Game Thread: Vancouver at Buffalo 1/13

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by Rick716, Jan 12, 2018.

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    This game tonight was a very bad loss for the Buffalo Bandits but what else is new. It has been this way more or less for a decade of Bandits mediocrity or worse for the most part with a year with a good run in between if were honest as Bandits fans. I have been a Bandits season ticket holder all 27 years. Some Bandits fans want to talk about OT most Bandits games in the 1990's never got to OT the old Bandits teams ran, hit and scored teams off the field. Today's Bandits no one really steps up in crunch time in the fourth quarter sure it is easy to score in the first quarter go up 3-0 when there is no pressure crunch time this team gives in which is pathetic. The Bandits today are like our other Buffalo sports teams that yearly come up short with no one stepping up meaning the Bandits legacy of the 1990's is gone today. This team has no business in the same 1990's uniforms today's alternate jerseys as the 1990's Bandits. The 1990's Bandits were winners and never would let an 0-4 team beat us that plays in front of few fans in a glorified high school arena for hockey in sort of some where near Vancouver that is who beat the Bandits tonight. I can't think of the Bandits sinking any lower then now just completely embarrassing. But for many Bandits fans that passes as entertainment oh well I think I will play with my phone that is what it is like to be a Bandits fan today I guess for most. Well this Bandits fan thinks that sucks. I don't own a cellphone nor do I want one. When I go to a game I go for the game not some semi music, semi sports, semi circus event. I get it what ever draws the fans it is a business but some where along the line the actual Bandits fan that goes for the game itself wanting winning teams got ignored for just nonsense that the Bandits have now that passes as the Bandits today.

    Keep it up Bandits organization and someday this team will be no more in Buffalo because of incompetence in Bandits management. Because side show with losing doesn't work ask the Blizzard and Destroyers how that worked? I know I have been season ticket holder to the Buffalo Blizzard, Buffalo Destroyers, Buffalo Stampede roller hockey the warning signs are there the Bandits attendance is down 5,000 and falling because of 10 years of no cup for the Bandits. This isn't the Bills or Sabres that have generations along with major television to with stand years of losing this is the Bandits with no television and 27 years of history with most of the good history in the first 5 years of the Bandits franchise. At some point fans are going to say why bother anymore if PSE doesn't care why should I? Last year was the first year I questioned renewing but I did but next year with no changes to the Bandits front office real changes I won't be back because it just isn't worth it if PSE just doesn't care to do anything about years of Bandits mediocrity. The Bandits needed to clean house last year and didn't. The season is over if the Bandits comeback 2-5 which I have a feeling that is going to happen. When a team can't win at home in this league you suck. Clean house Bandits starting with the clowns drafting these loser players. And yes I will call them loser players because that is exactly what they are if a Bandits fan is honest with themselves and remember the 1990's Bandits this type of game performance was never acceptable that today is suppose to pass as fun, fun, fun for this Bandits fan it sucks, sucks, sucks in my opinion. Let's Go Buffalo
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    Same group of friends have run the bandits since 2003 it is time for new blood.
    Also Bandits are really bad at drafting, only getting true 1st round talent in two drafts since 2003 (Shattler and Smith) and one of those picks (Shattler) only played one game as a Bandit.
  3. mtbf

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    Anyone have updates on Bennet and Stienhouse? Both looked to suffer serious injury Bennet a knee/leg Mark a wrist or shoulder
  4. BanditsRock11

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    They said Bennett will get a MRI Monday. Looked brutal, I assume he’s done for the year.
  5. dougm

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    too many guys from yesteryear. terrible drafting except for dhane smith. clancy and irving were first round picks?!? well that is a little less than a decade ago but i guess they drafted the wrong natives. further, they traded draft picks for guys with 2 years or less in the tank.
  6. BigDave

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    Did you over-medicate yourself tonight?
  7. Torbald2895

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    To be fair, wasn't Clancy more of an injury thing than a lack of talent thing? Always thought he looked really good the few games he played.
  8. AmericanRockFan

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    How much money do you make to have season tickets to every Buffalo team that has ever existed? And how do you make the time to attend all this junk??

