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  1. Maybe I am caught up in the hype over the Rush, but with a new football stadium being built in Regina and the MLL really have low expectations for attendance, I would think a team in Regina would do well. I know that many box fans aren't outdoor fans and vice-versa, but I think it would go over well. The new stadium is going to need more than the 9 Riders home games to pay for itself, so a lacrosse team would do well to fill more dates. Plus, even if the team drew the 15,000 the Rush get, it would be a success. Any thoughts? What about other potential expansion markets?
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    It's an interesting idea. It would be going way out of the MLL's footprint though, and the league didn't do well last time they went to Canada (Toronto/Hamilton). There is pretty much unspoken understanding that the league isn't interested in Canada right now. That being said, they are trying to expand a bit west to make things easier on Colorado. Having a team in Regina might make more sense if they add Minnesota or something like that too.
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    I could imagine Regina taking to a good team, but, the travel will suck balls for the rest of the MLL
  4. Do players fly in like the NLL though? If so, it may not be terrible for travel. It would likely mean a one hopper through Toronto or Calgary.

    But I guess having a legitimate West Division would be an idea instead of expanding to Regina alone.
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    I meant that there would be no direct commercial flights.....everything would have to go through Toronto.

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