Dumb Dumb Stupid Broadcast Crew

Discussion in 'Georgia Swarm Forum' started by mtbf, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    Have two dumber people ever talked about the game of lacrosse. The Swarm broadcast team sound like a couple a peach brains who have never seen a game of lacrosse before. It is little wonder the Swarm can not attract new fans if anyone checks out a webcast there is no way in hell they would buy a ticket after listening to these two ***-clowns.

    Plus that dance the dance the swarm fans do after a goal looks like a short bus convention where everyone lost their helmets the Swarm can not get out of the NLL fast enough. Their cheap *** management has ruined another possible NLL market.
  2. jetman

    jetman Active Member

    They were awful. I was amused with all the time they spent wondering why Cordingley would challenge that last GA goal, even kind of making fun of him for doing it - until someone told those clowns that ALL goals in the last two minutes are automatically reviewed.

    And, I don't know who started that Swarm fan dance when they score a goal, but it needs to stop - now. It's one thing if 10 year olds are doing it, but when I see 60 year olds pumping up and down like that, it looks pretty ridiculous.
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  3. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    I liked when they thought BDS was getting the double minor for "instigating stuff" then thought the Buffalo bench had a "technical" penalty when Wilde came over to serve the non offsetting part of BDS penalty. They they continues their fail by stating when Saats minor was up BDS penalty would put Buffalo down a man and the Bandits would have to take a player off the floor. These two losers just another example of a cheap *** owner.
  4. Corporal

    Corporal Active Member

    The play by play guy is Mark Zinno, who probably is doing his first lacrosse broadcasting ever this year.

    The color guy is Brian Silcott, who played in the NLL in the 90's even a couple years in Buffalo. Also, in the front office of the LumberJax.

    With the way the Arlottas running #NotMySwarm into insignificance, both probably won't be doing NLL broadcasts for much longer.
  5. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Using the song the Chicago Blackhawks use when scoring goals is lazy, IMO. They should have done their own thing. The arena is nice and when you draw 3,000 fans, there was lots of space on the concourse and many empty seats to move to.

    They have their work cut out for them. The first step might be securing all Saturday night games or getting consistent with the schedule.
  6. Corporal

    Corporal Active Member

    Unfortunately, the goal dance was done by us in Minnesota the last 2 to 3 years and somehow was packed up in the moving vans to #NotMySwarm. A lot stuff you see #NotMySwarm do now in their game presentation is what was done in Minnesota, the good and bad.
  7. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    These guys were two of the worst I've ever heard.

    That 'instigating' thing was just hilarious - they had no clue what was happening with the penalties there.

    I think they may have called #3 Smith "Billy Dee Williams" at one point too :doh:
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  8. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    I've actually heard other broadcasters make that mistake before. I want to say more than once.
  9. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    Brian Silcott was the GM who almost ran the Bandits into extinction
    No wonder he knows so little about the game. My wife once got into an argument with him at a JR A's game as Silcott was trying to say what a good player Travis Kilgour was and how resigning Travis was a sign the Bandits were going to be better in the up coming season.
  10. BengalPPW

    BengalPPW Member

    Brian? Or Kurt?
  11. BigDave

    BigDave Active Member

    It was Kurt Silcott, he was GM of the Bandits from 1999 - 2005. He was GM of the year in 2003.
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  12. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    yep I was thinking of Kurt
  13. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure that John Gurtler done it. :rolleyes: AND he's the Bandit's announcer.
  14. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    Works every time..
  15. thwingfan

    thwingfan Active Member

    Brings back memories of the ESPN2 broadcasts with Leif Elsmo.:doh:
  16. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    He's got rope!
  17. Mtn_Scott

    Mtn_Scott Active Member

    Rippin' Rope!
  18. LordStanley1893

    LordStanley1893 Active Member

    I thought I heard Brian Duff during the Swarm highlights from last game and Teddy Jenner confirmed it, great upgrade.

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