Details on the Rock Charity Scarves.

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  1. JareCanada

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    To answer the questions about the Rock Charity Scarves:

    Just to start off these scarves would not be available without the help of Rockfinn, Brad Watters, Terri Workman, Coach Veltman and Coach Clark, the office staff of the Rock, absolutely not without the continued support of the players and of course the Roadies!

    What for?
    -The sale of the Rock scarves benefit Jim Veltman's initiative and Les's Fund specifically Wellspring Cancer Support Centre.

    How much?
    -Rock Charity Scarves at $25.00 (If you could have exact change when you get one at our tables that would be awesome.)
    100% of the profits after manufacturing costs will be given to these two efforts
    *More details on Jim's efforts to come, what I can say is something that Goddess and I are helping with.

    Where can I get one?
    -Rock Charity Scarf Tables will be at every game up to and until the Charity Game on Feb 20 or until supplies last.
    As it stands the Roadies and the partners, wives and family members of the Rock players will be volunteering at the scarf tables before every game.

    What to look for:
    The Smooth Moves Dance Pack incorporating the scarves into one of their routines.

    In the works.
    -Online purchasing is definitely being thought about.
    -There are some other promotions the Rock are developing that involve the scarves also.

    Thanks for your continued support of Les's Fund and we hope you embrace Jim's initiative, it's vision is one you'll embrace for sure. Official unveiling to take place later this season.

    Jarrett Harris
    Coordinator Les's Fund
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  2. whipperrocks

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    just as long as you put aside 1 for me ...... and don`t forget
  3. JareCanada

    JareCanada New Member

    Now Now.....

    Have you forgot your manners Whip.....let's start of that sentance with "Can you put aside one for me?" and "Please don't forget?"

    Otherwise I may just not set one aside and I may forget.;)
  4. whipperrocks

    whipperrocks New Member

    I think I did in another post :)

    but if I didn`t Please please please put one aside pour moi
  5. KrazyKewl

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    The same goes for me.
    Pretty, pretty please?
  6. Canadan

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    I bought one at the home opener, and for $25, you get a great looking scarf and the quality is second to none!!! :)

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