How Newsday covered the LI NLL team announcement.

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    Whenever we have an expansion / relocation announcement, I am always interested in how the major local news media covers it because that is a decent indicator of how well the team might do in attendance because, like it or not, coverage of local sports news on TV, in print, and on the web is a critical form of de facto advertising.

    Newsday is the dominant newspaper and Long Island and they are rather lacrosse friendly given the history of lacrosse on Long Island.

    Here is their report of yesterday's announcement:

    NLL coming to Long Island with new indoor lacrosse team planned for 2019
    The team in the National Lacrosse League will begin play at NYCB Live's Nassau Coliseum late next year.

    From left, Brett Yormark CEO of BSE Global, National Lacrosse League Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz and Gary Fuhrman, managing partner at GF Capital, announced a new lacrosse team on Long Island that will play late next year. Photo Credit: BSE Global

    By Casey Musarra
    Updated December 11, 2018 8:09 PM

    Professional indoor lacrosse is coming to Long Island.

    A Long Island/New York City franchise will be the 13th team to join the National Lacrosse League, the league announced Tuesday at a press conference in Manhattan at B/R Live, the league’s broadcast partner.

    The new team, which doesn’t have a name yet, will begin play in December 2019, with its home games at NYCB Live’s Nassau Coliseum.

    “We’re working hard on creating a name, branding, logo,” said Gary Fuhrman, managing partner of GF Capital and board member of GF Sports, the ownership group of the new franchise. “I think by early 2019 we’re going to have an event at the Coliseum to launch that.”

    The team already has launched a team name survey on its website for fans to participate in.

    NLL Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz said they had “a half a dozen people raise their hand in this marketplace wanting this team,” but ultimately decided on GF Capital because of the three criteria he has for expansion: “The right owner, the right building and the right marketplace.”

    “We need to have a flagship team — no pressure, guys — but we need to have a very successful team here in New York,” Sakiewicz said, addressing the ownership group. “It’s the sports and entertainment capital of the world. I know I’m going to get criticized for saying that, but it is. And we needed to be here.”

    Long Island already has a professional field lacrosse team in Major League Lacrosse’s Lizards, which plays its home games at Hofstra’s Shuart Stadium. MLL announced in October that its 2019 schedule will start after Memorial Day instead of in April in an effort to accommodate players involved with NCAA lacrosse, which holds its Final Four on Memorial Day weekend.

    Sakiewicz said he doesn’t see the Lizards and the new Long Island team competing for fanbases because the two teams complement one another with bookended schedules — the MLL season starts after the NLL season ends.

    The average attendance for NLL games last season was just over 11,000 per game, according to Sakiewicz. Nassau Coliseum’s capacity for hockey, which will be the same for lacrosse, is 13,900.

    “We haven’t modeled up any numbers for the owners yet, but I think just intuitively, we’re very excited about it,” BSE Global CEO Brett Yormark said. BSE Global operates the Coliseum. “We think it’ll do extremely well. The Long Island Nets do very well at the Coliseum, and we’d expect to do it equally as well with the NLL, if not more so. We also think that the synergies between the NLL team and the NHL will afford us some great cross marketing opportunities. You’re seeing that around the league right now. So we think attendance is going to be pretty robust.”


    Interesting that there was no mention of the Saints and Titans.

    No apparent mention in the New York Times.

    No apparent mention in the New York Daily News although they did report via "Staff Reports" the resolution to the NLL labor deal.

    No apparent mention in the New York Post.
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    LOL Nicky fudging the the numbers making them look better than they really are. Majork and local media is dying a very slow death. More and more people unfortunately get news from social media.
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    While that's true, more and more news media use social media to report their stories. For instance, I get constant notifications from the Google News app on my Android phone.
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    It's a bummer they didn't get more coverage, but maybe there will be some when they reveal the team identity.

    What do you think early 2019 means? January/February? I want to see what they choose!
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    Newsday was always the source of Saints coverage starting with the announcement they were moving to the Coliseum in the fall of '88. Anything in the city papers was few and far between. I expect the same will continue with the new team.
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    Article from Peter Schwartz, former Saints play-by-play announcer who was at the announcement.