    Anyhow.... the attendance thing is not just a Bandits thing, it's a league wide issue right now. Everyone is seeing attendance drop.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I kinda feel like the Bandits attendance depends on the Sabres. If the Sabres are doing well, and games are selling out and tickets are expensive on the secondary market, then a lot of the younger demo will go to Bandits games as their "thing to do" since it's the cheaper option. Right now the Sabres aren't doing well, tickets are cheaper than box office price, and people are going to Sabres games, if they're going to anything in downtown at all.

    I know from experience, since I paid a whopping $56 for a 200 level ticket to the Sabres/Oilers game back in November.
  9. Torbald2895

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    Paid $27 for a 17th row ticket on the red line for the game Thursday. That's the one positive of the Sabres being routinely terrible; tickets on the secondary market are dirt cheap.
  10. AmericanRockFan

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    Sweet deal. My all-time favorite deal I scored on the secondary market was 3 years ago when I went to the Flames/Sabres game. Including fees, I paid $110 total for a pair of 5th row aisle seats on the red line, which was technically the 3rd row since it was behind the penalty box.
  11. chuckster

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    Clancy was over-rated. He was just another AJ Shannon......had potential and a good game or 2 but that was it. The fans were all gaga over him but he flamed out.

    And WTF??? I go to Florida for a week and they lose to the worst team in the NLL???? As I've said before, if you can't beat the worst team in the league, YOU are the worst team in the league.
  12. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    To be fair, those were really cheap tix. A friend of mine was a Destroyers season ticket holder and I think he paid $10 a seat in the ends in the first row.
  13. wacklax

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    Yes you did lose to the second worst team in the nll.lolol:eek:
  14. AmericanRockFan

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    True that. My dad and I had Destroyers season tickets in 1999 for the inaugural season. I wish I could remember how much he paid for the pair.

    Useless trivia, I got a Destroyers mini helmet signed by Ray Bentley last year. I asked him "Have you signed many of these over the years?" and he said "I have NOT signed many of these at all" and his son, who was sitting beside him, said to me excitedly "it's the first one I've ever seen!" Truthfully, I was a tad bummed that he said he'd signed any at all because I wanted to have the only Ray Bentley signed Buffalo Destroyers mini helmet on the planet :p
  15. Rick716

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    The only possible silver lining or saving grace from this disappointing loss and a likely loss at Sask. next week is that they are not division games. I'm fully expecting to be heading into Rochester 2-4. So they'll still have chances to win games/tiebreakers within the division.
  16. Buffalo Fan

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    It really wasn't all that expensive back in 1990's for niche sports and college sports. Buffalo Blizzard was like $150 for the season they had a family pact for 4 for $500 for the 20 game home season, the Stampede was summer less then $100 for the season and the Buffalo Destroyers was a bargain for the cheap seats which I always bought to get into the building was $50 for the season the first year 1999 so only talking $500 dollars total give or take for the Buffalo niche sports teams season tickets. I go back so far in Buffalo I remember Buffalo Braves NBA tickets for $6 back when I was a kid. I also had Big 4 seasons tickets plus UB seasons again not really the huge dollars one might think. The Bandits front office gets too much credit from this board for attendance going up because of Darris Kilgour blah, blah. Reality attendance went up because the Blizzard folded and the Destroyers moved to Columbus hence you have the Bandits attendance up again plus winning that Darris Kilgour bought helped. But today isn't the 1990's tickets and parking are more expense. Parking back in the AUD you could find free parking or at most $2 or $3.

