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Discussion in 'Ask a Titan - Ryan Boyle' started by SaulinBoston, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. SaulinBoston

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    I'm curious to know if your pregame activities differ at all when youre prepping for a Titans game versus prepping for a Cannons game? How different are the atmospheres of each league for you?
  2. Ryan Boyle

    Ryan Boyle Orlando Titans

    I try to take a similar approach to indoor and outdoor as my ritualistic routine prepares me to play.

    As I just stated in previous thread, I always shower at the arena. It helps me wake up, loosens up my muscles, and acts as a mental trigger that its time to play. I usually have a coffee and snack on the way to the game so Im good to go in the energy department.

    I always re-tape my stick in the locker room, usually as Im getting my ankles taped. I also take some electrolytes and drink plenty of gatorade/water to prevent cramps.

    Then I stay relaxed until its go-time. Then I pop a piece of Trident Splash in my mouth and it's on.

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