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  1. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    At that point, I would just go with an 8 team East and West division where top 5 make the playoffs (1st place gets the bye, #2 plays #5, #3 plays #4 and then #1 plays lowest remaining team).

    Each team plays its division twice (once at home, once on road) and then plays half the other division at home, the other half on the road alternating the team through every other year.

    But keeping it simple is not in the NLL playbook. :rolleyes:
  2. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    I feel this way about all sports, not just the NLL.
  3. MILLwasbetter

    MILLwasbetter Well-Known Member

    If you look back, any expansion team placed in the east really has never panned out other than the Swarm, and even they have ventured to the West. They spend a few years getting beat up by the big 3 and they fold. If the NLL HAS to have divisions, I would prefer to see them adopt something like the NFL, where geography doesn't come into play, break up the cross town rivals to balance the divisions and to potentially have great rivalries meet in the finals. Imagine the atmosphere at a Buffalo/ Toronto finals, Or a Sask and Colorado finals. Attendance for those games would for sure rise where possible when compared to recent finals attendance numbers. Buffalo, Toronto, and Rochester are corner stones of the league, having them just beat up on each other all year isn't good, having them just beat up the new kids isn't good either.

    This year is a prime example of this, Colorado and Sask are clearly above the rest of the league (or at least much better than Calgary and Vancouver) but will surely knock into each other pre finals. And in the East, everyone is just beating each other up. For the sake of it lets call them the Continental Conference and the National Conference. Split them up however you see fit, so that the league has balance. This is probably the best recipe for success imo.
  4. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    Balance one year is imbalance the next.
    No need to change.
  5. Andrew GEA

    Andrew GEA Guest

    I think some one else mentioned it but in today's day and age for transportation the 'need' for traditional divisions is irrelevant. Flights are relatively cheap. In the west im pretty sure every team flies to each other, and at this point flights won't be much more expensive if they spread out.

    They should just do it soccer style. 1 home and 1 away for every team. Best 6 in the play offs.
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  6. MILLwasbetter

    MILLwasbetter Well-Known Member

    I think there is a huge need to change. Concentrating 3 of the more stable and competitive franchises in one division and having them knock each other out of the playoffs vs potentially showcasing 2 of the leagues powers in its biggest game of the year. The NHL faces this problem as well constantly having the capitals and the penguins met in the second round of the playoffs instead of in the conference finals.

    Showcase the league's strengths and talents, don't make them beat each other before the dance.
  7. MILLwasbetter

    MILLwasbetter Well-Known Member

    I would love this.
  8. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    Agreed and make the season length based on the number of games needed to play everyone twice.
    for under 16 teams playoffs are top 4 over 16 teams top 8 make the series best of 3
  9. GoodsOnSabres

    GoodsOnSabres Member

    I like this idea. Personally, I get a bit sick of seeing the Knighthawks four times a year.
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  10. RockyMaivia

    RockyMaivia Active Member

  11. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    ^^^I endorse the idea, especially if the games are played in an outdoor concrete box to just add to the street atmosphere of it all.
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  12. Andrew GEA

    Andrew GEA Guest

    Good old concrete extra bounce in a normal predictable angle lol!
  13. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Including Toronto, I bet the Bandits like not having to fly players to 2-4 of 9 road games per year. And that doesn't include busing the team to NE once or twice. Heck, they may even want more of that.
  14. MILLwasbetter

    MILLwasbetter Well-Known Member

    Seeing the same team 4x a year does make it lose its appeal. Less games makes each game more important, cant afford to take nights off. I like NLL sticking with a NFL type of schedule vs and NHL. There is no need for 20-30 games.
  15. If soccer does it, there is no way in hell I could support that. Frankly, I think the NLL schedule is far too short. Ideally, I would like to see 21 teams minimum and an 80 game schedule, just like the NHL was before they went South.

    But realistically, every team should play home and home against each other. This is ridiculous that the Rock don't visit Saskatoon this season (unless by some fluke they make the Champions Cup). But I would prefer to see a shuffling of the opponents. Playing in your division mostly makes no sense. The Rock and Rush this year should be playing 2 home and 2 road, with say Vancouver and the Rush only seeing each other once.

