Happy Anniversary, "Bklyn Isles"

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    On October 24, 2012 at 1pm EST, it became official when Charles Wang, the NY Islanders owner, stepped onto the podium and told the NHL that Islanders was moving to Brooklyn once the lease with Nassau Coliseum is up on July 1, 2015. Islanders would signed 25 years IRONCLAD lease deal with Barclays Center to stay in Brooklyn. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS to stay in Brooklyn.

    Almost all of you, I mean, almost ALL OF YOU, DOUBT me that was going to happen and I prove ya all wrong. The only person that stood by me is VIN.

    Lot has changes since that daty. There was successful pre season game that took place on Sept 21, 2013 in which 14,689 fans came. There is talk of having 1-2 pre season game in Sept/Oct 2014 as well as few regular season games at Barclays Center during 2014-15 season before they move to Brooklyn full time.

    Say all ya want because that game on Sept 21 was STATEMENT game given to those NAYSAYERS AND DOUBTERS like Eaglesfans. Yes, Im calling ya out for your RACIST REMARKS in "BRING NORTH STARS BACK"

    I read what you wrote and I want to thank VIN for his fact finding infortmation. How dare ya, Eaglesfans, called my my hometown, in such a racist tone? Just because Brooklyn stole Cyclones from Canada, Nets from NJ and Islanders from LI, does NOT make us earned that racist name. How could you do this?

    I may drive people crazy with my love of Islanders and other sports teams, but to scoop so low, to call my hometown, an racist tone, is where I draw the line. Its disresecptful for what you did, Eaglesfan. Seriously.

    The racist tone, Eaglesfan, that you put out, make people living in Brooklyn, look bad and we do those things that are untrue. We dont do those things. Brooklyn is culture of different people. We have so many different type of people living in Brooklyn.

    I can get Kosher, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Mexician, etc etc type of foods in Brooklyn. Thats because we have different type of people. Your racist remarks is unprofessional, Eaglesfan, and dont get upset if I call ya out, but there is reason for it.

    Again, Happy Anniversary to "Brooklyn" New York Islanders.

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    We desperately need a mod around here to lock all your threads.
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    Let him have his day. My uncle used to say "Everybody needs to be President of something." If we let Roy be the "President of Brooklyn-related Posts", he won't do much harm anywhere else.
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    Time for a different, and more interesting, topic...

    Did you know the first Wendy's Restaurant opened up in Columbus, Ohio in 1969?
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    On October 23, 1978 - Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious attempted to commit suicide while awaiting trial for killing his girlfriend Nancy Spungen.
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    Our turn to crap on a thread with inane/useless posts?

    On October 23 2013 RockStar decided to start pursuing his PhD.

    The dissertation will answer the age old question of whether a swallow can develop enough airspeed velocity to lift half-coconut shells.

    He plans to appeal to the Dolan Foundation for funding.

    Presentation of findings will be at halftime of the first home game of the soon-to-be-announced Brooklyn NLL club.
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    LOL. It seems like this is devolving into Useless Thread 2.

    Meanwhile, Rockstar... Is there a PhD in your future? My thesis was going to be "An Optimal Control Approach Toward Safety in Automatic Systems". Life had other plans though.
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    Then give his own forum to play in.
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    Did a couple years of graduate school. Nailed the coursework, but, never finished the thesis.

    I'm now as far removed from academia as it's possible to be (heavy civil/heavy industrial construction).

    Cannot see myself ever returning to the emasculating, PC, environment of a university, but, hey, one never knows....
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    Nigflot Blorny Quando Floon.
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    man its only been a year since i deleted you on FB? seems longer
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    • 9 hours ago

    So where are all the tards claiming they will alter it to facilitate the islanders? Guess what they will not. We are a second class tenant in a arena built for Basketball. the Islanders are gravy for the Barclays. After everything the fans and this team has been through this is the endgame. Halfassed arena with **** poor sightlines and the hope of gaining new fans is Brooklyn. We went from the worst arena in the league to....wait for it...the worst arena in the league. Thanks Wang.
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    all i see with the islanders is a torn fan base with them moving and only 12k on average showing up to home games good for 30th out of 30 in the NHL good job Roy you sure told us
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    29th.... Devils are done a few years after Marty retires
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    The attendance trend has been down the last two years, but not a ton. I still see the big drop in the next 3 yrs.
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    LOL... because they will move possibly back to NVMC or possibly even Hartford.

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