del Bianco in the second half.. Held the Rock to only 2 goals. Not bad for a kid who played junior last year..
  7. oldballs

    oldballs Guest

    CDB still has 1 year of junior left.
  8. rigger1

    rigger1 Guest

    Which senior team is he affiliated with? Don't think he will be playing junior next summer!
  9. wacklax

    wacklax Active Member

    Junior adanacs for 1 more year. Will not be called up to senior much for coquitlam as they are in tank mode so they can draft him next year.
  10. rigger1

    rigger1 Guest

    Thanks Wacklax! Didn't realize there was a race to the bottom to pick up a goalie! I should know better being an Oilers fan....
  11. New Fan

    New Fan Active Member

    rigger1, didn't get a chance to catch the game last night, but congrats to the Roughneck players for pulling out the win. Heard Del Bianco stood on his head and was an inspiration for the play of the team. Great to the team working for themselves to dig out a hole despite all that gets in their way, if you catch my drift.
  12. rigger1

    rigger1 Guest

    Hiya New Fan.. If you get the chance, go watch the archived game on NLL tv. and yes, I get your drift...
    It will be interesting to see how they do against the Mammoth at home next weekend. Looking forward to it.
  13. rigger1

    rigger1 Guest

    Well, it was very interesting to see the game last night at the DOME. Del Bianco had another great game and the team looks rejuvenated in front of him. The defence kept Benesch from scoring all night. Mammoth were only able to score one even strength goal in the first half.. Good job D! The Riggers pulled away in the third and then traded goals in the fourth and never let the Mammoth back in it. Solid game. More offence on transition and balanced scoring.. That's three good efforts in a row and CDB is looking pretty good in net. Keep it up against Vancouver next game boys!
  14. New Fan

    New Fan Active Member

    Well, the win next week against the Stealth should be a no brainer. Great to see the players has figured out who they can be and are leading the charge back to wining. Certainly have found the goaltending.

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