Flyers game 5 scheduled April 19th

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Wings Forum' started by winger, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. winger

    winger New Member

    Game Date Location Time
    1 Wednesday, April 9 Toronto at Philadelphia 7:00 PM
    2 Friday, April 11 Toronto at Philadelphia 7:00 PM
    3 Monday, April 14 Philadelphia at Toronto 7:00 PM
    4 Wednesday, April 16 Philadelphia at Toronto 7:00 PM
    *5 Saturday, April 19 Toronto at Philadelphia 3:00 PM
    *6 Monday, April 21 Philadelphia at Toronto 7:00 PM
    *7 Tuesday, April 22 Toronto at Philadelphia 7:00 PM

    * indicates if necessary

    The Sixers season ends on the 16th against Jordan's Wizards, I imagine the NBA playoffs will start Easter weekend. Until the NBA post season is scheduled, April 18th (Friday) and Saturday night after the Flyers game are open for a Wings playoff game.
  2. ParrotBayTaz

    ParrotBayTaz New Member

    With a 3pm Flyers game (there is no way it will be a sweep) I see Saturday night as the only option.
  3. gctales

    gctales New Member

    I don't see an easy conversion of the FU center from hockey set up to basketball set up.

    Given a 3pm flyers game with approx 3 hours of play time, I don't see this conversion happening between 6 and 8pm or 8:30. (if they have a 9pm game and open the gates at most 1 hr beforehand).

    I do see a much simpler conversion to the Wings format - putting down turf, placing goals, and changing sponsor panels - taking place.

    Since game five of the flyers-toronto series is set (if it takes place), things are beginning to appear more logical for the Sixers game to be Fri night or Sun night.

    We shall see. Logic never seem to enter into it when the other sports are involved.

    Here's hoping for a sat night game - with a ton of flyers fans hanging around to buy extra tickets (hopefully they will cross market the hell out of it at that game).
  4. Fantasmic

    Fantasmic New Member

    No, the only thing the dyers fans will do is stay at the Red Bell and Victors Club, which will allow the goons of fu security keep us out of the arena.
  5. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    They have advertised the Wings at previous Flyers games. they've even offered discounts for people with Flyers tickets from that game. it doesn't replace advertising in the media. people need to be able to plan to attend, not just decide on a whim.

    No way the Sixers play on the 19th, I think it takes 3 hours to do the B-ball/hockey conversion. That Sat eve is a lock, unless The Mouse comes along and decides to move the game to that night on ESPN (not likely).
  6. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    Not to be a killjoy or anything, but I don't think there'll be a game 5...Of course, I could be absolutely blindly optimistic, but if the Flyers playoff performance is similar to past years, the Leafs will take the first round in four...:D
  7. owlwings

    owlwings Veteran<br><img src="/nllmb/images/2stars.gif">

    If the Wings host a playoff game, it will not be on Saturday night. The Flyers game is at three. This is the NHL playoffs, so potentially the game could go all night if no one scores in any of the overtime periods. No event can be scheduled at the FU Center on Saturday night because of that possibility.
    Look for a Friday night Wings home playoff game if things go their way this weekend.
  8. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    Meathead, if it's a four game series, you won't be smiling:p

    New team, new attitude. All you have to do is look at Primeau. A dog for the last few years, he 's bought into Hitchcock's system and has had his best all around year as a Flyer. Offensively the team has been totally different since the return of Leclair and the addition of Amonte. Add to that Williams and Gagne... Most people don't realize they tied for league lowest goals allowed.

    My only concern is that I hope the clinching game is in OT. I don't want them to blow out the Leafs and give that multitude of cheap shot artists any time.

    The one negative is that barring an upset, the Flyers will have to go through four tough teams.
  9. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    owlwings> Good point, that's something I hadn't thought of.... But they've left Wings fans out in the cold before, so are you sure?
  10. mvander

    mvander New Member

    Easter Sunday

    Just a reminder Sunday is Easter Sunday and I don't think that they will schedule the Wings game for that day at any time. But that is just a hunch....would I skip Easter for the Wings? Hell yes!! I don't think the players would be too keen to that idea though.
  11. sassygrl72

    sassygrl72 Active Member

    Ya know what....concerts, sporting events, and even school pictures have been scheduled on Jewish holidays. I say let the Christians eat it this time!!!

  12. gctales

    gctales New Member

    Now Sassy,

    Lets not drag this through the mud and argue about who's ancestors killed whose son of god...... (tounge in cheek modified reference to MP... never mind <sigh>:rolleyes: )

    Lets try again...


    Dallis is our goalie; we shall not want.
    He make opposing players lie down on green turf (in frustration):
    He leadeth our team to many championships.
    He restoreth our defense:
    He leadeth the team in the paths of defensiveness.

    Yea, though we walk throught the valley of the shadow of Toronto,
    We shall fear no Rock: For Martin is with us;
    His stick and and his fist, they comfort us.
    The NLL prepares the Champions Cup for presentation to us in the presence of our opponents;
    They annoint our team with champagne and the cup runneth over.

    Surely goodness and joy shall follow our team all the days of their existance,

    Well, it was worth a try. Besides, we all know that god is a Wings fan!!!!

    (now stepping out of pulpit, ducking, and covering head to avoid brimstone and lighting bolts from above and other things thrown from below)

    :D ;)
  13. minorthr

    minorthr Member

    I would go to a game easter sunday it beats going to church :cool:
  14. mvander

    mvander New Member

    Very cute GC now what chapter and verse is that from I can't find it? :rotfl:
  15. mightymouth

    mightymouth New Member

    the Flyers still stink. As for Easter game . I am the one who skipped a funeral for a game in the past.
  16. sassygrl72

    sassygrl72 Active Member

    GCTales > :rotfl: :rotfl: was the romans!
  17. AGuindon14

    AGuindon14 Active Member

    Good luck to the fly guys.:D
  18. gctales

    gctales New Member

    Mvander... It was an abused version of the 23rd Psalm

    Sassy... I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

    edit....spelling correction

    SCOOTLES New Member

    No game in the FU center Saturday or Sunday

    If the Wings host a First Round game at the FU Center, it almost certainly will be Friday April 18th.

    Reasons why:

    1. Flyers play Game 5 on Saturday April 19th at 3pm. Even if it is a sweep one way or the other, the series wouldn't be over till Wednesday April 16th, and that's too late.

    As Owlwings stated, this is the NHL Playoffs, and you can't schedule any other event that day, due to unlimited overtime potential.

    2. The 76'ers are almost a lock on having home court advantage in the first round of the NBA playoffs, therefore Game 1 will be on Sunday afternoon for national television (ABC).

    At least the Phantoms have been eliminated and we don't have to worry about them. Any word on the Kixx?
  20. WingsfaninMA

    WingsfaninMA New Member

    Kixx were eliminated last weekend.

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