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  1. rocklax#1

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    This is my list of 11 runners or 1 goalie and 10 runners) I went with 1+10

    2-Schreiber(even though I think he will get traded to expansion team for geographical reasons)
    following 3 are not my choices but what I think management will do
  2. RockStar

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    I think the only restriction on protecting runners is that only five can be forwards. I truly don't think I even care to use all five of those.

    I think I might only cover Lintner and Schreiber and use the extra three protected runner spots to cover the next three best D/Ts on the team......at least the ones under 29

    The other thing I might have done at some point in the last few games of this season is dressed Hutchcraft as a D man for one game, and then protected him as a runner (Screw you, Nicky Sak! :D ) .

    Hutch probably ain't ready yet, but, he looked decent in the preseason , and, it's probably worth potentially losing the 10th best depth runner to find out if you have the next top 3 NLL starter.......or at least a young backup that can understudy.
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