    Home / Other Sports / Lacrosse / Schwartz: The Time Is Right For The NLL To Come Back To Long Island
    Schwartz: The Time Is Right For The NLL To Come Back To Long Island
    By Peter Schwartz
    Updated: December 12, 2018

    Take a stroll down just about any block on Long Island and you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t have a lacrosse net in the front yard and kids playing lacrosse. Long Island is one of the top hotbeds for the sport in North America and the youth lacrosse leagues across Nassau and Suffolk counties are constantly producing top-level talent for high schools, colleges and the professional ranks.

    In fact, there are some players from Long Island that are among the best players in the world.

    But while the New York Lizards of Major League Lacrosse has been around since 2001, Long Island has been without a National Lacrosse League indoor team since 2007 when the New York Titans called the Nassau Coliseum home. Before that, the New York Saints played at the Coliseum from 1989 to 2003 and the pre-cursor to the Saints were the Long Island Tomahawks who played at “The Barn” for just one season in 1975.

    And now, indoor lacrosse is coming back to NYCB Live, Home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum as the 13th franchise in the National Lacrosse League. The new team will begin play next season for the 2019-20 campaign and the timing couldn’t be any better for a league that is growing towards something really big.

    “It’s exciting,” said NLL Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz. “We have a lot more work to do. I don’t think relief is the word…we’re very proud of what we’ve done and what we’ve accomplished in a short period of time. A 33 year old league feels like a start-up and we’re on the move.”

    The Saints, at their apex, drew crowds of over 10,000 to the Coliseum and provided Long Island sports fans with an exciting product. That team also provided me with my first professional play by play job when I called Saints games on the radio from 1993 to 1996 so Tuesday’s announcement was a little extra special for me. Indoor lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and now that the Coliseum has been renovated, bringing the sport back to Uniondale is a no-brainer.

    “We’re thrilled,” said Erik Baker of GF Sports, the group selected by the league to receive the highly coveted Long Island franchise that a half a dozen potential ownership groups were interested in. “It’s a huge day for us and it’s a huge day for Long Island, Long Island lacrosse, sports fans on Long Island and we think that they’re underserved from a content standpoint and from a sports standpoint. We’re really happy to bring a team back.”

    From a business standpoint, indoor lacrosse on Long Island certainly had ups and downs with the three previous franchises which made awarding a new team quite a lengthy and thorough process. The league was looking to check off three important boxes in their search for the right situation. They needed the right ownership group, the right venue, and the right venue deal.

    They covered all three of those checks with GF Sports, the Nassau Coliseum, and a lease that made sense with BSE Global, the operators of the Coliseum.

    “We needed to put a real plan together and not just a couple of pieces of paper plan but a real plan,” said Sakiewicz. “These things aren’t easy to do. These are hard deals to get done and you have to pay attention to the details.”

    One of the most important detail that the NLL paid attention to was GF Sports’ commitment to grassroots marketing on Long Island. The team has already reached out to the local lacrosse community to begin the process of forming relationships with the many youth clubs and leagues across Nassau and Suffolk.

    When you think about the number of kids playing lacrosse on Long Island along with the parents, families and coaches, they are all potential fans of the new franchise, not just as paid customers but as partners in helping grow the sport.

    “Grassroots is going to be a huge component of what we do,” said Baker. “We’re looking to be partners with the local lacrosse community. That could mean box leagues that we put together for them. Box helps, in an enormous way, the field game in terms of a skill standpoint. All the kids, especially the young kids, we want to have them play box from a very early age to build their skills from a lacrosse standpoint.”

    A big part of what the Lizards do outdoors at their home games at Hofstra University is having the many youth lacrosse organizations purchase group tickets and play games on the field before the Lizards games. That could very well be the case for the new NLL team at the Coliseum having kids from all over Long Island playing on the field in the hours leading up to the games.

    Now that the franchise is in place, the process begins to hire a front office along with a General Manager and Head Coach. The team also needs a name and colors and they’ve come up with a “Team Name Survey” on their website at that includes a question about a potential nickname.

    Feeling nostalgic, I brought an old New York Saints jersey to the press conference on Tuesday and it became quite a talking point among reporters, league officials, and the owners. But “Saints” isn’t on the survey as one of the potential names. The choices provided are “New York Beacons”, “New York Riptide”, and “New York Force”. There is also a space to write in your own choice.

    The ownership group is open to suggestions whether its “Saints” or any other name you can come up with.

    “We really want to hear from the community,” said Baker. “One of the good things about GF Capital and GF Sports is that we are not “invented here” guys. If someone has a better idea, we are wide open to it. We really want to see those ideas. We have done some focus groups and it was interesting because some people wanted the “Saints” but I also think that some people wanted something new.”

