Game 4: New England Black Wolves (2-1) @ Rochester Knighthawks (2-2) - Sat Jan 13th @ 7:30 ET

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    Game#4 New England Black Wolves (2-1) vs. Rochester Knighthawks (2-2)
    Saturday January 13th, 2018 7:30 PM EDT
    Blue Cross Arena - Rochester, New York, USA


    Places to Watch with Others:

    Arooga's - Route 32 in Uncasville, CT

    Places to Watch Online: (US, Canada, & International)

    Key Info going into Game 4:

    Current Record: 2-1
    2017 Record: 8-10
    Playoffs: Lost in First Round of Eastern Division Playoffs to Toronto (3rd in East Division)
    2017 Plus/Minus: -22
    2018 Plus/Minus: -7
    Last Champion's Cup Title: 2001, as Philadelphia Wings

    Top Players From Last Year:
    Shawn Evans 38g, 65a
    Kevin Crowley 45g, 40a
    Kevin Buchanan 25g, 49a

    Top Players This Season:
    Shawn Evans 7g, 13a
    Kevin Crowley 9g, 2a
    Stephan LeBlanc 3g, 6a
    Reilly O'Connor 3g, 5a
    Kevin Buchanan 2g, 5a

    GM: Rich Lisk
    Coach: Glenn Clark
    Assistant Coaches: Tracey Kelusky (2016 NLL Hall Of Famer), Jim Veltman
    Captains: Shawn Evans (C), Brett Manney (A), and Kyle Buchanan (A)

    Key departures: F Chad Culp, F Daryl Veltman, D Bill O’Brien, F Brett Bucktooth, D Sheldon Burns
    Key additions: G Aaron Bold, D John LaFontaine, D David Brock, F Stephan Leblanc

    IlIndoor Preview by Bob Chavez & Stephen Stamp:
    A year after giving up 212 goals, fewest in the East and third-fewest in the entire National Lacrosse League, the Black Wolves regressed and surrendered 244 goals. They still managed a playoff berth but there’s no question that the offseason focus was on the back end. The changes started in goal, but not because they thought Evan Kirk was the problem. It was more like the trade New England made brought in a top goalie in Aaron Bold, a solid defender in John LaFontaine and a No. 8 draft pick that brought Anthony Joaquim into town. But that’s just the start of the offseason work the Black Wolves did, so let’s see what’s up as the team prepares for the 2017-18 season.

    Just about any offense that includes Kevin Crowley and Shawn Evans is going to be in good hands, and the Wolves are. Throw in Kyle and Kevin Buchanan and you get the sense that the Wolves should get plenty of production from that quartet. But great teams separate themselves from good teams with secondary and support scoring, so that’s where guys like Reilly O’Connor and Seth Oakes come in because they’ll need to produce even more. The loss of Chad Culp, Brett Bucktooth and Daryl Veltman will need to be made up for, and that’s about more than numbers. That trio represents a lot of work off the ball, so the Black Wolves will need different bodies to plow through traffic to create space. New England scored 220 goals last season, which puts them in the middle of the pack among the rest of the league. You never want to stand pat because you always want to be better, so there’s no doubt New England will be trying to do just that. What they can’t afford is a drop in production, especially in an East Division that already has some great team offense in Georgia and Toronto.

    This is going to be an interesting development. The departure of Kirk for Bold bears watching because there’s no questioning the success of Bold with the Rush. But for the first time since 2011, Bold will have a new scheme with all new faces to work with. There is one familiar face in LaFontaine, but now Bold will have guys like Brock, Joel Coyle, Derek Suddons, Matt Spanger and Brett Manney in front of him. There is a lot of athleticism to work with, but how cohesive can this unit get? Much of that is on the coaching staff, but it’s also on Bold as the engineer who is doing the bulk of communication. There is definitely plenty of veteran talent coming out of the back door, but the Wolves allowed 244 goals last season, second-most in the league. That’s a statistic that has to change if the Black Wolves want a deeper playoff run.

    Of the 23 players that suited up for New England last season, 11 are not back with the team this year. That’s quite a turnover of names, and the biggest impact will probably be felt up front. How quickly the Wolves can get on the same page to have quality depth is probably a priority, and how quickly the new faces on defense adjust to each other is another. If it all comes together, New England could be in the thick of the East Division playoff party.

