Game 11: New England Black Wolves (4-6) vs. Georgia Swarm (7-2) - March 12th @ 1:00 PM EST

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    Game#11 New England Black Wolves (4-6) vs. Georgia Swarm (7-2)
    Sunday March 12th, 2017 1:00 PM EST
    Mohegan Sun Arena - Mohegan Reservation in Uncasville, Connecticut, USA


    Places to Watch with Others:
    At the Game at Mohegan Sun Arena!


    Places to Watch Online: (US, Canada, & International)

    Season Series Info:
    Friday Jan 20 - Away @ Georgia = Loss 9-14
    Saturday Feb 11 - Away @ Georgia = Loss 15-17
    Sunday Mar 12 - Home vs. Georgia = TBD
    Saturday April 7 - Home vs. Georgia = TBD

    Swarm Lead Series 2-0

    Key Info going into Game 11:
    Current Record: 4-6
    2016 Record: 10-8
    Playoffs: Lost in Eastern Division Finals to Buffalo
    2016 Plus/Minus: +17
    2017 Plus/Minus: -15
    Last Champion's Cup Title: 2001, as Philadelphia Wings

    Top Two Players From Last Year:
    Shawn Evans 50g, 68a
    Kevin Crowley 33g, 57a
    Evan Kirk (2016 NLL Goalie Of The Year)

    Top Players This Season:
    Shawn Evans 19g, 36a
    Kevin Crowley 25g, 24a
    Kevin Buchanan 12g, 25a
    Kyle Buchanan 13g, 18a

    GM: Rich Lisk (2016 NLL GM of the Year Runner-Up)
    Coach: Glenn Clark (2016 NLL Head Coach of the Year - The Les Bartley Award Winner)
    Assistant Coaches: Tracey Kelusky (2016 NLL Hall Of Famer), Jim Veltman
    Captains: Shawn Evans (C), Brett Manney (A), and Kyle Buchanan (A)

    Key losses: F Jordan Hall, D Andrew Suitor, F Pat Saunders
    Key additions: F Reilly O’Connor, D Scott Self, F Seth Oakes, D Chad Culp, D Jay Thorimbert.

    Draft Additions: Selected Seth Oakes (Albany) with first-round pick, Selected Doug Jamieson (Onondaga) with second-round pick, and Selected Joel Coyle (Conestoga) with a third-round pick. Seth and Doug have made the Active Roster for the Season.

    IlIndoor Preview by Stephen Stamp:
    Given what a strong season the Black Wolves had from start to (almost) finish in 2016, it's easy to forget how much of a surprise it was that they were so good. With Glenn Clark and Jim Veltman joining Tracey Kelusky on the bench, and with Shawn Evans, Kevin Crowley and Derek Suddons added to the roster, the pieces were in place for an improvement, but nobody expected New England to go from 4-14 to 10-8 and a berth in Eastern Conference finals in one season.

    That's just what they did, though. Now they have to guard against the backsliding that often occurs the season after a pro sports team makes big gains. They appear to be prepared to continue improving rather than losing momentum. Faceoff man Jay Thorimbert and epic mucker Chad Culp are just the kind of additions that help give a team the depth to go further in the playoffs. Scott Self brings more veteran presence and leadership and Matt Spanger a dose of athleticism and energy to the back end. Sheldon Burns had a breakout season in transition last year and Zac Reid is poised to garner more notice for his tough and reliable defence.

    With righty Seth Oakes coming in the first round of this year's draft and lefty Reilly O'Connor (Calgary's first-rounder last year) coming in a trade, the offence should have the depth to overcome injuries or slumps by other forwards. If Evan Kirk can build on, or at least maintain, the play from his goalie of the year season, there don't appear to be many holes in the Black Wolves lineup. The defending conference champion Bandits still constitute a major hurdle to overcome, but New England has to feel confident that it's better prepared to compete with Buffalo for a shot to reach the Champion’s Cup.

    # - POS - PLAYER
    2 - T - Hotaling, Ryan
    7 - D - Suddons, Derek
    9 - F - O'Connor, Reilly
    12 - F - Oakes, Seth
    13 - D - Manney, Brett
    *15 - F - Evans, Shawn
    17 - D - Reid, Zac
    18 - D - Searle, Derek
    19 - F - Clup, Chad
    21 - F - Crowley, Kevin
    26 - F - Bucktooth, Brett
    27 - F - Buchanan, Kevin
    30 - G - Jamieson, Doug
    35 - G - Kirk, Evan
    39 - D - Ball, Dan
    71 - D - Burns, Sheldon
    75 - T - Thorimbert, Jay
    91 - F - Buchanan, Kyle
    *96 - D - OBrien, Bill
    99 - F - Veltman, Daryl

    Practice Squad: Joel Coyle, Rance Vigneux, Matt Spanger, and Connor Brown
    Injured Reserve: Shawn Evans
    Retired: Scott Self

    Georgia Swarm
    Current Record: 7-2
    2016 Record: 8-10
    Playoffs: Lost in East Division Semifinals to New England (3rd in East Division)
    2016 Plus/Minus: -2
    2017 Plus/Minus: +17
    Last Champion's Cup Title: N/A

    Top Two Players From Last Year
    Randy Staats 36g, 59a (Broke NLL Single Season Rookie Points and Assists Records)
    Shayne Jackson 44g, 43a
    Jesse King 22g, 55a
    Johnny Powless 35g, 37a

    Top Players This Season
    Lyle Thompson 27g, 37a
    Jordan Hall 12g, 33a
    Shayne Jackson 18g, 15a
    Jerome Thompson 7g, 22a

    Owner/GM: John Arlotta
    Coach: Ed Comeau
    Key losses: T Joel White, F Jesse King, D David Earl.
    Key additions: F Jordan Hall, G Mike Poulin.
    IlIndoor Preview per Stephen Stamp:
    It's hard to argue with the approach Georgia took in the off-season. The Swarm scored the second-most goals in the NLL last year, their 238 trailing only Buffalo, so they didn't do much to the offence. They also allowed the second-most goals in the NLL, their 240 trailing on Vancouver. Something needed to change. Well, Georgia has six new players coming out the back door this season. Three are their first three picks in the 2016 draft: Bryan Cole (4th overall), Connor Sellars (10th) and Leo Stouros (a steal at 17th). Fifth-rounder Liam Byrnes overcame plenty of obstacles to earn a roster spot. The other two newcomers are free agents John Ranagan and Sean Young.

