Is It True???

Discussion in 'Chicago Shamrox Forum' started by Doyle44, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Doyle44

    Doyle44 New Member

    I just heard that Chicago has folded? I wonder how long this franchise will sit doormat for?
  2. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    Sources. We need sources.
  3. Corporal

    Corporal Active Member

    A bit curious but there was a thread about this subject in the NLL News and Rumors Forum this weekend. I remember replying to it and posting this story this past Sunday night:

    The funny thing is that thread is now gone. Maybe there is something more to this than meets the eye. :confused:
  4. Doyle44

    Doyle44 New Member

    No you don't need sources. You can believe it if you like, but it's true!
  5. phiwings

    phiwings Active Member

    or maybe the fact that the LFL was mentioned caused the thread to get pulled.
  6. Bretmac

    Bretmac Active Member

    Not true Anthony cosmo was in at a local sports store and was talking about how the team is looking on sunday so unless things have changed in a day i doubt it
  7. Doyle44

    Doyle44 New Member

    Yes, things do change in a day, just ask Coz.
    This is the NLL we are talking about not the NFL or NHL.
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  8. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    no its not true for gods sake
    the schedule is set in stone for all teams
    they are selling tickets
    and the season starts in 3 weeks
  9. Corporal

    Corporal Active Member

    There is that for sure, but then again there are a lot more crazy threads that have not been taken down. Still like to see another source or two.
  10. Doyle44

    Doyle44 New Member

    Source: Is legit, trust me.
  11. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    i just checked ticket master
    tickets are available

    so i mean you must have a source that states they are folding because with out them you just look like a jack@ss
  12. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    i have no info but the bigger concern is not the franchise but the arena. as i recall, loughery owns both and given the state of financing, one wonders if he is having troubles paying back the debt.
  13. Doyle44

    Doyle44 New Member

    And now the name calling starts from Philly fans!
    2 players have confirmed it.
  14. Corporal

    Corporal Active Member

    It's definitely not unprecendented. Remember Vancouver suspended operations around December 15, 2004 just a couple weeks before the 2005 season started. The league had to redo the schedule and the Ravens' players were dispersed within days.
  15. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    you know it
    next comes the snowballs and booing santa
  16. sjwingsfan77

    sjwingsfan77 New Member

    where's there smoke there's fire just because they are selling tickets doesn't mean anything hell my parents got wigns seaston tickets last year and a month later the league ''cancels'' the season.

    Remeber a team in Arizona called the Sting
  17. cw7

    cw7 New Member

    I wonder how much money Popeyedolyle wants to bet that Chicago is finished? Sounds like he has the inside track. Speaking of inside tracks, I would think the writers at NLL Insider would be on this one in a hurry, but nothing on the site just yet.
  18. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    this same thread was started a few days ago but the thread was removed in the news and rumors section

    i dunno though

    vancouvers situation was different

    they flat out had no home arena since thier lease wasnt renewed so they had to cease operations 2 weeks before the season
  19. Bretmac

    Bretmac Active Member

    If its true it would be announced...thier is not enough time for a dispersal draft seeing as training camps are done
  20. Phil Ex

    Phil Ex New Member

    Posted Story

    I saw the posted story before it was removed and it was dated April 22 2008. So the story seems to be dated. I would wait to see what plays out instead of jumping the gun.

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