How much trouble is this team in moving forward

Discussion in 'New England Black Wolves Forum' started by Hollywood42, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Hollywood42

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  2. Hollywood42

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    With 2 new teams coming in, the black wolves stand to lose a lot if not careful
  3. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    You gotta think Crowley’s heading back to philly
    They would be best to sign Crawford since he cost Evans
    Gotta sign bold for sure
    Can see Kevin Buchanan retiring and Kyle reupping with NE
  4. Hollywood42

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    just sad to see the state of the team the defense is so inconsistent it’s most certainly not championship caliber no draft pics again

    Once the Wings always the Wings

    They are lacking an identity with a very fragile fan base they need to be careful
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    This pleases me. I like this.
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    What's never been clear in the expansion draft is what happens with players who are UFAs. Are they still considered to be on the team and need to be protected? There is some detail that is still missing when it comes to the expansion draft.

    But I think that even if NE has to protect UFA players, they would put Bold, Crawford, Crowley, a Buchanan or 2 on their protected list and find ways to keep 5 others that they like. Sure, they will lose 1 or 2 good players from their team but so will everyone else.
  8. swami24

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    Making up for posting numbers missed?
  9. unspoken

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    Technically the UFAs for this year will sill be a part of the team they're currently on. According to the dates posted by Corporal in the Seals forum, the expansion draft is on July 16 as per an interview with Steve Govett. This year's UFA class aren't actually UFAs until August 1st which is when free agency opens.

    But as for protecting/selecting a UFA in the expansion draft, it doesn't make much sense either way except in a rare case or two. A UFA who is selected by an expansion team could just turn around and re-sign with his old team two weeks later, unless the expansion team uses their franchise tag, which they can only do to one player. The one exception I can think of is Curtis Dickson, who would likely be immediately taken and franchised by an expansion team as he's a UFA this year.

    The only current New England player I could maybe see getting taken in expandion and franchised is Crowley, but that's far from a guarantee. Bold is a toss up to re-sign in NE as he lives in Edmonton and if I recall correctly is opening a big gym there soon, so if he has the chance to go play out west he might (and both the Seals and Stealth would probably be interested in his services). The travel from Edmonton to Uncasville is pretty terrible and if he's not franchised by the Black Wolves, he could pretty easily leave.
  10. BlackWolves99

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    Crowley, surprisingly could be staying in New England. There has been some word of a possible extension coming and making him the face of the franchise.
    Aaron Bold, we will see but I would think he will stick around to mentor a young Doug Jamieson or another young goalie if Doug is taken which I could see happening.
    Kevin Buchanan I feel like he is on his way out.
    Kyle Buchanan probably will stick around for another year or two.
    Jay, I don't see him going anywhere but as long as he keeps dominating the faceoff which he has been doing well but has had more calls against him this year than I feel should happen. But the faceoff dot can be tough.
    Callum Crawford, he could be interesting based on the type of player he is and the skills he has.

    Rich Lisk does have a difficult task and this fanbase needs to hope he handles it all well to keep the team together as best he can. Its nice to see what they can finally do when they start to finally gel.
  11. Wings-4-Life

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    With Crowley being a UFA, it sounds very likely that he'll be coming back to Philly.
  12. liveone

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    At the STH Town Hall meeting on Sunday afternoon, Lisk said flat out that they were protecting Crawford because if he then leaves in free agency after the expansion draft they will get one, possibly two first round draft picks as compensation.

    He also said that moving Evans also allowed them to give Crowley a shot a the #1 position which is something they had to do if they wanted any chance at keeping him from going home to Philly. He stated several times having Evans here gave Crowley time to develop. Lisk was really an open book and talked at length about all the moves he has made over the last couple of seasons. It was really insightful. He didn't hold much back unless it was league business or locker room drama (but still dropped a few Read-Between-the-Lines hints.)

    The whole thing was video taped and I had hoped they would post it to Facebook or something, but I haven't seen it.
  13. Hollywood42

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    Part of my problem is seeing history repeat itself
    I had heard Evans came to camp out of shape
    I won’t sugar coat it, he started the season like ****

    While the rush’s D is all world it hurts to see Kirk about to win goalie of the year

    Something happened in that locker room we may never know about

    I’ll feel for the fans if Crowley ends up on philadelphia I’m used to it the losing obrien a fan fav to roster cuts , trading the captain, the franchise goalie. I saw it happen over a decades span in Philadelphia time and time again and that’s why the wings are the black wolves
  14. liveone

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    I have heard all about the team's history in Philly and it does worry me. I remember at the start of last season, Lisk said in the paper that the team finally had a core ground that fans could cheer for which was something they lacked for years in Philly.

    Just a few things that Lisk said about the guys you mentioned:

    - Evans fit a role they needed their first few years. With him as the #1, you have a very limited offense, though. Evans was the first out the door and the first with the ball. He gets down in the corner and gets pushed around for 14, 15, 16 seconds. Then you have enough time for 1 or 2 passes before the shot clock forces a shot. Repeat. He felt that to improve the offense they need to move the ball like the Rush or Swarm and to do that you needed another #1 (Crowley.)

    At the end when someone else started grumbling about trading "the greatest player in the world," Lisk seemed to get a little irritated and said that fans form their opinions based on what they see on the floor. When he went to the locker room to tell the team he traded the best player in the world, not one of them was upset about it.

    - He talked a bit about the Kirk trade and basically it came down to Kirk not wanting a long term deal. He said he was going to test free agency at some point and would only do 2 years. That didn't give the Wolves the security they needed nor it give them flexibility in the first year of expansion.

    - People continued to bitch about O'Brien despite Lisk saying several times he was a fantastic guy and the best ambassador to the sport you could want, but just couldn't play at the NLL level and wasn't ever going to at 30 years old.

    - It really felt like keeping Crowley is his top priority. He said that the biggest mistake he's made in his career is trading him to Toronto, but in a weird way doing so allowed them to get Evans and bring him back. Lisk made the impression that it's Crowley's team if he wants it.
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  16. chuckster

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    Marty O'Neil said the same thing --

    "Trading away Shawn Evans will be talked about for some time because the team was invested in a future with Evans as their leader. It has become known that Evans was poorly conditioned to start the year and the numbers didn't lie, Evans production was way down."
  17. chuckster

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    Are the NE fans really as whinny as Bandits fans on Facebook are?? :eek:
  18. Wings-4-Life

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    Every fan base is insufferable. Just like when K-Hawks fans blame Vinc when they lose a game 8-7.
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    Love watching the hate for Rose on the Rock threads
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    Insufferable fans on Facebook need to take the big skin banana and shove it up their ass after they're done sucking on it.
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