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Discussion in 'Buffalo Bandits Forum' started by fandit, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    The Bandits have reached the middle of the season, they are in first in the East and second best record in the league. They also have a victory, on the road, against the only team with a better overall record.
    So, what's the thinking going forward?
    Make a trade at the deadline?
    Remembering we have the Stealth's 1st round pick and face an expansion draft in the off season where we will lose 2 guys.
  2. LordStanley1893

    LordStanley1893 Active Member

    I'm good with not making a trade. I think the most important thing is to stay healthy and keep getting better as a group. Acton got placed on the IR after Friday's game. Avoiding more injuries, building chemistry and not being complacent/staying hungry will be the tasks ahead.
  3. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    It's a rebuilding year......where the youngsters have the team in first place as of mid season.

    With expansion coming up and a protected list of only 10, I'd say a trade to acquire a player is a dumb bet........

    If I slipped a bit, I'd move an un-contracted veteran for picks to a team that thinks they can go for it.

    If I don't slip, I stand pat.
  4. BigDave

    BigDave Active Member

    So we could have the 1st, 2nd or 3rd pick in the rookie draft depending on what SD/Phila does?
  5. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Right now, I don't think you make a trade unless it's a guy off the roster you think you definitely can't protect in the expansion draft and you can live without this year in exchange for a 2nd or even 3rd round pick. The Bandits are up 2 games in the loss column on 4th place Georgia (and the Swarm are free falling) and 3 games up on Rochester (and they're sinking with a game against the Rush this weekend). If the Swarm and Hawks lose this weekend....and those are very real possibilities.....that lead increases and it's effectively a 3 team race for 3 playoff spots past the halfway point of the season.

    With Higgins playing well, that should push Diruscio to the practice squad or out the door when he's healthy. If the roster stays the same, they'll need to make room for Steenhuis in 3-4 weeks which will give them some veteran leadership on the floor.

    Overall, they are better than I thought they would be at this point. The goaltending is still a bit too inconsistent for me and the D is still giving up too many shots. But they are coming around and I'm much more optimistic about this team than I was after the disaster of the Stealth loss.
  6. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    San Diego/Philly will be 1-2 depending on a coin flip. Best we can do is #3. Which looks good right now.
  7. LordStanley1893

    LordStanley1893 Active Member

    I'm happy with #3, It does figure that all of the luck of teams have had with landing 1st overall picks we would have the worst's teams pick in an expansion year.

    Sask is a team that is built to withstand expansion. They have 3 1st round picks in 2018 and 3 in 2019. They'll have some tough decisions when it comes to personnel.
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  8. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking that with 3 goalies, when Fish gets healthy, there is a deal to be made.
    Higgins is a free agent having signed a one year deal. If we sign him longer, then we lose him or Buque to expansion. As only one Goalie can be protected and whichever isn't protected would certainly be picked. Georgia has Mike Poulin and lots of draft picks. Calgary could also use an upgrade.
    Maybe something like a 2019 1st round pick for one of the two.
  9. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    A 1st for Higgins or Diruscio??? Any GM making that deal should be fired. In a couple of weeks, any team can likely have Diruscio for nothing as long as Buque and Higgins stay healthy.
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  10. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    A first for Buque or Higgins, depending on which one we keep going forward. And yes, Higgins, because it's a future pick and if you don't have a goalie you have to find one.
    You saw first hand on Saturday how badly the Swarm need a goalie and Higgins showed he can play.
    I'm thinking Fish as the long term backup and sometimes starter.
  11. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Thanks for clarifying that. But any GM that trades a 1st round pick for Higgins or Buque should be fired. That would the definition of overpaying as neither one is worth a 1st rounder (don't forget we got Buque for a 4th and Higgins was a free agent playing in ALL where any team could have had him for nothing).

    Besides, Chugger would be crazy to trade Buque or Higgins because you need good depth if you want to make a playoff run. And it's good to have Higgins there seeing as Buque has been pulled in 3 out of 9 games so far (the Rochester game counts because he was pulled and then had to go back in when Diruscio was hurt). Diruscio is the odd man out in the Buque/Higgins/Diruscio decision.....practice squad him or cut him as long as Buque and Higgins are healthy.
  12. BanditsRock11

    BanditsRock11 Well-Known Member

    Obvisouly I’m very happy where the Bandits are at. After that Vancouver loss, things weee pretty bleak. The rookies look promising. Defense and goaltending has been up and down so it’ll be interesting to see how they hold up for the second half of the season.

    It’s going to be intriguing to see who is left unprotected for the expansion draft, I think the rest of this season and (hopefully) the playoffs will have a major impact on that.
  13. Bandits37

    Bandits37 Active Member

    For the expansion draft as of right now if you can only protect 5 offensive players i think the protected list for me would go as follows:

    Dhane Smith, Mitch Jones, Josh Byrne, Callum Crawford, Jordan Durston (Offense)

    Steve Priolo, Ryan Wagner, Nick Weiss, Thomas Hoggarth, Ethan Schott (Defense)

    Alex Buque (Goalie)

    I'd love to be able to call Vaughn Harris as a Transition/Defense to protect him as well if possible. Swap out Wagner or Schott in that scenario. In my personal opinion if he's healthy i'd also hope Bennett and Martin are the two who get selected. Not a fan of either of them on the back end.
  14. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    One way or another, we're going to lose 2 good players and people on the Bandits FB will go apeshit over it. Guaranteed. ;)

    I think you have the O correct but I think Brownell and deSnoo get protected on D. They can drop anyone not named Steve Priolo to accommodate them.
  15. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    The thing is, goaltenders have become like quaterbacks in the NFL. If you don't have a good one, you need to get one. This is a nine team league and there aren't currently 9 good ones to go around. Next year there will be 11 teams. And more teams are supposed to be on the way. That lack of supply pushes prices up. Keeping both guys would be great, but the offers may be too much to pass on.
    For proof, look at the Swarm. Last years Champs have become average. The main difference is changing goalies.
  16. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    Also, Crawford might not need to be protected. He is 33 and a quick check shows he might be in the final year of his contract. If he is, he's a free agent at the end of the season and wouldn't need protecting.
    Maybe someone who has better access to that kind of info can check on it.
  17. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    I wondered whether uncontracted FAs had to be protected.

    I am pretty sure the FAs had no rights in dispersal drafts......recall the Cosmo fiasco with Minnesota.
  18. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    As we saw in the NFC playoffs and the Super Bowl, you need 2 good quarterbacks. Maybe Buque/Higgins are the sort-of NLL version of Wentz/Foles?

    The Swarm have the same goalie as last year when they won the Cup. Poulin. There would have been no reason to change from him this year coming off a Cup last year.
  19. Gravedigger

    Gravedigger Member

    Somehow I doubt Buque/Higgins are going to finish 2nd in MVP voting and win the playoff MVP respectively. Heck, one of these guys was considered one of the worst goalies in the league until this season. Buque I actually do feel is one of the more valuable goaltenders in the league, but I doubt he's going to land some Anthony Cosmo-esque return.

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