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    As you have probably already noticed, there has been a name change for this website - here are the details from John Jiloty at Inside Lacrosse:

    You may notice a new header atop this great website. has replaced the familiar NLL Insider tag that's been there since Inside Lacrosse partnered with Wingszone three years ago.

    There's a few important things to know about this move. First off is that it's not changing the content or direction of either the former Insider site or this Forum. will still provide the best, most comprehensive coverage of the National Lacrosse League and Canadian summer box scene, in addition to 2011's World Indoor Lacrosse Championships in Prague. And we have no intention of trying to change anything on these Forums. This is purely a name change.

    With the award-winning Paul Tutka (three straight NLL Tom Borrelli Media Awards) leading the way and ace contributors Bob Chavez, Brian Shanahan, Steve Kojima, Ty Pilson and Ted Jenner heading up a talented team of contributors, established a solid foundation and, as, will continue to build on its strong reputation in 2011.

    Changing the name is simply part of an overall rebranding effort by Inside Lacrosse to tie together our multitude of websites with a consistent look and feel. Between IL's existing sites like and, and some new ones that will be added in 2011, the need exists for some consistency across the board.

    Inside Lacrosse's goal is to cover the entire sport — from gear, instruction, fitness and lifestyle to the news and games in high school, college, pro, club and international — and to provide that content in the most user-friendly manner. began out of necessity, because in the spring when the NCAA and high school seasons are in full swing it was simply too hard to give adequate space to the NLL as well. The same reasoning explains why this Forum has grown to include 15,000 members and nearly 600,000 posts.

    So, as IL moves forward in 2011, the priorities are how to best cover — and also present — the best lacrosse news and information online and in Inside Lacrosse Magazine. We'll be rolling out some new, exciting websites and features aimed at providing everything our readers have been asking for.

    Stay tuned … it's going to be an exciting year.

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