    That's a lot of turnover to one unit in a hurry. Several factors will determine how quickly the massive change can prove effective. One is how well the coaching staff is able to prepare the young players for the adjustment to the pro game. Cole, Sellars, Stouros and Young have all played Major Series Lacrosse. Ranagan is an NLL vet who was a victim of the numbers game in New England but has developed into a solid pro defender. Byrnes faces a steeper learning curve since he's adjusting to the indoor game, but he won't be expected to step in and play a leading role right away.

    Another factor will be the leadership of the Swarm's returning D/tranny group. All five of their other defenders were first-round draft picks. Alex Crepinsek is one of the more underrated players in the NLL. He was a surprise 10th-overall pick to some observers in 2012, but has been a solid defender throughout his four years as a pro. Jason Noble was picked 2nd overall the next year and also quickly established himself as a reliable defender, although I'd like to see him exercise a little more discipline. Throw in rising star (and 2015 5th-overall pick) Chad Tutton, Ethan O'Connor (9thoverall by Toronto in 2013) and Mitch Belisle (13th overall back in 2007) and you've got a group that will be counted on to pave the way for a smooth introduction to Georgia for the half dozen new faces.

    Of course, yet another factor will be the whole unit adjusting to a new goalie with Mike Poulin arriving as a free agent. That may actually play in the Swarm's favour; everyone will be starting with a presh perspective and working to integrate what Poulin wants from his defenders into what the Swarm system expects of them. It will be a challenge to develop the chemistry that a solid defence relies on. I believe it will happen, but expecting too much right away would be a mistake.

    Up front, the concern isn't adding new faces, it's overcoming injuries. Jesse King is gone for the year and he was a huge contributor to the offence. The Swarm knew they needed to fill his role; GM John Arlotta proved that he believes Georgia's time to compete for a championship is arriving when he spent heavily to get Jordan Hall from New England. They had the draft capital to spend and Hall is a great addition. The veteran lefty should mesh smoothly with the team's young talent to keep the offence rolling along. Randy Staats was rookie of the year and Lyle Thompson had a good rookie year as well. Shayne Jackson had his best season in 2016 and is a consistent producer and quiet offensive leader. There's a lot to like about this offence, even with King gone and Johnny Powless' return date uncertain after concussion issues during the summer.

    # - POS - PLAYER
    2 - F - Thompson, Miles
    4 - F - Thompson, Lyle
    10 - D - Crepinsek, Alex
    13 - D - Sellars, Connor
    20 - F - Hall, Jordan
    22 - F - Thompson, Jerome
    24 - F - MacIntosh, Jordan
    25 - D - Stouros, Leo
    30 - G - Poulin, Mike
    31 - D - Ranagan, John
    32 - F - Jackson, Shayne
    37 - T - OConnor, Ethan
    44 - T - Tutton, Chad
    45 - T - Noble, Jason
    46 - F - Matisz, Kiel
    50 - G - MacDonald, Brodie
    55 - T - Cole, Bryan
    85 - D - Belisle, Mitch
    93 - F - Powless, Johnny
    98 - T - Young, Sean

    Practice Squad (4): Brayden Hill (D), Warren Hill (G), Drew Petkoff (D) and Adam Shute (G)
    Injured Reserve (1): Randy Staats (F)
    Physically Unable to Perform List (1): Jesse King (F)
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    Just announced it's also dollar dog day
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    They give away half the tickets, why not just give away the hot dogs?
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    Why not pay the $1 for the hot dog you cheap bastard?
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    I believe last time they were like footlong hot dogs too! I didn't get one but they did look good.
  6. Dollar beers? :)
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    They are , I believe they are Nathan's brand
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    Oh, so they're not even worth the $1.
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    I miss the $3 Yuenglings from last year.
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    According to Coach Clark per the Black Wolves Post with Facebook Live Video, Shawn Evans is expected back in the Lineup today for the Black Wolves! If you are around, come out to the game to help give him a warm welcome back!
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    The officiating is so bad today it's comical
  12. k-hawksfan33

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    1. Agreed officiating has been embarrassing as of late
    2. I was really counting on NEBW losing today
  13. k-hawksfan33

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    3. **** Bill O'Brien
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    I count on this every day.
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    Lol what did he do he's suspended
  16. k-hawksfan33

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    Exactly. I had to look up why he wasn't playing and remembered all over again why I hate him
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    Lol you need a beer, it's Sunday funday
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    Swarm went 1 for 9 on the PP and 9 for 25 in the faceoff circle. You're not winning many games with those stats.
  19. RockStar

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    with the new-ish anti- Snider faceoff rules, Thorimbert is a huge asset.

    the 1 for 9 is the far bigger were gifted something resembling an entire quarter of a game PP time, and you were close to goose-egged.

    if you cant score when you're picking on a wounded defence corps for that long, you ain't winning ****.
  20. RockStar

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    and while we're on this subject, why the hell am I seeing so many games with 8 or 9 power plays per side?

    stop calling the **** that doesn't matter......if it doesn't risk injury nor cost a scoring chance, just shove the whistle and tell the victim to take a number.

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