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Discussion in 'Boston Blazers Forum' started by BlazerCannon8, May 1, 2011.

  1. BlazerCannon8

    BlazerCannon8 New Member

    Since we're likely going to be discussing this ad nauseum, I figured it could use it's own thread. If you've heard a rumor about the team and their future, put it in here. Good source or hearsay, doesn't really matter to me, lol. I've yet to renew my season tickets (though I will be), but I just hope we'll have a team next year at the Garden.

    Also, I haven't heard anything about not being able to use the Garden next season but it seems like that's the notion around here. Anyone have any more information on that one? Unless it's strictly for atmosphere reasons...

    We did have a bump in attendance this season and got some publicity, though it wasn't in the greatest manner. That wasn't the biggest blow to the team's hopes though. Instead it was the "juggernaut" going a modest 8-8 and squeaking into the playoffs only to lose yet again in round 1.

    I think this team has enough of a following to come back next season, and with the majority of the core players signed through next year, it would make sense to attempt to give a Cup run at least one more try. Should they succeed they'll be in great shape for the future.
  2. ozzgift

    ozzgift New Member

    you are correct the teams attendance numbers are up from last year that given the current economy even a small growth in attendance is a good thing.

    well as of right now the teams lease is now up at the garden so that is something they need to address really before doing anything else if the team.
  3. upstatedad

    upstatedad New Member

    Blew the Wad!!!

    I think the Blazers blew their wad on Casey, Josh, etc... Got as far as the Blazers got the two years previously but really were not as much fun to watch...Poor coaching, three year plan and hopes for a Championship that never materialized....Sad Season and may be the last. Lets hope the added attendance this season, (if it was real), can keep them around but Please get a real Coach like Tom was.
  4. BostonSportsFan

    BostonSportsFan New Member

    If you are planning to renew your season tickets, the price is going up on May 20, so do it before then or expect to pay more.
  5. jyd261

    jyd261 Member

    MTBF said you were done last year. I'm guessing you're good for next year.
  6. saugin

    saugin New Member

    The Boston/Buffalo game was topic of conversation with friends at Rock game yesterday.

    Really thought Boston would win.

    Nothing wrong with losing by one goal in Buffalo.

    Don't really understand all the doom and gloom attitude.

    Great goaltender, exciting goal scorer (Dawson), and best U.S. born player in game today,

    Really thought Rock would be playing them in the Eastern final.
  7. BfloGeno

    BfloGeno Guest

    Once again.....when there's talk of a fold/relocation it has nothing to do with on the field play.

    It's about financial viability.
  8. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    Teams that don't have a waiting list actually raise prices?

    Never seen that before. Only that they stop holding your seats after a certain date.

    Is it at least a good early bird discount?
  9. borr

    borr New Member


    The coach you now have has won multiple Minto Cups as a head coach and has won NLL Championships as an assistant.
    What box lacrosse results has Tom ever produced as a coach?

    I don't think Tom is the answer.
  10. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    On the surface, they should be OK. But who knows what is happening behind the scenes.

    On the field, they under-performed IMO. In the 3 games I saw, they are not using Dawson the best way they should. Alot of passing the ball around. Of course, Buffalo played pretty good defense against them 5 on 5.
  11. ozzgift

    ozzgift New Member

    its not really raising the prices its basically after 5/20 you will just be paying the same price anyone would if they walked up on game day at the box office and the 5/20 date is the last day you have to renew before they put your seats back on the market.
    the early bird price is $4.00 cheaper per seat per game
  12. BanditsRock11

    BanditsRock11 Well-Known Member

    I say they dump Sanderson, he'll have some good trade value, maybe for younger guys or some D. Keep Dawson and Powell, and they'll be fine.
  13. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    One-and-out playoff appearance, with rumours of players actually doing most of the coaching.

    Sawyer had some challenges this year - hired after camp, loss of some of the solid role players, "too many" leaders on the floor.

    If it stays his team for next season, I'll bet it's a better year.
  14. upstatedad

    upstatedad New Member


    Really don't think it would be a good idea to keep Sawyer. Yes, he is a very good coach at the Minto/College age level. He did not know how to deal with Adult Men, and had his favorites ...He sells sticks and equipment for Josh and Terry Sanderson in Canada and Boston was much more fun to watch before he brought his players and did not win a playoff game with multiple talented players.

