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Discussion in 'BCLA Forum' started by westcoastlax, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. westcoastlax

    westcoastlax New Member

    So I'm bored at work and need something to read. What are your early predictions for the season? Vic wins the west again?
  2. Boy-Gorge

    Boy-Gorge Member

    I'd favor Victoria at the moment. They're the champs and returning a majority of the roster so I don't see a good reason for that to change until another team proves to be better......... I certainly like the direction of Maple Ridge and with Dickson can beat any team on any night......... Burnaby is another team I really like. I don't know if Beers will play for them but he was a key player for them to lose last year and they still performed well. Would be interesting to see the majority of that roster back with its leader........... I believe that Langley will be spending money this year. Or so the rumors go. I would assume that means Matthews is their top target again. Pending CLA approval, lol........ If things unfold like I think they will before the season then I would list Victoria, Burnaby and Langley as the top teams. I think Nanaimo is going to push for a playoff spot too. Not saying they make it but I expect them to be in the talk right until the end. Should be a fun season and I'm expecting lots of parity considering the winner hosts the Mann. Hopefully we can keep that thing back west this summer. Any WLA team winning the Mann would make me happy. Been too long. But deservingly so..... The east is a beast.
  3. westcoastlax

    westcoastlax New Member

    I like your predictions but what about New West? They seem to be in some weird transition stage. It wasn't that long ago they ruled the West. As for the East and their domination of the Mann, it just seems they have more money and more star power and a larger population!
  4. Boy-Gorge

    Boy-Gorge Member

    Well I really hope that Schuss and Crowley are both in the picture for the Bellies this year. I assume that's the Bellies would like that too with the Mann out west. I just don't know Crowley's situation or if he even lives in BC anymore during summers or at all. With those two on the roster though then the sky is the limit. Maybe a bit of an exaggeration but they certainly are contenders with them. Even just Schuss would be big. They got Cornwall who is as good of a defender/transition guy you will find in the league and gives them top notch play back there. Don't know if Buque would come back but he was solid in net from what I saw. I think the Bellies can make the playoffs without those 2 big names I mention but if they have them then they become an immediate threat to win WLA in my opinion. There is a lot of time before the season and roster announcements will come pouring in as we get closer. It's hard to get a grasp on what the rosters will look like right now.
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  5. laxboxgoalie

    laxboxgoalie New Member

    I see Coquitlam and New West missing the playoffs. New West has been in trouble since they let Bob Salt go. New West just doesn't have any offence with out Schuss and Crowely in the lineup (they could both play but they need them there every single game just not 4-6 with there MLL commitments).

    Langley is defiently a wild card this year how much money are they willing to spend as they need to bring a lot of players back from there 2012/2013 teams as they were real weak last year. Have heard that Langley and Vic are going to be in a bidding war to try and get Powless out here this summer. If they don't bring in players you are going to see another rough season in Langley.

    I feel like the one team that no one has mention is Maple Ridge, I feel like they will just keep getting better and they have some great young pieces.

    Nanaimo is by far the most improved team in the league and the amount of talent they have obtained since Toth first year coaching the team is night and day. They are going to make a big push into trying to make the playoffs this year.
  6. 24MannCups

    24MannCups Member

    LOL Gee Boxlagoalie, I think New West was in the playoffs last year, but Coquitlam under Bob Salt's guidance was not. I think Victoria is the to top dog by far, there only wart will be who is going to play goal? Maple Ridge is rumoured to be losing one of their top tier players to the east, if thats the case they may have some regrouping. Burnaby will be without Beers (Fire Dept) but could easily jump into that 2nd spot. New West needs to shore up its defence and perhaps add some more offensive weapons, but should have enough to make it back in to playoffs. I see Nanaimo moving up to 5th with their acquistion of Hickey, but rumours continue to swirl that both McLaughlin and Dobray arent playing on the island. Langley unless they get an airlift of players like they had a couple years ago will struggle, although, Malcolm will certainly help. 7th is locked up with No Berg, No Hickey, No Veltman, No Chance, unless Coach Salt can make chicken salad out of chicken ****
  7. westcoastlax

    westcoastlax New Member

    Is Ranger playing for Vic? Or did he retire from Lax altogether?
  8. FAN

    FAN New Member

    Who cares
  9. westcoastlax

    westcoastlax New Member

    I bet Rangers mother cares. I see see Vic added Roik to shore up their goal situation. I sure hope New West gets all their guys, make for some damn good lacrosse out west this summer!
  10. Crabman19

    Crabman19 Active Member

    You're kidding right?
  11. westcoastlax

    westcoastlax New Member

    Yes? I guess they added him because he is a really good team guy? No, they added him to coach? Or did they add him to sell tickets? No, no wait they added him because he is hilarious and would look great in the teams annual calendar, he would make an AMAZING July! We all know Crabman 19 Vic added Roik because they lost a bet...
  12. Crabman19

    Crabman19 Active Member

    YOU are freaking hilarious.....but maybe they did lose a bet because thats the only reason I can see why they'd bring that bum back.
  13. Crabman19

    Crabman19 Active Member

    well bringing back DDD is a big step in the right direction for the Shamrocks, although I wonder how much he'll actually suit up due to work commitments at home.
  14. cdngoalie

    cdngoalie Member

    With the huge trade in MSL today it appears Dhane Smith will not be returning to Victoria
  15. Boy-Gorge

    Boy-Gorge Member

    Yeah, you weren't kidding about a big trade. Details are a bit blurry...... MSL site says Billings is a part of the deal...... Six Nations site doesn't even mention him. He's likely a part of the trade but probably not committed to playing anytime soon so they didn't bother mentioning him. I don't know. I might be wrong. But here are the articles. Nonetheless this is a huge trade and it's quite obvious that Smith will not be back on the westcoast this year. Six Nations is all in for three Mann's in a row. http://majorserieslax.blogspot.ca/2015/03/six-nations-chiefs-bolster-roster-with.html ................................ http://sixnationschiefs.blogspot.ca/2015/03/chiefs-add-smith-ward-and-thorimbert-in.html?m=1
  16. MalayLaX

    MalayLaX New Member

    So I figure the end of the regular season standings will look something like this:

    1) Shamrocks 13-4-1
    2) New West 11-7
    3) Burnaby 10-6-1
    4) Maple Ridge 8-10
    5) Nanaimo 7-10-1
    6) Langley 7-11
    7)Coquitlam 5-12-1
  17. Rottenrocker

    Rottenrocker Active Member

    I think Langley is going to bounce back after the disappointing season they had last year. They'll be in the top 5 along with with usual suspects like Victoria, New West and Burnaby.
  18. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    haw far has coq fallen since the days of dallas and coyle :(
  19. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    Doyle, Grant, Squire, and a pretty damned nice cast of other characters too.....won a national championship in 2001, don't think they've had much of a sniff since.

    I can't really remember anyone coming East other than Vic and New West since then.
  20. MalayLaX

    MalayLaX New Member

    If this Hickey kid keeps lighting up the NLL and Eli and Bremner all play for Nanaimo I might have to move them into that 4th playoff spot, they could be dangerous, although young! Isn't Hickey from out east, I'm sure an Eastern team would pay him a lot more than Nam to play out there though.

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