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Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by BenMitchell, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Vin

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    She may still be right but got the press conferences wrong. In other words, in the coming weeks, there may be an announcement of an NY team. I expect that there will be at some point. There has been interest on LI and the revamped NVMC would be a good place to put a team provided, as usual, we have good ownership. (*)

    • Original Saints owner Gongas tanked the team.
    • Titans owner Loughery got tanked by The Great Recession; his money came from the finance industry.
  2. Vin

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    Interesting things about this HFX move:
    • This will be the first team in the Atlantic Time Zone.

    • While many may not consider the NLL to be a "major league", I believe that this will be the first time that a team from a top-tier league is based out of that city.

      Maybe in the distant past there was a CFL team there although CFL ever having been "top-tier" is debatable to football fans.
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    First major league team in Halifax! CFL almost went there a few decades ago, but backed out due to stadium issues... CFL is planning to actually go there within 3ish years.

    CFL would be top tier in Canada. Like MLS is top tier soccer in us / Canada but EPL is top tier (and better than MLS) in England.
  4. liveone

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    Her story that was posted less than an hour after the Rochester announcement.


    She's also the one who broke months ago that Styres preference was to move the team and let the Pegula's buy a new team in Rochester while the league was pushing for him to sell and start new in Halifax.

    I follow her on Twitter and the only this she had wrong this week was Wednest morning she said the press conferences were later that day. She corrected herself about 30 minutes later and said she was thinking it was already Thursday.
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  6. liveone

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    So an article about expansion is irrelevant in a thread about an expansion article just because you have some unfounded belief that the author isn't a legitimate source?
  7. Wings-4-Life

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    I'm still trying to figure out how it relates to my post..... I said the SF team announcement wasn't happening right away, which is the same thing the article says?
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    Is that the big skinned variety that Rose sucks? :D
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    Damn right it is. We like to stay on topic here.
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    Considering the base for most of the NLL's players is still Southern Ontario, you have to look at how much of a pain in the nads is it to fly to HFX from Toronto.

    It's a 2h gate to gate flight, served by two airlines, multiple departures per day........

    I don't think there are many US sources/destinations for direct flights, but, I am pretty sure NYC is one of them, so, damned nearly everyone else in the league can hit this with a single connector.

    This is actually as do-able as any other NLL city
  11. BIG E NY

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    Yes. 3 non-stops a day from Newark.
  12. liveone

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    Pretty much my point. The article just confirms what you said about an announcement.

    "When the three will be announced, or when they will begin play, is still up in the air."

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