    I agree that he should not have been brought in right before the season started but was told by reliable sources that Josh did not like Tom Ryan and asked Doug Reffue to bring Sawyer to run the team. He failed to win a playoff game is was ineffective as the Coach.

    I also blame Doug Reffue for firing Coach Ryan becuase supposedly Dawson and Cosmo were running the team...So we went to Josh Sanderson running the team and yes... He Stunk!!! Get rid of Sanderson and Sawyer.
  15. Laxwizz

    Laxwizz Active Member

    Yes get rid of Sanderson and Sawyer, there are 9 other teams that would love to have Sanderson playing for them and 8 other teams that would love to have Sawyer on their bench.
    If you think Sawyer/Sanderson was the problem you are wrong, there were too many players on this team who donj't know thier way around the box and it showed when they played good teams.
    Player personnel isn't the coach's fault it is the GM's and thats what cost them in the end.
  16. BlazersFan84

    BlazersFan84 New Member

    I'm curious if the egos would allow it, but I'd be curious to see what would happen if the Blazers were able to split up the talent so that they don't have the "Big Three" (more like Two and a Half Men, considering Sanderson is one of them) all on the same line.

    We saw a glimpse of their potential in Buffalo when Powell was out, then Dawson got injured. I think there are just too many cooks in the kitchen and they get in each others' way. Dawson has had some great seasons without nearly the same firepower as we had this year because he could dish the ball or take it himself. It seems like he is looking to pass every time he touches the ball out of respect to Powell and Sanderson.

    I never got the sense that anyone on the Blazers wanted to take the team on their shoulders when we were in a pinch. Powell used to light us up last year and that's one of the reasons I was so excited when we picked him up. If the talent was split up, Two and a Half Men could each take the lead on their respective lines. For any sort of power play, put them all together as they saw a decent amount of success this year man-up.
  17. saugin

    saugin New Member

    Agree with "Laxwiss".

    If any mistake was made it was the timing and removal of Tom Ryan.

    And my goodness, they lost by 1 goal in Buffalo.

    More evidence that playoff should be best of 3.
  18. upstatedad

    upstatedad New Member


    Take them PLEASE!!!
  19. BlazerCannon8

    BlazerCannon8 New Member

    I wouldn't mind trading Sanderson in the off-season. Dawson and Powell as the righty leaders would be fine, and I like the lefties we have in Buchanan and Cotter.

    Sanderson would have a lot of trade value and could bring in a serious transition threat, which is one area of major need for us.

    Next season we will hopefully get John Orsen back as well. That loss was overlooked IMO. He's an immensely talented defender. You add him back there with a more seasoned Rubisch and Jack Reid as the anchors, and we're in good shape.

    One thing I'd also love to have back is a true heavyweight. Hard to find in the league these days, and we sadly let one go in Paul Dawson, but the Blazers flat out got pushed around a lot this season. Having a Paul Dawson-type player on the bench still makes a big difference in this league. Bubba Durno is a complimentary scrapper, a #2 at best. We need a big guy on the Blazers next season.

    It's unlikely to happen in any trade I'd be willing to make, but I'd love to get Paul Rabil here to be Boston's lacrosse star. He's a great tranny and it would help the attendance IMO to have arguably the best field player in the world, who plays in Boston for the Cannons, playing for the Blazers as well. Fills a few needs. Pipe dream, but it would be nice.

    As long as the team can get a new lease at the Garden, which I don't see as a huge problem but I don't actually know, I think we'll be in good shape for next year. I just hope that major hurdle gets jumped ASAP. The team will never survive playing anywhere but the Garden.
  20. upstatedad

    upstatedad New Member


    I agree with getting rid of Sanderson and that John Orsen's loss did hurt the Blazers as a team.

    I also agree that the transition game was nonexistent this season but that was mainly the Coaches call. The Blazers transition players were made get off the court as soon as they gained possession so the 5-5 Offense could get on. Rarely did you see Downing, Hotaling, or Queener bring a break or get involved in the O at all. They gained possession and quickly exited..esp. if they did not have the ball...In years past you saw them and Belisle, and others push the break...only the Coaches boys did that from the D end this season.

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