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Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by Rick716, Dec 30, 2017.

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    The Buffalo Bandits shouldn't be this bad, they should have cleaned house after last year with gm and coach along with Scott Loffler who is a problem like Russ Brandon hiding behind I am just the Bandits marketing guy selling Bandits tickets. Sure you are Scott Loffler and 11,000 at the Bandits game opening night should be enough to say bye, bye if that is all you do because that isn't acceptable for opening night Bandits crowd either. But I doubt that your more involved Scott Loffler the Russ Brandon of the Bandits a meddler who I believe was what Darris Kilgour talked about on his way out the door about Bandits lawyers. I believe "lawyers" is code by Darris Kilgour for club house lawyer not a real lawyer meaning Scott Loffler who continues to run the Bandits into the ground from what this once great franchise once was in the 1990's. I am a Bandits season ticket holder 27 years and counting. Raise your hand Bandits fans anyone think the Bandits in the 1990's would be like we are today as a franchise not making the playoffs in a 9 team NLL that is just embarrassing. Time to clean house starting with the man that has been through a lot of the Bandits changes but always having a job of power Scott Loffler he should be the first to go in the house cleaning in my opinion. Let's Go Buffalo Beat the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday
  2. chuckster

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    Wow, that has got to be the 1st "Fire Loffler" call I've seen. As long as he is not giving input on trades or the roster, I don't see a reason to fire him. The Bandits were 6-12 last year and they led the league in attendance. And just like Brandon, if he's doing the job with selling tickets, sponsorships and game day operations......and it looks like he is......why would Terry Pegula fire him?

    Scott Loffler is not the problem with the Bandits. The problems are with the GM and the coach who need to do something about the defense and the goaltending.
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  3. RockStar

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    Does Loffler hire the GM? and, following that, is he the guy that, periodically, gets to decide whether the GM keeps his job?

    (just asking, because, I don't actually know the org chart or the workings beyond Cordingley and Chugger).

    If that is part of Loffler's gig, then, maybe the guy over Loffler has to make a call.

    If it is not, then, you leave it be....the off floor stuff runs like a watch as far as I can tell.
  4. chuckster

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    There are people over Loffler but many of them are part of PSE. Loffler is Director of Lacrosse Operations/Alternate Governor -- I suspect firing Chugger or hiring a new GM would be done as a group inside the organization. One thing to remember......there is no Assistant GM listed. It might be a position to consider adding.....I know they have a scouting staff but could one of those guys step in?
  5. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    Maybe Rusty Kruger? He seems like a knowledgeable guy.
  6. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    If The Commish wants to grow the league to 16+ teams, they have to come up with some kind of GM training program. Even with 9 teams, it's not like there are 3 or 4 guys with experience sitting on the sidelines waiting for jobs to open. Adding 7 more teams or whatever the number ultimately is means you need to hire that more number of coaches, assistants, scouts, GMs, etc.
  7. AmericanRockFan

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    What about GMs making the jump from the OLA/WLA to the NLL? There might not be a ton of guys with NLL experience but I gotta imagine there's people with box lacrosse GM experience out there.
  8. Komarem

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    I’ve been going to games since day one. Season ticket holder for 10+ years. I can’t remember a time when Bandits’ fans have been this down on the organization. Maybe it’s time for a shakeup, and that includes Loffler. If he had anything to do with the Chugger hire, that’s a big strike against him. Chugger’s been brutal as GM. No other way to put it. Even if he had nothing to do with Chugger, the overall atmosphere and game day presentation has gone down the toilet in recent years (see recent threads).
  9. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    You know, after Chugger hired Cordingley, the team record and playoff result improved every consecutive season.....until last year.

    You can make an argument that his squad is underachieving now, and, that a goodly chunk of that is on Chugger and Cords, but, I can't agree with carving on the executive who replaced Kilgour with a GM who managed a three year rebuild from "complete dogshit" to "13-5 + finals"........

    If this year sucks as badly as it looks like it might, and the exec doesn't make a change before free agency period starts, maybe that's when you start calling for his head

    I cannot fault Loffler for giving Dietrich a season or two of rope and one or two chances to rebuild from 2017.........
  10. Komarem

    Komarem Guest

    You can twist it your way, I’ll twist it mine. Darris’ final season as GM was his first with a losing record (7-9). Then Chugger took over. If the Bandits finish with a losing record this year, that’ll make 4 out of 6 seasons under Chugger with a losing record. Totally unacceptable for this organization. They’ve had one really good year under Chugger, and have since regressed badly.
  11. LordStanley1893

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    I agree, this team had a franchise record # of wins in a season with Dietrich at the helm. If there is progress this year, I'm fine with him coming back for 2019. We lost in Rochester where we always have a tough time and in Toronto against a desperate 0-2 team. Lots of lacrosse left, I want to know where fans expect to find these better players that should be on the team.

