Hinkson To Be Fired???

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    Word has it that Coach Hinkson's head is on the firing block after only 4 games. Apparently, owner Jason Williams wants someone to take the fall for this team. Williams has been overheard as describing the situation as "embarrasing." He has been told to be patient. NLL insiders at the League office have said Williams is preparing to line up potential suitors to buy the team. Hinkson is well aware of Williams feelings towards him and apparently wants out anyway.

    The situation grows more chaotic by the day. G.M. Rodgers is looking to take over Hinkson's spot on the bench. As this was reported back in August on another posting.

    I purchased season Storm tix. and I get a WWF situation. This is not what I envisioned.
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    this is strictly my opinion,


    Jayson will sell (not all) to Oprah & Dr J

    The Chicago Storm is coming to the windy city
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    they had no plan other than getting prout, once that fell through, they had to sign aging saints. they should had looked @ columbus, they are alot younger with plenty of draft picks to go whereas the storm have mortgaged their future for an old team - ignoring public relations, the team itself seems to have built poorly and by season's end, unless there is a miracle, ilax will have them ranked last. you would had thought experienced officers like brady, hinkson & rogers would had done better. it is still early in the season and things can chgange but what trend i do see is not in their favor. is it all hinkson's fault? i say look at the roster, and place a greater part of the blame on higher ups. but even the players have to look at their own performance, their consecutive home-debut games resulted in losses, not a big deal for an expansion team, but when you can't score on a 5-miniute major in the 4th qtr in one game, and then get shutout for a full half in another, you've got to say we are lacking some fire in the belly.
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    Why did the Storm give up all those draft picks in the first place

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