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Discussion in 'Plaid Platoon Forum' started by echolynch, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. echolynch

    echolynch New Member


    We have secured a location for Friday's away game vs. Edmonton. We will need to hook up a laptop to a TV but I believe the location will work, depending on how many people show up.

    Where: Laurelwood Public House & Brewery
    5115 NE Sandy Blvd
    Portland, OR 97213

    When: game time is 6:30 p.m.

    Who: everyone is welcome, minors must be accompanied by an adult

    Parking: Street, their lot and designated spaces across the street. Trimet bus stop right out in front.

    Notes: Full Bar, Brew Pub, official sponsor of the LumberJaxs, full menu

    Please RSVP via email if you will make it!


    GO JAX!
  2. Phread

    Phread New Member

    Barring death, I will be there.

    Sticks had beter be there so that we can work on the goal chant.

    Mr Bill?
  3. Pfattrax

    Pfattrax New Member

    I'm already there waiting!!
    Where U at?!
  4. Phread

    Phread New Member

    What are the chances of starting it at 4:30 for the Hawk v Bandits game?

    Sort of an appitizer for the main course.
    Also a chance to work out the bugs when its not important.
  5. echolynch

    echolynch New Member

    I plan on getting there around 6 to work out the kinks. You know me and these away games, I LOVE the pressure of getting disparate systems to work together.
    I can't get there any earlier unfortunately.
  6. Phread

    Phread New Member


    Any cableing that I could bring just in case?

    50' cat 5e ether net?
    extra usb's?
  7. echolynch

    echolynch New Member

    Not this time. I think we will be OK
  8. Pfattrax

    Pfattrax New Member

    Ok, Laurelwood pub sucked azz for a viewing place.
    My living room is bigger than the area we had to watch the game and I could seat damn near as many.
    I don't know how that got to be the jax official away game viewing place but I for one will not be back there again. My family and I had to leave because there was no place to sit and we got there before game time.
  9. ORBulldogLAX

    ORBulldogLAX New Member

    I was not there, and I'm NOT defending the pub, but I do know that Laurelwood is an "official" sponsor of the Jax this season.
  10. Pfattrax

    Pfattrax New Member

    Being an official sponsor of the Jax, you would think that they would go out of their way to provide viewing. As bad as On deck was for support, they were so much better than this place. Now we were at the 51st and Sandy location, is the "official away game viewing location" the downtown address? I would hope that if a place was going to step up and be the official location, they would put forth a little effort in making sure that the fans that show up can be accommodated. When we showed up in force at On Deck, we had 60-70 people, I would say about 15 people were at Laurelwood and it was standing room only against the walls.
    I guess my complaint would be that the Jax organization should verify a location and the location should step up to make sure it can handle us.
  11. Smackem

    Smackem New Member

    I think the Jax should take these away gatherings a bit more seriously. It is an opportunity to expose people to the game. One thing I thought as soon as we got to the place, was that it was too bad we were tucked away upstairs because it wouldn't give us an opportunity to attract a few people over to see what all the commotion was about.

    It's great to enjoy the game with other fans, but we really need to get more people interested in the Jax. People want to be a part of a good time...we need to be visible.
  12. Phread

    Phread New Member

    I liked my seat.

    Of course, I was sitting in an overstuffed couch directly in front of the screen.
    With a quality beer in hand. (not one of those yellow water things that they have east of the Mississippi)
  13. Pfattrax

    Pfattrax New Member

    Hahaha... ya Phread you looked pretty cozy indeed! You and about 5 others had good seats for sure.
    Where are we looking for the next away game? I would really like to watch somewhere that we can all be together and like smakem said, get people to come see what all the commotion is about. I will never forget when we were at On Deck while the Duke basketball game was on. They thought they were in force and owned the place until... until... JAX GOAL!!!! The place erupted! Hahaha, it was priceless, the look on the faces of the Bluedevil fans! I think a couple soiled themselves. I want to relive that and enjoy that somewhere for every away game. Just a matter of where.
  14. yowzado

    yowzado New Member

    Ok, here are my thoughts on the subject.. LOL just in case anyone wants to know!

    I don't think that the laurelwood is the "official" place for the away games, I just think that since they are indeed an actual sponsor Brent (or someone) asked them if they would and or could accomodate us. Since only 9 people RSVP'd we got that room.

    I know (unless things have changed since Thursday) that the Jax have no "official" place for the away games. I think that they should actually try and secure one for us. It is a great way to promote they game. But I have a feeling it wont get done.

    I think we will ultimately have to find a place on our own. I think we should look for a place with parking, food, alcohol, a nice flatscreen and enough room to handle the crowds when we get to the playoffs.

    Laurelwood had no parking, and although I had a comfy seat most did not... the food was overpriced and not all that.

    Donna mentioned something about a place called the cheerful bullpen. They are not an official sponsor, but have purchased 20 season tickets, so maybe we should give them a shot? At least they seem interested in the game.

    If not them then what about MacAdams? Are they just not willing to deal with us this year or did we only ask for that first game. I know they have awesome food, lots of room and ample free parking... They are my favorite, but then I have never been to the bullpen.

    Brent, what are your thoughts on the subject?
  15. Pfattrax

    Pfattrax New Member

    Now that makes perfect sense! I was told along the way that they were the official place for away games. :doh:

    OK, lets find a home!
  16. echolynch

    echolynch New Member

    Jerry, my apologies, I saw you and turned around and you were gone.
    First let me say I had 9 RSVP's so I figured the room we were in would be fine.
    Second - Laurelwood IS an official sponsor of the Jax so I contacted them to see if we can use them as a space. This was a trial run and it was by no means perfect.
    Third, I would like to secure a place we can count on for away games with the things listed by Yowzado. I will continue to work on finding a suitable location. I think the Cheerful Bullpen will be hard to find parking.
    I still like Macadam's but they have been very busy.
    There are possibilities with Laurelwood, such as the large dining room downstairs IF we had enough people to guarantee filling it up. Parking IS a problem, though.
    I think Laurelwood is our next meeting spot, and there is the Boston game following our meeting. We should discuss locations at that meeting. For that game if we do hold the meeting and viewing party there, we would need a larger space and more TV's.
    I personally like being upstairs, IF we had the entire thing to ourselves and more TV's.

    Sorry gang, I AM trying. This isn't as easy as it appears on the surface.
  17. Phread

    Phread New Member

    Come on now, your only working a job, being a president of a new born fan club and being a newborn father at the same time. That can't be that stressful.
  18. yowzado

    yowzado New Member

    Hey Brent I appreciate all that you do! IF you need me to contact a few places I would be willing.

    Have you talked to MacAdams since the first try?
  19. echolynch

    echolynch New Member

    Yes, I have. One of the main drawbacks there was the internet, I need to buy a laptop anyway, so I will do that and test their internet with the new feed and see.
  20. Pfattrax

    Pfattrax New Member

    I appreciate your hard work and my vent was no way directed toward you.
    I had thought it was the official away game spot and was disappointed. Had it just been the folks that RSVP'd it would have been great.
    I will see if I can carve out a few hours in my weekend, hop on the bike (if the weather permits) and see if I can find a couple more options.

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