    The Bandits have problems there not the only game in town anymore now. Buffalo Waterfront is here now for entertainment options, UB athletics is much improved especially basketball. Remember the Bandits basically took over the second team Saturday nights from Canisius basketball at the old AUD who couldn't win enough to draw younger Buffalo fans as Griffs fan base aged. Tickets were like $5 I paid to see Tim Duncan when he was at Wake Forest play the Griffs at the old AUD. The Bandits along with Blizzard were created to create more AUD events so the Sabres could make the numbers work for New York State money for now Key Bank Center. The Blizzard were done the moment the Knoxes and Riches sold there Sabres holdings they got the arena built with the more events no longer necessary to carry an indoor soccer team. John Belanti never had that kind of money to carry losses and rent went through the roof when the Blizzard moved to the new arena. Long story short younger fans aren't as interest in niche sports as previous generations today, the Bandits sucking are turning off long time fans like myself yes I am sorry I renewed this season because who ever make the call over at the arena don't seem to care so again why should anyone care if the Bandits management don't care to make the necessary management changes the Bandits need today? Also the Sabres and Bills ticket also go up so fans have less money for niche sports like the Bandits. I don't have season tickets to the Bills or Sabres. Never had Sabres seasons once had Bills season left when the Bills cut Drew Bledsoe for JP Losman with no experience which I thought and still think was just crazy so I said bye, bye Bills season tickets other then single games once in a while for the Bills and Sabres today. The Bills and Sabres are television sports for me even if I had the money I wouldn't go for mismanaged overpriced teams I can watch on television throw up on themselves with 100 excuses for losing today. The Sabres the way they are now would be done in Buffalo if the Braves NBA was still here because the NBA is just bigger time then small time NHL today. NHL to me with the losing with the Sabres, tanking is becoming niche even compared to UB and St Bonaventure basketball that is on television and just doing this thing called winning. But I grew up with the Braves and Sabres when I was a kid so I am also a basketball fan not just a Sabres hockey fan. And I have standards like older Buffalo fans once had today not so much PSE with Terry Pegula is the greatest ever blah, blah.

    Again I am 50 years old I seen a lot with Buffalo sports and this is the most losing under PSE ownership with there total control of everything Buffalo sports but college sports and the Buffalo Bisons I ever saw in 43 years of being a Buffalo fan. I almost didn't renew because I wonder if the Bandits staying in Buffalo is such a good thing for Buffalo anymore. Especially new Buffalo or younger Buffalo that likes national big time events. I ask as a Buffalonian if having the Bandits eating up money and sponsorship good for Buffalo over say UB basketball, UB athletics getting that money instead. Again I am neutral I don't care about Terry Pegula making all the sports money like some Buffalo fans that make excuses for PSE yearly failing teams. If the Bandits left Buffalo Terry Pegula would most likely just add a few concerts to make up the money difference. But the difference is the sponsor money maybe goes to college basketball in Buffalo instead without PSE having total control of everything Buffalo sports money wise. The same money the Bandits took when they got to Buffalo from college basketball which I get was long before PSE ownership. Again if the Bandits win great but the Bandits being the Griffs just mediocre why have the Bandits then over college basketball being a bigger presence in Buffalo like every major city in America? When Buffalo fan has UB basketball $135 for the season, free parking is hot with winning 6-1 at home under Nate Oats, on there way for a third NCAA trip in four years and can grow more with no Bandits in Buffalo anymore? So these are the things on my mind as a Buffalo fan. Why should I put up with the Bandits that don't win anything anymore giving them my hard earned money when I can give more to UB athletics then I already give now to UB to help educate kids instead of padding PSE bottom line that doesn't seem to care to get it's act together with the Bandits or Sabres for that matter just a lot of oh well excuses for losing if Buffalo is so lucky for the "King" Terry Pegula to give the Buffalo fans, media a few minutes of his time to explain the current mess with the Bandits and Sabres? Also to whom it may concern to those Buffalo fans that make 100 excuses for PSE always no matter how embarrassing the losses are as they pile up yearly keep PSE downtown investments out of it two totally different situations PSE building investing in downtown Buffalo and PSE sports ownership in Buffalo in my opinion. Let's Go Buffalo
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    I see you are one of the many PSE excuse makers for 6 years of losing Buffalo sports teams for the most part with this years Bills being the exception along with Bandits run to the finals two years ago no matter what PSE does. There is no reaching that type of Buffalo fan so I won't even bother to try with you carry on with your nonsense calling me whatever nasty comment you want it doesn't change the fact the Bandits suck and management who ever makes the final call doesn't care to change mismanagement. For the rest of the Buffalo fans my post sums up my feelings of PSE ownership of Bandits the last 6 years in my opinion. Let's Go Buffalo
  18. AmericanRockFan

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    This is actually valid. Yeah, it took a few years after the Blizzard and the Destroyers to move on before Bandits attendance took off, but not having the Blizzard around as an option for people to attend probably did help the Bandits with the casual audience a little bit.
  19. BigDave

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    Too much meds again, I see.

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