From the 5,280: We are sorry sting fans

Discussion in 'Arizona Sting Forum' started by MaMmOtH_rOcKs03, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. The mammoth and it's fans will miss playing you guys, you were by far our closest road trip and the mammoth and sting had some great battles over the years, the fans of the sting have nothing to be ashamed about. We'll take good care of MOOOOSE for you guys.
  2. Slinger 120

    Slinger 120 New Member

    Thank you....the Tusk fans have been the best in the comments and response to this fiasco.

    The first game I attended was between the Sting and Mammoth. It is only fitting I support the Mammoth for that sentimental reason....

    Other reasons:

    They are close....I will probably jump up next year for a game.

    I get them on TV!

    They are stable.....SJ, Portland may soon follow the Sting. Jax have s shot, but Stealth?

    Prout bought me a beer in the Lexus club!

    So thanks once again...but life moves on.

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