    Hey, I’d love to see the team be called the “Saints” again but this is a different time and the league has grown by leaps and bounds from the time that other teams played at Nassau Coliseum. When you consider how the sport has grown, especially on Long Island where it was always popular, having a team play at the Coliseum again is exciting no matter what the name is because this time around the situation is better.

    The building has been transformed and the right ownership group has been identified.

    “Our ownership group is all blue chip,” said Sakiewicz. “We have amazing owners in our league. The sport has grown up and has matured and you have granddads now that have played lacrosse and dads and young kids coming up more and more through the pipeline so the market is much stronger than it was twenty years ago or so. It’s a great time to be in the sport.”

    And now the countdown to the 2019-20 season is officially underway. The new NLL franchise on Long Island has one year before the first face-off to put together a front office, a coaching staff and a roster. The process of selling season tickets is already underway as well as the very important component of reaching out to the community and the many kids playing this great sport.

    And sometime in early 2019, there will be an event at Nassau Coliseum to unveil the team name and colors. Perhaps I’ll wear my Saints jersey that day to honor the past as the National Lacrosse League gets set to usher in the future…a future that finally has a team back where in belongs on Long Island.
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    Home / Other Sports / Lacrosse / National Lacrosse League Welcomes 13th Franchise; GF Sports awarded an expansion team in New York

    National Lacrosse League Welcomes 13th Franchise; GF Sports awarded an expansion team in New York
    By Jerry Milani
    Updated: December 11, 2018


    The National Lacrosse League (NLL), the largest men’s professional indoor lacrosse league in North America, has announced expansion into the New York market under the ownership of live events and sports media entertainment company GF Sports and its affiliates (“GF Sports”). The team, which will begin play in 2019, will be the League’s 13th franchise and play its home games at the newly renovated NYCB LIVE, home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

    “We are thrilled to welcome GF Sports, New York, and the great Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (NYCB LIVE) on Long Island to the National Lacrosse League. As our 13th franchise, New York and the entire Metropolitan region represents our biggest market to date. Lacrosse is no stranger to this area, and we are very excited that this ownership and franchise will fuel the growth opportunity we know already exists here,” said NLL Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz. “GF Sports is another quality ownership group for the NLL and we know they will bring unrivaled excitement to one of the world’s premier sports markets. New York not only aligns perfectly with our strategic plan to grow in the US, but also brings professional lacrosse back to a region that so many fans had wished for.”

    [​IMG]The NLL New York team joins GF Sports’ growing portfolio of live sports and entertainment events staged in the New York metropolitan area at NYCB Live which also include the New York Open (February 9-17, 2019), an annual men’s professional ATP tournament, and the Longines Masters of New York (April 25-28, 2019), an annual premier equestrian showjumping event and part of the global Longines Masters Series. In addition, GF Sports owns and operates live events and sports properties in other markets including the Longines Masters of Paris, Longines Masters of Hong Kong, the BB&T Atlanta Open and its Wolf Pack Ninja asset, which produces ninja events globally.

    “We are proud to bring an NLL franchise to the New York Metropolitan area, a region known for producing some of the greatest lacrosse players in the country and having some of the most avid lacrosse fans. With its rich history and state-of-the-art facilities, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum will serve as the perfect home for the return of professional lacrosse to New York in 2019,” said Gary Fuhrman, Managing Partner at GF Capital and Board Member of GF Sports. “We are impressed with and excited about the direction of the NLL under the leadership of Commissioner Sakiewicz, and look forward to partnering with the eleven other like-minded ownership groups committed to developing the sport on a global scale.”

    Today the team announced the launch of a survey on their website ( seeking fan feedback on the team name. Participants who complete the survey will be entered for a chance to win season tickets to the team’s inaugural season. A special event will take place in early 2019 to announce the finalized team name, logo, and brand on Long Island, New York.

    “We are thrilled to partner with the National Lacrosse League and GF Sports to bring a professional lacrosse team to NYCB LIVE and Long Island,” said Brett Yormark, CEO of BSE Global. “Long Island is widely considered one of the top lacrosse hot beds in the country and the addition of an indoor lacrosse team will help further diversify our programming while continuing to bring the community the events it desires.”

