History has been made

Discussion in 'OLA Forum' started by BestSeatinHouse, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. According to a post by KickNypreos on the unofficial OLA fan forum, (https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/unofficialola/congrats-chiefs-t59970.html)

    Burlington Chiefs JR A has made history by being the first #1 seed in playoff history to get knocked off in the first round by the #8 seed (Toronto Beaches in this instance).

    I guess its more like Beaches made history by being the first team to ever do it, Congratulations is in order its a huge accomplishment.

    I dont have access to any sort of record to tell if this is for sure the first time it has happened but it is a big accomplishment for the Beaches nonetheless
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    if it has ever happened, it's not often....I think the top seed usually sweeps these
  3. that's for sure, looks like Brampton is going to make short work of the Beach tho.

    which is unfortunate as i was kind of cheering for the underdog that toppled the mighty #1 seed

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