Dropgun gives real renadom spin

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    Few times I did offer buying on Dropgun. I made some dropps on Drop Gun and then didn't visit it for some time) Lately I have got to know that Dropgun is the title sponsor of Gambit team! I am convinced that the web site that sponsors a team is better than noname one:) After that news I have looked at Dropgun from another point of view. So I put my own mind to open cases on Drop Gun. . . When I enter the store I saw that there are new design of boxes there!. . The boxes are real nice with cool skins inside:)

    Thus, I've deposit some cash and started to select my offer!. . I open usually expensive and average price cases:) I am trying not to buy cheap cases because of bad drop. I was going to spin Gunmaniac case. The message of the web store says it is random drop there. . . And I was about to learn if it were true:) The start was hopeful!

    First spins were not very top but 3 of them were more high cost than the offer itself. Then I got ?StatTrakā„¢ M9 Bayonet Lore) After near 10 more not expencive models I've got AK47 Fire serpent minimal wear. Then I made near 10 opening again but got nothing special!. . Now, let's count, I made a deposite with 100 $ and made near 20 bad drops!. . These bad spins took near 80 USD! And two spins gave me near 300$. . . Thus the 200 USD of earning I made yeaahh.
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    looks like spam, smells like spam, tastes like spam. Sure glad I didn't step in it.

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