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Discussion in 'ILIndoor Forum' started by Ean Price, Aug 11, 2016.

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    Hi folks,

    I hope Im posting this in the right spot (and if not, I'm sorry!)

    Looking to outfit a goalie with box gear. Not sure where to go to purchase it. We live in Long Island, New York so I expect we'll have to travel. But I would rather get a solid referral from someone who knows a good place than just search the Internet and hope the places I find are good.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. RockStar

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    Guessing pickings will be slim outside of Southern Ontario.......even here, you don't find this stuff outside of specialty stores.

    I am going to guess that there has to be a decent store near Cornwall, either on one of the Mohawk reservations or in town. Might be your shortest drive to find a store that has stuff you can try on, and sales help that knows WTF they're talking about........

    If you're able/willing to make a mini vacation out of it and comparison shop at a few places, there are other specialist stores in lacrosse centres around Toronto that would be good places to start. None of them seem to keep much gear in stock, so, suggest phoning before traveling.

    -Lax Shack in Pickering,
    -store whose name escapes me at Toronto Rock Athletic Centre in Oakville,
    -Powless' store at Iroquois Lacrosse Arena at Six Nations (might be my favourite, due to selection, competence of staff, and, no sales tax),
    -Sanderson's Source for Sports in Orangeville
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    or, you can go old-school to save the travel for the first year.......Once upon a time, no one was making specialty gear for box goalies, so, they had to do it themselves:

    -Hockey goal pants might do what's needed,
    -Some guys used to adapt hockey goal uppers by throwing an oversized set of football shoulders overtop.....this helps take up space for shot-blocking and adds some of the protection that the hockey gear is missing for shots coming at a downward trajectory,
    -Shins can probably be safely ordered based on measurement.

    Maybe a goalie will chime in....I've only played in borrowed gear, and, I'm not crazy enough to try this full time.
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    Try this place -- https://www.comlax.com/store-locations -- they list a category for box goalie gear but they don't have anything in it. You can always call them and see if they can order you something.

    There's also http://www.ailacrosse.net/boddam which is run by Randy Chrysler who was a Bandits coach. They can get Boddam gear which is what the pros wear and they are US based.
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    Hi. I am originally from LI too (Massapequa). I can't say whether this place with have any box gear - I doubt it - but this is a lacrosse specialty store in the Albany NY area where I used to live.

    Breakaway Sports Lacrosse Spec  
    Sporting Goods Store
    Address: 889 New Loudon Rd, Latham, NY 12110
    [VIN: New Loudon Road is US Route 9 and parallels I-87 aka The Adirondack Northway. This store is very close to Exit 7.]
    Phone:(518) 785-1393
    Open today · 11AM–9PM

    However, I left the area 5 years ago and now there is a "Lacrosse Giant Superstore" nearby.
    LacrosseGiant Superstore - Albany, NY

    145 Wolf Road
    Albany, NY 12205
    518-621-4775 upload_2016-9-1_15-52-38.png - For assistance with placing an internet order or tracking an internet order please call 1-800-633-5999

    Looking at their website:
    I was not optimistic about box goalie padding.

    I strongly suspect this is something that you will have to go north of the border, eh, to find.

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