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    Huh? It's not even close. Saskatchewan has had five home games so far. Two have been over 10,000, the lowest was 8624. Their average is 9765.

    Last year, Edmonton's highest attendance was 7645 and their average was 6579. Sask is beating Edmonton's average by over 3,000 a game.
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    But how many of the tickets that are counted were give aways from the team?
  4. I haven't seen too many giveaways from the team. I am pretty sure those tickets were paid attendance in one form or another. I know corporate sponsors had to buy a certain amount for board ads etc. So there are giveaways from them, but they are still paid for first. I would say the numbers are fairly close to be entirely paid attendance. Unlike in Edmonton, the Rush aren't needing to paper the house to try and get fans invested in the team.

    I am a Rush season ticket holder, but I realize that the team has the new car smell right now. Next season would be the year to find out how much of this is long term fans and how much is people kicking the tires. The one thing is as the weather warms up and the highways are clear, I have a suspicion you will find the RiderNation coming out to games. By that I mean right now, I would hazard a guess that 75% of the crowd is from "metro" Saskatoon. Saturday evenings mean that people from outside Saskatoon can come up for games more easily and with warmer weather and no chance of a blizzard or freezing rain people will take the chance. It wouldn't surprise me before the season is done if the building is sold out.

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