Is Dawick doing enough to justify losing big names?

Discussion in 'Toronto Rock Forum' started by CrocodileLax, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. CrocodileLax

    CrocodileLax Active Member

    Sanderson, assistant GM, gone.
    Miller, gone.
    Turner Evans, gone.
    Hickey, gone.
    Brodie Merrill, gone.

    The Rock have nothing to show for it.

    If I liked Dawick, I'd argue these names were either old, injury prone and/or not buying into the team vision. In Hickey's case, he wasted a lot of possessions. It would've been tough to get something good in return for some of these names for those reasons, so to hell with them -- it's addition by subtraction.

    Haters might note a few of those names might've been worth draft picks. Why not protect Hickey and Evans in the expansion draft and trade later? Shedding that much talent with no return seems stupid. There also doesn't seem to be a plan to improve the team, aside from bringing on Johnny Powless. His addition alone won't solve scoring droughts that last for half a game.

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  2. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    Preaching to the choir.

    delighted about Powless, but, he's the no 3, or maybe 2-minus, lefty on a title contending team, and, with Jones still there to take 2/3 of the lefty touches and shots himself, Powless probably cant even make this noticeably better.....
  3. chuckster

    chuckster Well-Known Member

    Even with expansion, status quo for a team not making the playoffs is never a good idea. You have to hope Schreiber is playing at some point this year or that Jones carries the O.

    It's a shame that the Rock traded their 1st rounder as it would have been at #5 overall and he would have likely been an immediate starter.
  4. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    When was Captain America a member of the Rock? :confused:
  5. Mr Boo

    Mr Boo Well-Known Member

    Each of the last two years! #NoNotThatOneTheOtherOne
  6. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    For a split moment you had me going that there was a dude named Chris Evans on the team. Then I realized y'all meant Schreiber :oops:

    In related news, Googling "Chris Evans lacrosse" brings up pictures of Chris Evans at LAX airport. Nice to see Google knows that lacrosse and lax are synonymous.
  7. CrocodileLax

    CrocodileLax Active Member

    Bloody autocorrect. I fixed it!
  8. TheRockMan

    TheRockMan Active Member

    craigten reid was signed again he played in 2011
  9. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    I didn't see that the Rock signed Reid. Although it's not a huge move, and doesn't necessarily transform the roster in any way shape or form, I'm happy to see him back with the Rock. I always liked him.
  10. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    Sanderson's value........this league doesn't offer much compensation for front office moves.
    Miller's value.....not a lot, age.
    Merrill's value.....not a lot, age.
    Hickey's value......not what it was 2 years ago.
    Evans's value.....just above average.
    Bonus cap savings.....priceless! :D
  11. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    the way i see it, the team was fixing to suck next season for many/most of the reasons they have sucked for the last two seasons.

    if you are going to lose, lose young and cheap.

    Damn though, i am watching this team going into the fourth year of a two year rebuild.

    every year it gets a tiny bit harder to give a shtt, and a fair bit harder to spend the money.

    so, what do I expect for next year? Decent D, mid grade goaltending, and, :( attack.

    with Schreiber and Hickey, the attack had it's moments. Not enough moments, but, some.

    As sad as it may be, I am expecting fewer moments..
  12. CrocodileLax

    CrocodileLax Active Member

    Craig and Powless are an interesting unit and will likely produce some nice goals. I'll accept the possibility that Hellyer and Lintner may be more productive without Hickey in the lineup to waste shots. There are also 4 or 5 teams with crap goaltenders who may help the Rock pad offensive stats. Otherwise, I'm worried this O will be impotent for 30-40 minutes a game, based on their performance for the past two seasons.

    My further worry is the D and Rose may get worn down by having to limit teams to 9 goals or less every game to have any chance of winning, leading to more blow outs.

    How long before the Rock are drawing 6,000 fans to watch the team lose 13-7? Something needs to change.
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  13. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    I think Rock attendance has pretty much bottomed out where it’s gonna be unless the team is getting blown out 20-7 on a consistent basis.
  14. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    Craig and Powless might click, but, Jones will swallow up huge swaths of Hickey and Schreiber's touches.

    i see two things missing - dirty work corner guys, and feeder.

    some guys changed out, similar result.....shut down for stretches, disappointing output.
  15. LordStanley1893

    LordStanley1893 Active Member

    The Rock have no 1st round pick next year (in addition to none in the draft that just happened) either to get a key piece, I feel like Toronto and New England are in a spot the Bandits were two years ago.
  16. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    I’m sure New England will get compensatory picks when they lose Crowley eventually to Philadelphia
  17. unspoken

    unspoken Member

    They already will for Aaron Bold signing with Vancouver.

    The Rock will also get them when Merrill signs with the Sea... TBD
  18. LordStanley1893

    LordStanley1893 Active Member

    While compensatory picks could be in play, they'll be at the end of the first round. It could go either way in terms of if you can get a player to help you.
  19. AmericanRockFan

    AmericanRockFan Well-Known Member

    The NLL has compensatory draft picks?
  20. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

    I had thought only for someone on a practice roster being offered a real contract, or or RFAs jumping ship....

    Really, for UFAs?

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