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  1. chuckster

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    I haven't been to NE but I have been to Georgia and it is a nice, modern arena with free parking. It's in a decent sized burb so there's potential to draw.
  2. k-hawksfan33

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    I've only had a chance to talk to a couple players about this, but from what I've heard Buffalo is not a particularly well sought out destination as of late. Mainly due to all the stuff MTBF said and the fact that Cordingley has gained a reputation. A lot of people don't want to play for a guy who only uses negative reinforcement. I will agree that Toronto is (and probably always will be) a sought after destination due to it's location.
  3. jetman

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    I probably think that Toronto would be the preferred destination for players due to geography and a great practice facility. I can see players wanting to go to Rochester because of Styres (micromanager or not, he really does care about his players). Buffalo? Guys might enjoy playing in front of the big raucous crowds, but Cordingley's coaching style probably turns Buffalo into a negative. NE and Georgia? Too far away for the average player from Ontario. Venues? Rochester is clearly outdated, New England doesn't even have a regulation sized playing surface (and a really odd seating configuration). Toronto and Buffalo are about equal. Georgia's looks nice (never been there), and is well-sized for the NLL. They just need to get fans to show up on a regular basis.
  4. Hollywood42

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    Mohegan sun is a regulation sized floor..... that’s why it’s an odd seating configuration
    And players do enjoy playing for them
    Sure it’s a pain in the ass to her too but I think the black wolves provide the biggest “hey I’m a professional athlete feel” with limo services for their players to and from airports, bold got picked up in his own stretch limo ffs . And they get suites at the casino the weekends they are home. While other teams prolly stay in an econo lodge off I-95
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    The crazy thing is that this guy is a kindergarten teacher. I get that you can't teach adults the way you teach kids, but it's crazy how being in a lacrosse arena makes this guy do a total 180 on his personality.
  6. chuckster

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    I can see why a guy like the Evans fellon would sign up for 3 more years, or guys like Brock and Thorimbert would go to NE over the Rock if those are the perks they get. Styres and Dawick can't compete with that.
  7. RockStar

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    NE would probably be a better fly-in situation from Toronto than any other

    Toronto, Buffalo and Rochester let you have a midweek Ontario practice, and, 9 fewer plane trips per year. The suite is nice, but, depending on the personal life needs, maybe this is overall better for you.
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    Benesch had career highs in goals in a season and points in a season while in a Buffalo uniform. 2 of his 3 highest point seasons were while playing for the Bandits. Saunders, jury is out he has only played 12 games for the Bandits. Part of last season and this year where Buffalo has the best lefty depth they've had in years. Cosmo had a his 2nd best season save percentage with Buffalo and a career high number of wins in a a season.

    Of the current roster that is not brand new for 2018, I would say Jones, Weiss and England have all improved greatly from there previous NLL teams. While not the flashiest names, Jones is developing into a great #1-2 lefty. England and Weiss are key pieces to the Bandits.
  9. k-hawksfan33

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    Damn guess I should've looked at Benesch's stats before calling him out. My bad. Didn't realize he was still putting up that many points. I stand by the statement that Cosmo's best days were before he got to Buff though. He was just letting in too many weak goals, especially near the end of his career.
  10. LordStanley1893

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    That's fair, he was still serviceable, but a costly player to acquire. Our goaltending issues were a combination of injuries and contraction in the league. With opportunities for playing time slim, it is hard to groom the next generation. Look at Vinc, got an opportunity with New York due to expansion, then due to travel concerns with his job gets dealt from Colorado to Rochester after Orlando folded. Generally speaking, the goalies that are starters in the league have been for many years. The Bandits had to get a goalie out of necessity and there will be ups and downs during the season, things take time.
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