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fire the coach

Discussion in 'Vancouver Stealth Forum' started by wacklax, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. wacklax

    wacklax Member

    It is time.
  2. Rottenrocker

    Rottenrocker Active Member

    I've been saying that for awhile but yes it's beyond time this actually happened.
  3. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    Watching the game the GM also has to go because the way that team is built they are not going to win many games even if Les Bartly himself was behind the bench.
  4. laxboxgoalie

    laxboxgoalie New Member

    Wasn't able to make the game last night but my first thought about it is why did they start Penney. In the previous 2 games the way Richards has played is an lot better that what Penney has at times this year. I think this was an horrible decision by Perrault. Second the coaching staff has had way to many chances this team has came out flat so many times at the start home games and you cant be an good team always trailing.

    About Locker the moves he made this offseason other not finding an reliable goalie once Richards retired all look great on paper. But individual talent does not matter when the players style don't mesh.
  5. Dave S-C

    Dave S-C Active Member

    Yup. This was the same problem last season with Powless and Ratcliff. An ongoing case of the parts being greater than the sum.
  6. wacklax

    wacklax Member

    I actually like the parts they have right now.The coach makes the oddest decisions at gametime. Anyone know what Hoggarth did wrong to warrant a benching? Why the heck did he start Penny? It is a good game if he starts Richards. They have been outscored 22-8 in the first quarter of games at home this year. 12-1 the last 2 games. Something has to give.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 7, 2016
  7. 24MannCups

    24MannCups Member

    Locker needs to step aside.

    Everyone is quick to point the finger at the coaches, but what Im hearing from the players, is that Locker himself , along with the owner, like to "mettle" . It appears if I believe what I hear, the players say the coaches dont have the final say on their lineup. That the GM and The Owner stick their snouts in their and say, this guy or that guy has to dress, irregardless on how those players last played or didnt play. Players Play, Coaches Coach, and Managers Manage, and as soon as one tries to do the others job, your left with chaos. Locker and Watts need to stay up in the press box, and let the players play and coaches coach.

  8. wacklax

    wacklax Member

    I hope that is not the case. I hear the coach was not overly appreciated by his players at his last junior stop.
  9. fadlaxdad

    fadlaxdad Member

    Whether the coach is responsible for the season or not, he will wear it if his team continues to appear as if it is under achieving. Some might argue that the last few seasons Perrault coached in the juniors, that his bellies underachieved in the BCLA playoffs despite having very talented teams. This Stealth team has the talent to compete, not sure it has the heart.
  10. mr.crowley

    mr.crowley Active Member

    I don't think the Denise is meddling in the roster situation. I would be lying if I were to say things are fine the way they are. I do believe it is time someone was held accountable, it has been frustrating as a fan to watch this team tank since the move to Langley.

    In the end the players dressed come game day have to step up and play as a team. That has to come from the coach, the GM only makes the offseason moves. If that is what is a fail, then that sorts itself out, but I believe this roster is great on paper, it's now time for someone to get them playing together, or they need to man up and find their heart, and hustle.
  11. laxveteran

    laxveteran New Member

    Junior Lacrosse, 16 yrs to 21 years old, not susposed to be "Overly Aprecciated by the players" the statement, "i hear " pretty weak, if you dont have first hand knowledge, ( and you dont ) then you should not comment on here say. if you think Dan Perrault should go, then say it. the NLL is a very fickled league, and i know that Doug Locker does get involved, and that the owner does get involved, which, from a coaches stand point, is a no win situation, if i was the coaching staff for the stealth, i would hand them my whistle and clip board and say adios!
  12. mr.crowley

    mr.crowley Active Member

    So what are folks sources on how both Locker and Denise get involved with the roster moves and coaching decisions? I love how everyone states they are in the know, well give examples to support your claims.

    I'm not discounting anyones knowledge on this thread, I just hate and can't stand hearsay. It would be like me telling you that Rhys Duch is going to be traded because I heard it from so and so. Unless your hearing it with your own two ears from Locker or the Owner, or from Coaches themselves that's all any of this is, "hearsay". Please provide FACTS, it would be interesting to see.
  13. laxveteran

    laxveteran New Member

    wow, you really told me! im the night janitor for the LEC, and stay in the toilet stall before and between periods, stay tuned for more juicy news!
  14. mr.crowley

    mr.crowley Active Member

    I mean no disrespect to you at all, I have just read many false accusations on these message boards over the years. I also was not trying to single you out as other have posted similar statements to yours on this matter. In the end I'm just happy that folks have a place like this to discuss lacrosse and their rightful opinions.
  15. wacklax

    wacklax Member

    Admittedly my" knowledge" of the things that I comment on is not firsthand. When you hear the same thing from a few varied places it tends to have at least some semblance of truth. I don' think that I am the first person to call for the dismissal of the coach of a pro sports team. As a season ticket holder it sucks to be down by five or six goals after the first quarter every game. To me that smacks of being unprepared for the start of the game. That has to be on the coaching staff.
  16. Niagra Ned

    Niagra Ned Member

    The Bandits didn't come out on fire or anything like that. From what I saw the defense was not good. This team goes dow 5-0 at home twogames in a row after saying how important it is to do well at home yadda yadda yadda. The only explainable reason the coaches haven't been fired is that the owner likes them from what I can see. I don't like the parts on this team. Billings is way overrateed. Duch is far better and losing Digby makes Vancouver predictable. Shoot for far out, all night, every night. Good to see Durston pick up some of that slack but he ain't a player to get an organization turned araound. Defense is retreads and patchwork at best.
  17. New Fan

    New Fan Active Member

    Just finished watching the game against Totonto. The owner needs to fire both the gM and Head Coach if she ants to show the fans there is an attempt to put a winning team on the floor and keep the franchise going where they are. If not there will be an empty building at the next game.
  18. mr.crowley

    mr.crowley Active Member

    I may have to go back to rooting for the K-Hawks the way this team has played since leaving WA. It is sad that most of my memories now are hanging out with friends at the games rather than the game itself.
  19. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    That might be the only team in the league that's a bigger mess than Toronto...
  20. WingsNut423566

    WingsNut423566 Active Member

    Jamie Batley is the new stealth coach. Might be too late to save the sinking ship though.

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