    With some of the comments, you'd think we're the only team with problems. If you told me that we would have the same record as Georgia 4 weeks in, I's be happy with that.
  12. Komarem

    Komarem Guest

    Come on, man. I don’t want to be a downer here, but you’re trying really, really hard to look at things through rose colored lenses. Chugger led the team to a franchise record of wins in a season? You do realize that no other GM had the opportunity to to be in charge during an 18 game season (plus best of 3 playoff format), right? Really, you’re happy with the season so far because the have the same record as Georgia??? Well, I’m not happy. We’re heading for a fifth out of six seasons of subpar lacrosse since Dietrich took over. And, the major problem is clearly the defense which Dietrich did nothing to address this off-season.
  13. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    I want to know who these "experts" think should replace Chugger right now. With 2 new teams also looking for GMs next year, are there even 3 good guys out there who know what they're doing that are just waiting for the phone to ring?
  14. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    Heard Paul Day could be linked to philly
  15. Rick716

    Rick716 Active Member

    Exactly. Sometimes fans forget that there's a pretty small group of guys involved in this league. Some are on the same side in the summer and opposite sides in the winter as both players and coaches/GMs. Example-- Paul Day is the GM in Peterborough but an assistant coach in Rochester. If he wanted to be a gm, he probably could be. So while Styres has obviously done a great job over the years there aren't really any major secrets or great untapped coaches/talents hanging around. It's really matter of the right mix of guys coming together as GM/coaches, etc.

    Does Chugger need to address the defense?--of course. He tried with Buque for the goalie to replace Cosmo. That's only been 3 games--not enough to make a final judgement. Maybe Fish becomes the starter at some point? Finding a #1 NLL goalie isn't easy. Outside of a few standouts, most of the NLL goalies will be lit up if the defense is weak in front of them.

    Cordingley improved the team's record each year after taking over for Darris until last year. It's not like he's forgot how to coach after one season. Give him a chance to fix things.

    As for firing Loffler--that's just silliness.
  16. LordStanley1893

    LordStanley1893 Active Member

    Not happy, content. Lots of lacrosse to play, how many times have we seen hot starts by teams in the NLL, only to fizzle out down the road. I'm more concerned with how the team is playing come April. I would also argue that 2-3 of the seasons are the opposite of subpar. As Rick716 said we improved each season before last under Troy.

    Chugger may not be the best GM in the league but brutal is a stretch. The NLL's board of governors, general managers and head coaches thought highly enough to award Dietrich the GM of the year award in 2016.
  17. Komarem

    Komarem Guest

    Ok, maybe “brutal” was a little harsh, but if I laid out all the moves Dietrich has made since he’s been GM, you’d see that more often than not, he’s missed. I agree, let’s see where we are come April, but I don’t have a good feeling about this season at all. I’ll admit, I was a huge Darris supporter and I’ll never understand all the criticism he received. All he did was win. So many people assumed things would get so much better when he left. Well, it’s been 5 or 6 years now, and at least from my view, things have gotten worse.
  18. RockStar

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    2013 Chugger+Kilgour: 6-10, no playoffs
    2014 Chugger+Cords: 8-10, make division final
    2015 Chugger+Cords: 11-7, make playoffs
    2016 Chugger+Cords: 13-5, make finals
    2017 Chugger+Cords: 6-12, no playoffs
    2017 Chugger+Cords: 1-2, playoffs?? tied for a playoff spot, maybe losing the tiebreaker on divisional record and goal differential. Could grab the last spot in this wonky division.

    So, winning record half the time, three years of successive improvements from a dismal base, playoffs all but one (two?) years out of four (five?), and one finals berth.

    You can disagree with individual moves all you want, and you don't have to be delighted with the overall result, but........this is a middle of the road, non-terrible team. No one else managed to beat Rochester, EDM/SASK or GA, and no one else even had more than one finals appearance during this chapter.

    I think the record kind of good enough to let this coach-GM tandem finish this year before I decide whether to let them have a shot at next year, or cast them to the curb........

    Firing a GM now is pretty much worthless anyway, even if you are not going forward with the same guy, you really just need to pick the new guy a few weeks before free agency......and, frankly, with expansion coming, this is going to be a weird off season for free agency anyway.
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  19. Komarem

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    “Middle of the road, non-terrible team” during Dietrich’s chapter is not good enough for me. You start your list with the 2013 (6-10) season, but the Bandits hadn’t had a losing season for over a decade prior to 2013. So are we comparing Dietrich/Cordingly’s records to that one bad 2013 season, or to the 10+ seasons prior? If you’re only comparing to 2013, sure they haven’t been bad. But, if you’re comparing to all those seasons prior, they don’t compare to the standard of excellence that’s been established by this franchise. I don’t really disagree with anything you posted, I just have higher expectations.
  20. Komarem

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    Let me put it another way. Under Dietrich, the Bandits have already had more losing seasons than they had in their entire existence prior.

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