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Discussion in 'Saskatchewan Rush Forum' started by blinky, Jan 19, 2017.

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    Is this a defunct forum? There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity here.
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    the forums are too lit
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    Well supported team, but, the support started long after this was no longer THE place to talk box lacrosse........
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    Do they even have internet connection in Saskatoon? I've never even inadvertently stumbled across someone from Saskatoon on Twitter...
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    i need to strike the hollywood42 drunk post game thoughts into some of these people on teams facebook. people saying oh they are 0-2 its ok
    NO ITS NOT OK its not ok to be mediocre
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    I miss the HW42 show!

    Should speak to Capt. Morgan about sponsorship and get it going again!
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    Tonight is sponsored by fireball
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  9. I am from Saskatoon and I stop in once and awhile. But Rush lax chatter is found on Facebook these days. There is the official page and an unofficial fan club page (which really isn't anything like the Roadies in Toronto but rather a page that posts Rush related news) and that is where the Rush fans do their chatter. The other thing is that yes the fanbase is huge, a large portion of those fans are there to get drunk and have a good time with their friends. My season tickets are right at midfield in Section E behind the visitor's bench/photo pit. Last weekend, two people were escorted out by security and a third had a Stealth player spit water at him from the bench. I would say of the near 15,000 who are out to a game, maybe 5,000 tops are dedicated fans of the game and likely a handful have seen a game from any other league than the NLL (I have been to SWAT Junior B games and a few Tier II Junior B RMLL games, I want to hit some SWAT Junior A games this season).

    So it is no surprise that people don't know this place exists or for that matter that Mark Matthews graces the cover of Inside Lacrosse magazine this month. I went to the only bookstore in town that carries it (not looking for Inside Lacrosse really as it is too much field lax, which I find kind of boring and only in passing follow the MLL) and bought the only copy. I used to work at that store and I know they only ever carry one copy of that magazine and from what I could tell I was the only one who ever bought it. So it is no surprise that there are so few fans here.

    Though when they built the new website when the Rush moved, I am curious why they didn't migrate the link to this forum from the Edmonton site. I know the Edmonton Rush's site had a direct link to this forum as the "official" team forum. Maybe somebody at the NLL office decided that this shouldn't be referenced as the league has nothing to do with it.
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    So in other words, a Rush game is the place to be on a game night in downtown Saskatoon? There's nothing wrong with that necessarily (not implying you said there is anything wrong with it), and I think this league needs to find a way to attract more casuals and make game night the place to be for the 18-34 demographic. Unfortunately, that's hard to do in the larger cities where there's more variety on how to spend your time and money on a good time.
  11. The arena isn't downtown it is on the edge of the city. Don't get some people over 40 in this city started on that, it was a divisive decision. I personally like where it is but I digress. Yes it is the place to be, most of the bars in the city have blocks of tickets and run buses to and from the games and they are marketing heavily to the University students here. It is largely the same crowd that goes to Saskatchewan Roughriders games in Regina in the summer.

    For the most part it is fine. I haven't seen any fights in the crowd as we had during the one home game of the Lingerie Football League here. I also haven't seen anyone falling down drunk. Really, the only people that bother me are the group I eluded to above. When you are banging on the glass all night and jawing at the players enough that a player takes himself out of focusing on the game to spit water at you, that is a bit much. But I did tweet the story to the arena when asking for the texting number for security the other day, so I suspect that won't happen as much.

    That said, those who come now and get drunk at the games obviously enjoy the games. So as they get over that stage and start to have families, they will still come to games and bring their kids, who will be interested in the games and on it goes. It is what I have seen happening at Riders games. When they won the Grey Cup in 2007, it became the thing to do in Regina. My buddy has had season tickets for the Riders in the same spot since that time and I have noticed a shift in the demographic in his section. Now ten years out from that season, I have noticed the obnoxious drunk a few rows behind his seats, turn into the pleasant Dad who brings his younger kids to the games. I suspect the same thing will happen with the Rush. It becomes tradition you go every year and as the drunken fans get older they turn into the responsible parents who bring their kids.

    But the games are family friendly too. My 5 year old nephew went to a game with my sister and brother in law and loved it. They couldn't get tickets for the Champions Cup game, so they watched it on TV and my sister said he was jumping around cheering and thumping his chest Wolf of Wall Street style after every goal. (I am curious how DJ Anchor, who made the initial goal video that is now basically gone from the scoreboard, decide to make that our signature thing though. But it is our sorta version of the Lambeau Leap or the Falcons Dirty Bird.)

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