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Discussion in 'The Hive Forum' started by WildHeadTatt, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. WildHeadTatt

    WildHeadTatt Active Member

    I just got a craving for some wings.
  2. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    Has place being chosen for April 24 pre game meal? I remember someone PM me about it but I cant find the info on my PM inbox.

    So where will it be?

    See ya all on April 24 in Twin Cities. GO TITANS!!!

  3. heather8875

    heather8875 New Member

    I think it's at Great Waters, but I don't know for sure. WHT usually posts it on Thu or Fri.
  4. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    Im leaving for Philadelphia on Friday. And, I spoke to team, I have to meet them on Saturday somewhere to give them something.

    We will try to be at the pre game meal party but first thing first, I need to see the team somewhere before we go to pre game party.

    It is possible for the place to be posted by Thurs afternoon before I leave for Philadelphia.

  5. WildHeadTatt

    WildHeadTatt Active Member

    It was all answered here.
  6. WildHeadTatt

    WildHeadTatt Active Member

    The pre-game for the April 24 game was originally scheduled for Great Waters Brewery starting at 4:30. Due to certain circumstances, I will not be able to attend. Therefore, if anyone wants to change the location to Tom Reid's to accommodate our visitors from New York, please feel free. Have fun everyone and see you at the game.
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  7. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    LOL... Im only one from New York not my best friend, Shawn and his son, Caleb.

    Let me explain how I met Shawn.

    Shawn and I went to Gallaudet University. I met him in the dorm and we became best friends because we were discussing 1992 Olympics that was part of the USA Basketball Dream Team - ya know, Magic, Bird, Jordan, Ewing and so on.

    During our college years, we became roommates, we became fraternity brothers, and we went on spring break trip together. We will be going to Las Vegas in July for DeafNation Expo (

    Hes married and have son named Caleb. Hes turning 8 years old on Sun, April 25. Hes very tall for his age. Shawn live in Lino Lakes with his family so I believe Lino Lakes is part of suburan of Minnesota.

    Im flying in on Sat morning and Shawn is picking me up at the airport. We will do few things together and then meet ya at the pre game party. We do not know what time we will be there. If you want to change it to hockey pub, please let me know by 8pm tonight. Im leaving tomorrow morning to go to Philadelphia as Titans have game there on Friday night.


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