    I enjoy going to the games, but I am getting sick of basically seeing the same teams over and over. It is the same problem I have with the CFL. Since I see absolutely no heated rivalries in the West (as far as making games on the field more interesting than a regular game), there is no need to see the Mammoth for what seems like the 100th time this season. Due to work and illness, it has taken me three seasons of the Rush to see Rochester, since they are here once per season. In a 9 team league that should never happen. Probably a happy medium would be to play 36 games and match the NHL/NBA season (October until June). Since the MLL seems to be making no concessions to the NLL to make a year round season work, they can wither away and die and you go from summer ball right to NLL training camp and following the Champions Cup you go to summer ball training camp.

    The MLL cannot be making a dime with the attendance those teams draw. Considering each CFL team can barely break even with 20,000 at the games, there is no way 5,000 or under is making them profitable. If these owners want to get into professional lacrosse, buy a NLL team where fans actually come out (unless you want to place your team in Georgia).
  16. MILLwasbetter

    MILLwasbetter Well-Known Member

    So we are on opposite ends of the length of schedule spectrum, but agree on the need to see other teams as currently it is boring lol

    I was thinking about this with hockey too, maybe I am totally missing something, I have watched almost every NHL playoff game this year, but I can't watch a regular season hockey game. They're boring, too often teams are half assing it at points of a long season. These leagues really get hot for playoffs, when games actually mean something and the level of play increases and players are actually giving it their all. Playoff hockey should be the constant for the season. Too often do you hear, "I love playoff hockey." You can notice the difference in intensity and energy. Atmosphere is electric, ticket prices go up, ratings go up, energy goes up. Seems they try to capture that atmosphere and make it spread through an 82 game season, and all it does it look tacky, crowds aren't cheering yet house music is blasting, the PA guy tries to pump you up for something that you know doesn't matter at all, and the product on the ice isn't as good simply because the season takes 3/4 of a year. To me having a longer season is counter productive.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to play less games, so that each game actually matters and means something? The quality of play would be higher, each game is more important, each game is an event that means something. Teams cant afford to lose 1 out of 16 as opposed to 1 out of 82, similarly why bust your ass to win 1 out of 82 vs 1 out of 16? Saturating the schedule leaves you with meaningless games, games not being played at 100%, and a cheaper product.

    In the NHL for example, you could play 62 games and even that would be too many, Spread those 62 games out using the same October to March time frame the NHL currently uses. You would have players actually being able to rest and able to play at a higher level on the ice. Owners could charge more for tickets because each game would have a higher value. I know they would lose profit in some places, but they could make it in others. I really think the NHL would be a much better product this way. Same for the NBA and MLB.

    Hope to god the NLL never considers going higher than it is. It is pointless to. You're just watering down your product to get to the same result. Make each game matter, make each game an event, Rochester coming to town used to be a huge game, now its just one of 3 or 4 times Ill see them. Do a home and home with every team. Call it a season. Supply and demand right? If I can only go to 8 or 9 bandit games in a year, I'm not missing them, if I can go to 8 or 9 in a month, well I would pay less attention to the NLL than I pay to the NHL in November.
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  17. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    I still endorse this idea.

    As for schedule length, if this league ever manifests itself into 16-18 quality teams, then I wouldn't mind a season that sees maybe 30-40 games played, but only if the season is around the current length, and maybe games are played during the week or something. But as much as I like lacrosse, I don't know if I like it that much to have it be in my life for 30-40 games a year because there's just other sports I like more (baseball, hockey, MMA) and quite frankly I like having non-sports interests.
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  18. GoodsOnSabres

    GoodsOnSabres Member

    I've heard rumblings that with expansion next year, East teams will play each other three times each.
  19. BlackWolves99

    BlackWolves99 Member

    Personally it would be nice to see All East Teams play a home and home with All West Teams. Additionally it would be nice to see each team play at least a 3 game series with the other teams within their division.

    East vs. West = 10 games/12 games
    East vs. Division = 15 games
    West vs. Division = 12 games

    Idealistically, I would have a 25 game season with 11 teams where West teams would play 1 additional division game against an opponent.
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  20. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    11 teams is a perfect 10 home game balanced schedule.

    Or they can keep on being dumb, and just add more games against Buffalo and Rochester......
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