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    Great read, and I don't recall it being shared on here prior.

    They're debating not using green turf? I'm intrigued. If it's solid purple though that might be a tad awkward....
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    Yeah, I'm thinking all purple with gold on the ends like some of the teams have. I've always wondered why the turf was always green, really no reason for it to be unless there was a league rule or if green was the only option being manufactured. The over sized logos in Sask and Colorado are pretty cool. I've always thought black would be cool.

    Tsai could be the shot in the arm this league needed. His team isn't part of a sports package like kroenke or pegula. Just a very rich lacrosse guy who genuinely wants to own a team. I thought San Diego was a random choice for expansion, but with this owner and players already saying they want to go there, this could be the Mammoth 2.0, or the NLL's version of the Golden Knights as far as westward expansion goes.
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    "Govett will wait until after this season to hire a general manager and coaches since he wants to interview personnel now with other teams."

    I guess Govett changed his mind on that -- the article is from February and Pat Merrill was hired April 3. :eek:

    I'm curious as to how many Americans will actually get recruited by and sign with the Seals. If they're smart, they learn from what happened with the Charlotte Cobras.
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    I kinda always just figured green turf was because it was supposed to be a replacement for green grass. I love the mammoth logo they have in Colorado (I presume it's a clear play on words with a logo that size).
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    ::golf claps::
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    The Milwaukee Wave of the Major Arena Soccer league use black turf and it looks pretty sweet. The use black lights for their goal celebrations, which is kinda cool.

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    Black turf could work in the NLL. I like how some teams use black boards now.
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    Wow, look at the size of that crowd! :eek: :rolleyes:
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    Surprisingly, I'm like the look! I would not have thought that as an option
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