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  1. PurePlaid

    PurePlaid New Member

    So so so sad to think we won't have a team next year!! I for one am so happy and greatful for all my fellow fans! You guys rock! Let's keep in touch and get together often!

    you can find me on facebook, myspace, or

    here's hoping one of us wins the lottery!!
  2. Canadan

    Canadan New Member

    Why not keep the Plaid Platoon going? The 'Jax may be leaving, but that doesn't mean that you have to stop being fans. Have get-togethers to watch games online. Plan road trips up to BC to watch summer lax. The WLA will be hosting Mann Cup 2009 for the Canadian Major championship later in the summer. (Senior B)
  3. yowzado

    yowzado New Member

    what happens if doesn't host the online games again?

    I am still holding out hope that the JAX will land somewhere within an 8 hour drive. I just cannot let go of my passion so easy.

    if they just go dark and are dispersed,,,, what is there only 10 teams left? There wont be enough room for all the players, some wont get picked up and that is sad.
  4. Woodsticks

    Woodsticks New Member

    I vote for BBQ this summer!
  5. JaxHound

    JaxHound New Member

    I second the vote!
  6. Pfattrax

    Pfattrax New Member

    I'm In!
  7. Woodsticks

    Woodsticks New Member

    I'll lead the cheers!!!
    Damn I'm in!!
  8. PurePlaid

    PurePlaid New Member

    I'll host a Q or 2!! And I'll drive if we end up close!! LOL But I'm still buying lottery tickets like nobody's business!! Miss you guys!!

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