Edmonton Rush Pre-Game

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    The votes are in and the result was a tie between Tom Reid's and Great Waters. I really want to go to Reid's since the last time failed due to the Vulcans. But, I must be fair and hold the tie-breaker coin toss.

    After digging out the Official Unofficial Coin-tossing Coin out of my change jar, the winner for the pre-game on Saturday, April 4th is.............................................

    ...drum roll please....................

    damn, it's Great Waters.

    Oh well, good luck next week Tom.


    The Party, or PAARRRRTAAAY, if Finch is in attendance, will commence promptly at 4:00 pm and last until 5:45 pm at which time the Hive will Swarm the Xcel Energy Center to watch Minnesota pull the spark plugs on the Rush and slow them down to a mere crawl.

    I will not be making a group reservation this time due to the automatic gratuity clause for groups of 8 or more. There was a few negative comments about that the last time we were there. I'm not a big fan of that myself.

    If you would like to make individual reservation please do so. I will be making a reservation for 6. Anyone is welcome to join me at my table as I will have 5 seats open. I don't take up that much room and I don't bite either. unsure.gif

    See you all there and don't forget your $2.50 beer coupons. :dance: Mmmmmmm, BEEEER!!!

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