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Discussion in 'Toronto Rock Forum' started by Plats, May 15, 2006.

  1. Plats

    Plats New Member

    thank you Les for everything.

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  2. Chilehead

    Chilehead New Member

    ........ Amen !

    BARKS DAWG Active Member

    we all know that les is looking down and smiling today

    he is THE BEST

    i have dedicated my appearance at this years cancer society

    RELAY FOR LIFE in camrose is Les' memory.
  4. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    I have a quick story that I'd like to share about Les.

    Back in the 2004 season, when Les had left the team, I was at the game in Buffalo and after the game my dad and I were leaving when I spotted Les over by a table in the 200 level talking to Sandy Chapman and another player (I think it was Josh Bergey), I said to my dad "wait here for a moment." So I walked over towards Les and waited patiently to say what I had to say and I was shocked at what happened. He stopped talking to Chapman and looked at me and put his hand out to shake mine. I wished him a speedy recover and I was on my way for the night. Definitely a classy move since I was in no hurry to say my well wishes and was going to wait patiently.

    3 weeks later in Buffalo I saw him again in the 200 level, this time with two young woman (one I believe was his daughter), and as they were leaving I asked him for his autograph, which he signed. His daughter (I think it is was her atleast) was asking me how I became a Rock fan, so in the end when I said it was because I just wanted to go to Maple Leaf Gardens, and I saw the 1999 NLL Championship banner and figured they were a good team. In fact I ended the story by saying to Les "I owe it all to you, sir," to which he smiled about.

    I just want Les to know that he is remembered each and everyday.
  5. Mtn_Scott

    Mtn_Scott Active Member

    ...head bowed in silence...
  6. JareCanada

    JareCanada New Member

    It was a year ago today that we the fans of the NLL lost a hero, friend and guardian of the game.

    Les Bartley's impact on the game will continue on with his former players who are now becoming coaches and the fans who support their community's battle with cancer through Les's Fund.

    His impact on my life cannot be described other then it has made me a better man to be under the wing of Les Bartley.

    A big hug out to the Gloria, Matt and Laura Bartley.


    P.S.: To everyone who helped with Les's Fund this year, I love ya.
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  7. Plats

    Plats New Member

    Hey Jare - LB must have read this thread, look later tonight, I'm inspired to write again. To everyone else, thanks for the PMs.
  8. Meathead25

    Meathead25 New Member

    Always time to stop.
    To make you think and reflect.
    Most cerebral warrior.

    Les, you are and will always be missed.

    To Gloria, Matt and Laura:
    Peace, love and joy guide you on your way in this life and the next, for they are all the weapons and the armor that you will ever need. Remember those that loved you and those that you love and they will always be there to comfort you whether it be physically or in spirit.

    Never forget that though the loss is most personal to you, his sphere of influence is far greater than you could ever imagine, and all that knew him and cared about him will be with you to help and support you in your times of tribulation and need.

    I don't know if they have high speed access in Heaven, Les, but God bless and love you and keep you in his care. We miss you.
  9. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Hard to believe it's been a year already.

    I think he'd also be proud of the league's success in the last year -- 2 new teams that did well (although, in different respects) and all the others returning again for another year, more people than ever before coming to games, and 2 more new ones coming in the biggest markets in the US.
  10. Plats

    Plats New Member

    Five-Fifteen-Zero Five

    Inspirational man, hours of fresh victory
    Leads at the Creators side
    Example widely followed, through many families
    Provides many daily thought

    A year that passed sadly by those close and others newly acquainted
    Five-Fifteen-Zero Five

    Was a life finally realized, with balance and harmony
    With family and dream perfected
    Priority wizened, husband, father and brother
    He is cherished evermore

    A year that passed sadly by for the family he truly loved
    Five-Fifteen-Zero Five

    Many he mentored, who later emerged victorious
    Difficult long journeys started by steps small
    Gave wisdom and inspiration, to young and to experienced
    A rare quality well utilized

    A year that passed sadly by for athletes melded into leaders
    Five-Fifteen-Zero Five

    A leader by example, a model person uncorrupted
    Passion that he freely shared
    Always a friend, never afraid to smile or extend a hand
    Humble respect that embraced all

    A year that passed sadly by for the fans who have now taken his battle
    Five-Fifteen-Zero Five

    Honoured by many, for his prowess and perception
    Marked by a record tremendous
    Never will fade in memories, visions or minds
    Les remains in lacrosse forever

    A year that passed sadly by for the astounding legacy of a unique man
    Five-Fifteen-Zero Five

    May 15, 2006
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  11. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member


    moment of silence for the man that defines coaching and courage
  12. Chilehead

    Chilehead New Member

    Beautifully said Plats.....

    Only someone who was endeared like Les was, is deserving of such an eloquent tribute.

    Brought a tear to my eye, then a smile of remembrance.....

    Well done !
  13. MacRazor

    MacRazor New Member


    In our hearts forever Les.
  14. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    I know I speak for all of Banditland when I say, "Thank You Les, for everything. We miss you everyday"
  15. KrazyKewl

    KrazyKewl New Member

    I'm at a loss for words.
    The lacrosse world loves you Les.
    Thank you.
  16. K-Dawg

    K-Dawg New Member

    I've found it impossible to post on here (too emotional) but had to mention this ironic account. As I reread this "We Are The Champions" just came on the radio. "We Will Rock You" didn't precede it as usual. I Think somebody just said Hello!
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    BARKS DAWG Active Member

    i actually played both for les on my show on the morning of the anniversary

    ever since 2000 i have linked that song to les in my life
  18. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry to bump this old thread (I didn't want to start a new one, and this seemed like the most appropriate place for my post), but I would like to let everyone know that Les' spirit sat next to me during class today :)
  19. RockFan007

    RockFan007 New Member

    I remember hearing about his passing. and I am happy that he was still here to see the Rock win one more championship cup while he was still with us in person. He will always be here in spirit.

    RIP Les We miss you everyday.
  20. newlaxfan2

    newlaxfan2 New Member

    sooooo ... what happened today in class?

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