    Active Roster
    No. Name Pos.
    77 Aaron Bold G
    10 Adam Bomberry D
    4 David Brock D
    27 Kevin Buchanan F
    91 Kyle Buchanan F
    41 Mark Cockerton F
    24 Joel Coyle D
    21 Kevin Crowley F
    15 Shawn Evans F
    30 Doug Jamieson G
    33 John LaFontaine T
    13 Brett Manney D
    9 Reilly O’Connor F
    12 Seth Oakes F
    45 Matt Spanger D
    7 Derek Suddons D
    75 Jay Thorimbert T
    17 Colton Watkinson T
    86 Stephan Leblanc F
    44 Anthony Joaquim T

    Practice Roster
    No. Name Pos.
    22 Nick Chaykowsky T
    XX Brooker Muir F
    67 Rance Vigneaux G
    83 JP Kealey F

    Injured Reserve: Ryan Hotaling


    Current Record: 2-2
    2017 Record: 7-11
    Playoffs: Missed Playoffs (4th in East Division)
    2017 Plus/Minus: -34
    2018 Plus/Minus: +10
    Last Champion's Cup Title: 2014

    Top Two Players From Last Year
    Joe Resetarits 27g, 39a
    Kyle Jackson 26g, 34a

    Top Players This Season
    Joe Resetarits 8g, 11a
    Dan Dawson 6g, 12a
    Cody Jamieson 2g, 11a

    GM: Curt Styres
    Coach: Mike Hasen
    Captain: Sid Smith

    Key Additions: D/F Jake Withers, F Austin Shanks, F Eric Fannell, D Billy Dee Smith

    Key Departures: T Jarrett Davis, D Andrew Suitor, D Adam Bomberry

    IlIndoor Preview by Bob Chavez & Stephen Stamp:
    Knighthawks Nation turns its lonely eyes to Cody Jamieson, waiting with baited breath for his return to the lineup. Perhaps no player means more to his team right now than Jammer does to Rochester. The team went from three straight championships to two years missing the playoffs pretty quickly. They made some strides last year, though. With the addition of a trio of first-round draft picks and the expected maturation of last year's top picks, Rochester is looking to get back to the post-season. When and if Jamieson is able to return from the surgery he tried to avoid but ultimately had to have last season will be the biggest single factor in their success at doing so.

    The good news is that Rochester should be better this year with the development of some of their young talent, the infusion of some free agent defenders and hopefully the eventual return of Jamieson. The bad news is that even with improvement it will be difficult to catch the three teams that finished ahead of the Knighthawks in the East Division last year because all look like they'll still be formidable foes. Jamieson really is the X factor. If he gets back early in the season at full health and can find his pre-injury form, Rochester can put some heat on in the playoff race.

    # - PLAYERS - POS
    2 -Dawson, Paul - D
    4 - Hossack, Graeme - D
    6 - Dawson, Dan - F
    10 - Gillies, Brad - T
    11 - Shanks, Austin - F
    15 - Resetarits, Joe - F
    16 - Evans, Dylan - D
    18 - Withers, Jake - D
    23 - Vitarelli, Cory - F
    27 - Currier, Josh - F
    29 - Llord, Ian - D
    37 - Campbell, Scott - D
    45 - Magnan, Luc - D
    47 - Jackson, Kyle - F
    48 - Vinc, Matt - G
    55 - Goodleaf, Angus - G
    61 - Lomas, Dan - F
    66 - Fannell, Eric - F
    79 - Smith, Sid - D
    88 - Jamieson, Cody - F
    XX - Lomas, Dan - F

    Injured Reserve: Billy Dee Smith
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    Updated after Rochester's Loss to Toronto on Friday Night.
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    part of me thinks I would not want to be playing Rochester in their dungeon on Saturday with them coming off that.....
  5. dougm

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    part of me does. i get it why they let go guys like obrien and culp but there are nights like tonight when you know the other guy is out to make a 'statement' its not just lacrosse but any team sport where after a bad loss, the loser takes on a 'i'll show you' mood and brings it to bear on their next opponent. bill and chad would had brought that 'don't mess with me' right back at them. if the knighthawks come out hard, then the wolves need to show that they won't be intimdated.
  6. RockStar

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    I didn't mean for the thug beatdown, I meant that Rochester has a talented group who just had a live, full speed dress rehearsal, and, are all pissed with themselves for the readiness and execution.

    If they rally around this, they could be tough to take on the scoreboard......especially in their dark and haunted arena.

    As we are discussing in another thread, the thug beatdown aspect can usually easily be ignored in today's game.....

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