Ernie Truant

Discussion in 'BCLA Forum' started by WingsNut423566, May 7, 2015.

  1. WingsNut423566

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    Casey Cook @WLACommish · 17m 17 minutes ago

    Best wishes to new WLA Commissioner Ernie Truant and to so many of the best box lacrosse players in the world, who fans can see in the WLA.
  2. roadrunner

    roadrunner Member

    Ernie seems to have gotten his old job back. Good to hear he is in better health.
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  3. Crabman19

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    wow....pleasantly surprised to hear he's still alive. He seemed old and in poor health 20+ years ago when I competed against his team in junior A.
  4. laxboxgoalie

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    Ernie been the Sr B Commissioner the last 2 maybe 3 season before he stepped down from that role. So he stayed around the game, but bigger leagues come with bigger problems.

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