Does a fight pump up a team?

Discussion in 'Ask a Titan - Ryan Boyle' started by MCO Titans, Mar 6, 2010.

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    Having experienced a few fights @ Amway in the first few games, I know how a fight picks up the noise level and energy in the crowd.

    Do the fights truely pump up the players as well? More so at home versus away?

    We loved when you ran over and raised Rory Smith's hand in victory after his fight on opening night. For a first game experience (for us), it showed a lot of pride in your fellow team mate even as he was getting kicked off the carpet.

    One more quick question if you do not mind, in regard to Rory's nickname "BFK", what does that stand for? (assuming you can post all of the words on a public web site. :D)
  2. dougm

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    there is video somewhere of ryan boyle talking about his first nll fight - pretty funny.
    search youtube or laxtv for it.
  3. MCO Titans

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    Cool, thanks! I will see what I can dig up.

    Edit: found it.
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  4. Theme Park Guru

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    I believe Rory's BFK nickname stands for either "Baby Faced Killer" or "Big Faced Killer"

    Something along those lines
  5. BCD

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    I have gotten the sense from talking with players - in this case American ones - that the fighting stuff is largely the domain of, and I quote, "those crazy Canadians". There may be a slight cultural divide in the NLL. :D
  6. Lets Go B-lo

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    I didn't look like it helped the titans that much in buffalo saturday. They won two fights and still lost the game.
  7. Sniderfan

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    Can't say the same for Philly.....the 3 fights that occurred really pumped up the "depressed" fans from a few weeks being one of them.
  8. KHawksfan15

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    Yes, I think that Fights do pump up the team. If your home the home team and you fight it will getthe crowd loud which will pump up the players.

    Well that how I see it
  9. Lets Go B-lo

    Lets Go B-lo New Member

    I know fights help a team I just wanted to rub it in that they lost.:D
  10. Ryan Boyle

    Ryan Boyle Orlando Titans

    First of all, sorry for the slow response.

    First and foremost, "BFK" stands for Baby Faced Killer. Not sure who came up with it. To be honest, its more of a marketing thing than what guys on the team actually call Rory.

    Now, onto the lame as it sounds, it depends on the situation. At home, if your guy can beat down an opponent, it absolutely gives the crowd a lift and gets them involved. You see Buffalo do this all the time- hit someone from behind or late just to get the crowd going. Losing the one possession is definitely worth keeping the crowd engaged. I think in our first game in Orlando, certain guys wanted to assert themselves to the fans so thats why they did it.

    On the road it can be tricky. Lose and the home crowd is now into the game. I remember a game against Roch a few years ago when everything was going along swimmingly, we got into a fight, and then next thing you know momentum had swung. And I dont even remember who won- think it was a draw. If you win on the road, it can humble the other team and have their tails between their legs but the crowd is still into it usually booing the away team. Either way, I dont think the away team should start a fight unless they really need something to get their blood going. But tread lightly because if it doesn't work then things can go wrong really quickly.

    Kinda like how you dont break the glass to get to the ax in case of emergency. It better be an emergency. Or you better be one bad man and can just put a hurting on the other guy.

    One strategic point often overlooked is the 5 minute major. If we can get one of their best players in the box for an extended period its a huge plus. If we can get him kicked out, even better. I remember years ago when I was with San Jose and Spencer Butler picked a fight with Jamie Hanford so he got thrown out. They lost a huge weapon with Jamie on the draws, which benefited us for the remainder of the game.

    Ultimately we lost since we stunk but it was still a smart move.
  11. MTLax505

    MTLax505 Banned

    BFK aka Baby Faced Killer is something the Monsters in the Morning on Real Radio nicknamed Rory when they met him.
  12. CoachMcD

    CoachMcD New Member

    i have been listening to those guys ever since i moved here on my morning drive. i rather enjoy their banter.
  13. Theme Park Guru

    Theme Park Guru New Member

    Thats all I listen to. Monster, BS, Phillips Phile, and SBK Live. Love that station. Although wasn't too amused about Drunky asking Casey for a Championship ring if they won it all this morning.

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