    Home to some of the richest history in all of lacrosse, New York is the birthplace of current NLL stars like Tom Schreiber and the Thompson brothers, and tied to lacrosse royalty such as the Gait brothers and Cleveland Browns legend, Jim Brown.New York will mark the league’s fourth expansion franchise in the U.S. since August, 2017. Previous expansion announcements include San Diego, Philadelphia, Rochester, with an expansion market in Halifax.

    NLL Faceoff Weekend begins this Saturday, December 15th, at 1pm ET on B/R Live as the Philadelphia Wings host the Buffalo Bandits in their inaugural game. All games throughout the 2018-19 season will be streamed live on B/R Live. The annual pass for the 2018-19 Season will cost $39.99 USD / $51.99 CAD. The monthly pass is $7.99 USD/ $9.99 CAD and a single game is $2.99 USD/ $3.99 CAD.

    For more information on the incoming New York franchise, visit
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    Lie. He's off by about 1,500-2,000. It's almost as good as this one:
    The deposit places you on the priority list for season tickets. Season tickets are in high demand, which could prevent accounts with higher numbered priority numbers from receiving tickets for the inaugural season.
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    With all the negativity here, I can't believe you guys missed that the deposit link goes to Halifax NLL.
  11. Wings-4-Life

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    Holy ****, it does!!!!
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    I don't want to come across as disagreeing with you, but I have two nontrivial comments that should be considered about these "lies".

    1. According to Wikipedia's entry for the 2018 NLL Season.

    Saskatchewan 14,639
    Buffalo 14,181
    Colorado 14,077
    Calgary 11,847
    Toronto 9,700
    Rochester 6,760
    New England 5,557
    Georgia 4,437
    Vancouver 3,507
    League average 9,411

    So, yes, the league average is 9411 which is 1589 less than 11000.

    That said, there are two things to consider:

    First, New England and Vancouver had capacities well-under 11000. Rochester and Georgia are near a limit of 11000 in capacity. Still, yes, their average attendance is less than their capacities, but even a sell-out would be less than 11000 so that limited capacity adversely affects the average no matter what.

    Anyway, we should consider the averages for arenas with a capacity of at least 13917 like the Coliseum.
    In the 2018 NLL, that's only 5 arenas which are also the top 5 average attendances. They average to 12888.800.

    If we throw in Georgia and Rochester whose capacities are circa 11000, the average becomes 10805.857 - just under 11k.

    Second, not so much average, but median may be a better measurement. The median value would tell us the attendance at which 1/2 the games are above that value in attendance and 1/2 are below. I didn't run the numbers because you'd have to look at the attendances of all games to do that.

    Here is why median is important: Consider a season of 3 games with attendances of 12000, 5000, 10000. The average is 9000 but two of the games are considerably above that, with the one outlier well-below the average. Statistically, 10000 would be used as the median here. To use more data, consider this season: 12000, 9000, 10000, 150000, 5000, 3000, 11000. The average is 9286 but the median is 10000. When combined with average, what the median does is it helps give a sense of the distribution and identifying outliers (such as bad attendance due to weather or bad scheduling).

    2. I do believe that there'd be considerable demand for season tickets for the Long Island NLL team. First, this team, while not formally announced until yesterday, has already been doing outreach. Second, the economy is good and the Coliseum is new. When you combine that with the lacrosse base already there, I can see that there would be a run on season tickets. If I still lived in Massapequa where I grew up, I'd sign-up on Day One as well and I know that I am not alone in that given that there are so many kids who play lax and, furthermore, that the respect for the box game has gone up considerably. Lacrosse-playing kids and their active supportive parents will want to see box for real because they recognize that box skills translate well into field. That, and that box is more exciting.
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    Guy he's selling a product here, makes sense to overstate the success of the league a tad. 11000 per game sounds alot better the 9500, especially to new fans and ESPECIALLY in the NY market. New ownership trying to make a splash (no matter how small) so cut them alittle slack on this one for marketing reasons
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    FYI the median attendance for games in 2018 was 9425.
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  16. chuckster

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    OMG, of all the epic fails in the history of the NLL, that has GOT to be the biggest one to date. Nice catch!
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    I wonder if anyone has missed it? I'm curious to know if anyone from the NYC area now owns season tickets to the NLL team in Nova Scotia.
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    Did they fix it? When I click on the link I don't see anything about Halifax.
  19. Wings-4-Life

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    Click on the button that says 'click here' under the $100 deposit or $50 deposit.
  20. AmericanRockFan

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    Well, hopefully those New York fans who got screwed today can charter a jet from JFK to Halifax 9 times in 2019....

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