Digby Traded For Picks

Discussion in 'Calgary Roughnecks Forum' started by Ryan Coke, Jul 23, 2018.

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    Too bad the article doesn't recap the original trade that brought Digby in back in 2015.

    Now that Digby cancels out of the equation, the 2015 trade looks something like this...

    To Calgary: 2018 first round pick (7th overall), 2019 first, second and third round pick.

    To New England: Shawn Evans, 2018 third round pick (32nd overall) and a 2019 fourth round pick.

    And that's not considering the impact that Digby and Evans had on their respective teams since 2015.

    Lucky for the Roughnecks, time is still on their side to prove that they got the better end of this deal.
  2. Yeah, not surprised by Digger leaving. Seemed to have some off times and I didn't think he made much of an impact. Love the guy and his size, though, just giving my opinion. I thought Philly might grab him in the expansion draft, as he lives in Pennsylvania, but at least in NE gets him closer to home for home games. Best of luck to Digger!
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    It's similar to the Rush throwing in John Lafontaine in the Kirk/Bold trade last summer. The Rush needed to open a roster spot for Matt Hossack who was still on their practice squad. Similar situation with the Roughnecks and Ryan Martel.

    Dumb trade for New England though. Not a slight against Digby, but they were already quite low in top round draft picks already, and this makes matters even worse for them.
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    Glad to see Digby is going to get an honest chance to contribute to a new offence. He never had a chance in the Calgary O. Why? Well, Dickson had the the ball 60% of the time and Berg had it 35% of the time. Reviewed Shots and Shots on Goal for the season. Dickson had 292 shots of which 193 shots were on goal, Berg 184 shots of which 138 were on goal and Digby 40 shots of which 32 were on goal. He only missed the net 8 times of his 40 shots while Dickson missed almost 100 shots on goal. Pretty easy to see it didn't leave Digby many opportunities to put the ball in the net. He was the odd man out and must have been frustrated. Oh for the days of the 3 righties in Kelusky, Toth and Ranger, all super stars, who had no problem sharing the ball as on offensive unit. Hope Digby does well.
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    if the wolves get digby that played with the stealth, they won't complain.

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