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    Pick four guys and a goaltender that you would like to start a game with. Don't go all homer. Past or present indoor players. Who would you like to suit up with for game seven of the Champions Cup?
  2. Ryan Boyle

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    Wow, what a question! And no homers too! I promise to stay away from the Titans so it doesn't look like I'm playing favorites. For the record, I could pick four current teammates and feel pretty good about my chances.

    With that in mind, here's my squad...


    Right side: Curt Malawsky
    He's my favorite guy in the league and basically taught me how to play indoor. Tough on the field and hilarious off of it. Inside Lacrosse did a bit about him about his lingo and it's for real. You need a dictionary to understand what he's saying. Get out of the rhubard Mouse and get on this line!

    Left side: Jr.
    With all due respect to Paul, Gary, and JT I just know #24 better. So much fun to play against because you never know what's coming and it raises your level of play. It would be nice to be on the right side of the floor instead of running off as he's running on. Also, pretty big personality, which I'm shooting for on this squad.

    Transition: John Tucker
    You like that blast from the past!! Didn't think I knew the history of the league huh? Coach Tuck set the precedent for Americans playing the tranny position. Could punish you with a hit and push the ball up the floor. Incredible offensive mind that was one of the biggest influences in my development. I still use skills that he taught me as a young buck in high school.

    Homer pick? Maybe until you see the Goalie.


    Tough call here. Brodie Merrill is the obvious pick. Paddy would be my sentimental pick. Woodsy was my first captain and Moss was officially "The Ax" when I came into the league. Martin is an athletic freak and the Sandman would punish anyone that came inside.

    I want my stay at home Defenseman to be solid and trustworthy. Like a bowl of chicken noodle soup, they make you feel comfortable. For me that would be...

    Sean Nadelen
    When I think solid, this guy comes to mind. Athletic but doesn't push the boundary where he gets beat. Can play man-to-man and the two-man game. Good on the loosies and provides veteran leadership.

    Goalie: VNO (Matt Vinc)
    I said I wouldn't do any homers, but c'mon! He's my keeper on the Titans, I've known him since his first day in the league, and he just won player of the month. You think I want someone else in cage? One of the best athletes in the league despite the fact that he plays goalie. Just an absolute beast and an underrated leader. Not afraid to be vocal and backs it up with his stellar play in net.

    Let me know who you think! Did I miss anyone??
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    nadalen is a name that we hear alot about in both leagues. and the word about shawn is always the same - "solid."
    cmal is one of those grizzly veterans that unless you follow the sport closely, the casual fan will see he is just one of many 20g-20a forwards. crunch time and i think cmal was mvp.
    john tucker was such a unique animal back in the early days. when indoor lax was all about 2-way full-floor damn the substitutions bench, tuck was the best.
    vinc has been out of his mind recently. he saw quite a bit of rubber in year-1 and his gag suffered for it. but i think there was what i call the "dallas effect" on your team. when the wings had primetime dallas eliuk btwn the pipes, the team was looser, confident that every game was winnable no matter the score. i think vinc gives you guys that mental toughness.
    alltime and i still rank jt higher at his prime.

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