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    that story jumped into my mind.....I would have just let him walk and let Ryan deal with an injury prone vet that might not even report.
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    It's official San Diego gets first in entry draft and philly gets first in expansion draft!
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    You serious? Paul Day might be the single dumbest GM in NLL history. Nobody dumped off young talent and high quality trade chips for past-their prime to outright useless veterans than him. This guy gave away 1st and 2nd round picks like candy (seriously a 1st for Kerry Susheski? 3rd overall for AJ Shannon?) and managed to build probably the worst team in NLL history.

    If a GM wants to rebuild their team. Trade lots and lots with this guy. He'll probably do something like trade Chad Tutton+Curtis Knight+2nd overall pick+Philadelphia's 2019 and 2020 first round picks to the New England Black Wolves for Kevin Crowley and Derek Suddons.
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    I guess you forgot Day went 7-30 when he was calling the shots in Edmonton.
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    Edmonton was also 1-15 in their expansion year. Nice spin though Donald
  6. Gravedigger

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    Guess who built that expansion team? And being an expansion team gives you an excuse to miss the playoffs, not have literally the worst season ever. Lets take a look at Paul Day's braindead moves that season:

    -Cory Bomberry for a 2005 3rd round pick, who would've likely been their leading scorer and a much better faceoff option than Brad Dairon
    -Rory Glaves over Casey Powell at the dispersal draft, Rory was actually a great player, but even if CP never played a game for the Rush his trade value alone would've returned more than Glaves
    -Damien Davis+Jeff Spano+2007 1st round pick for Kerry Susheski+Ted Jenner+2005 3rd round pick, I don't know what kind of logic could've possibly made this trade happen, but it did
    -2005 2nd overall (Shawn Evans)+Sandy Chapman for Andrew Turner+Cam Bergman+Buck Stobart, one of the worst trades in NLL history, like Gajic trade/Merril trade levels of bad, and would cripple the Rush for years, the saddest part is you could remove Evans from the trade and it'd still have been a clear win for Rochester
    -2006 2nd round pick for Mat Giles, there's a reason why he was passed around faster than a venereal disease and Day not only took him, he paid a premium draft pick to do so too (at this point it was pretty obvious the Rush 2nd round pick was like a late 1st)
    -a host of awful free agent signings (Trent Smalley, Chris Stachniak, Jordan Cornfield etc)
    -and just because he didn't feel the Rush were crippled enough long-term, he decided to trade their consolation prize for the worst season ever, the 2006 3rd overall pick, which in theory should've been Alberta born Geoff Snider for freaking AJ Shannon.

    Then there was the "legendary" 2007 offseason which featured: 2008 1st (2nd overall) for Ian Hawksbee, 2009 1st (1st overall) for Mike Accursi, 2007 2nd for Ben Prepchuk, 5th overall dispersal pick (Andy Secore) for Matt Disher, not only locking up his own dismissal, but also crippling the team so badly that Bob Hamley had absolutely nothing to work with in terms of trade chips and was fired later on as an aftermath of Paul Day's incompetence.
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    Hoping he brings some of that magic to Philly...
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    Who was the GM/Coach? :D
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    What is the date the protected player lists are due? I read it somewhere recently, but can't seem to find it.
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    There was a roster freeze date of July 2 but it's not clear if that's also the deadline date for protected lists.

    I do wonder if there's a tampering period allowed where the new GMs can contact guys who aren't protected to gauge their interest in playing in San Diego or Philly.
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  12. fandit

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    Hello NLL? Anybody home? How about, at the very least, releasing the lists? Maybe setting a date? Maybe a Tweet about delays because of franchise actions in Vancouver, Rochester and Halifax? Anything?
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    i gotta wonder about chris cloutier. he reminds me of athan the way he slides into the cylinder scoring goal after goal in the MLL.
  15. chuckster

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    Stephen Stamp has the Wings taking him at #2 overall. At 6 feet tall and 227 pounds, he would be alot for a defense to handle. He's 2nd in scoring for a bad Cobourg team this year in the MSL.

    2 Philadelphia Wings
    Chris Cloutier, LF, Cobourg Kodiaks and North Carolina
    Cloutier is a deadly shooter who is highly adept at creating his own shooting chances. That's a dangerous combination to try to defend. He will use his size and strength to bull through opponents and his slick hands to get his shot off in tight quarters. Cloutier may not be the quickest player on the floor, so he'll need to further develop his spatial awareness and sense of timing to continue to produce against the waves of athletic defenders he'll face in the pros. Teams in junior were sometimes able to manage him effectively with isolation, a major case in point being the 2015 Minto Cup in which the Six Nations Arrows held him to just 4 goals and 15 points in the six-game final series by having Adam Bomberry and Kellen Leclair take turns covering him one on one (Staats, by the way, led that series in scoring and fellow 2018 first-round candidate Brendan Bomberry was third). Cloutier will have to show he can handle that approach to guarding him if he hopes to prosper. Early returns in the summer of 2018 have been good: Cloutier created enough open space to score 4 goals in his first game of the season for Cobourg and added another 4 goals in his third game, for which he arrived shortly before the opening faceoff after driving straight to the rink from his flight into Toronto from Denver, where he had starred for the MLL's Outlaws the night before.

  16. He also has 3 less games played the Kyle Killen (19pts 7gp) with only 3 less points (16pts 4 gp)
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    I have to try to get a look at Cloutier. Great numbers in major so far, but, want to see his end of season major stats to really evaluate NLL potential. Early season is competitive ball, but, with a stupid-late NLL season, MLL pro going on, and guys tuning up for a world championship, I don't figure Cloutier's necessarily playing against playoff-ready MSL rosters yet. July is tougher ball than June.

    Anyway, he was 4ppg through junior, and now same in major on a second level team. If he is still pushing four points per game at the end of the 2018 major season, that's a solid indicator.

    I guess in any case, a young big bodied dominant-left with decent hands is worth a lot in NLL.....especially an NLL that may start getting watered down very quickly after the next round of expansion.....
  18. the kids also got impressive MLL stats,

    4 GP, 18G, 9A, 27 pts.


    i could be wrong, but i think he was the first Rookie to be invited to the allstar game
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    He's also playing on a team with a goaltending duo of Davide Diruscio and Kevin Orleman which may be 1 step above a cardboard box in the net. So his team will be at the bottom of the league and the Kodiaks may be asking alot of a 22 year old to help make up the difference.
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  20. I nearly spit out my coffee reading that,

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