Is the NLL headed to ESPN+?

Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by BenMitchell, Feb 14, 2018.

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    Of that ~10,000, I'd be curious to know how many watch a game a week. I usually do, but this year I haven't made lacrosse as big of a priority as I did in 2017, so I've missed a handful of Rock games.
  2. mtbf

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    NLL seems to be claiming most games get 300,000 views that would mean they must have close to 600,000 subscriptions which seems to be impossible.
  3. I would be shocked if there was more than a handful of people who subscribe to it in Saskatchewan. SaskTel Max cable shows all the away games on TV, Cool 98 carries both home and road on the radio here, so I highly doubt too many subscribe to it. To put it bluntly, I'd say 75% of the fans here in Saskatchewan couldn't care less about games not involving the Rush. Sure we do a little bit of scoreboard watching, but most people likely don't care to sit and watch Colorado/Buffalo play. I am one of the most diehard fans around and I don't subscribe to NLLTV, I don't watch games on Twitter and I certainly won't be watching them on Bleacher Creature Live or whatever this "new, innovative thing is." Sports to me belong on TV period. Quit the streaming crap and get a game of the week on Canadian and American national television. Streaming your entire league's games without complementary TV screams bush league. The fact the NLL wanted fans to pay for it is even a bigger joke.

    Two of the three highest attended markets have their games on TV (and I believe Buffalo has a TV deal), what does that tell you? Streaming doesn't attract fans. How can I flip through streaming "channels" and see what is on? Conventional TV, I can and I do stumble across things I had no idea were on. The other day I forget the Toronto Wolfpack rugby league team was on in the afternoon, but flipping through the on screen guide of my cable showed me it was on GameTV at that moment. So I immediately switched over and watched it. I can't do that with streaming. Unless I know it is on, I'll never find it. The article about the profitable teams posted in the other thread was news to me that MLB was streaming games on Facebook. I don't visit league sites very much, between Twitter alerts, Facebook and the apps on my phone, I never need to check out league or team sites. So there is no way they would connect to me and I suspect that is the same for many, many fans.

    Streaming might be fine for on demand things like movies or TV shows (even then I barely use the ones I pay for), but sports needs to be on television to be taken seriously. I love the Rush and will continue to support them by buying season tickets (and if they ever print a new t-shirt in 4XL, I'd buy one), but I am not going to sit in front of my laptop and stream a game. Frankly, if the game wasn't televised, I'd be likely more inclined to turn the radio broadcast on than to stream it on my laptop.
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    I haven’t looked in a while but they only had like 130,000 likes on Facebook the numbers have to be people clicking in then out

    Because average league attendance is down nearly 500 a game to date
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    Isn't that how many they claim are watching at some point on Twitter for free?
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    Buffalo does not have a TV deal and hasn't had one in many years. They have a radio deal but listening to Gartler call a game is mind-numbing and may cause seizures in otherwise healthy people.

    It's not like the NLL hasn't tried putting their games on TV. They have been on just about every major network in the US and Canada and nothing has stuck more than 1-2 years at any one network. The league doesn't have the cash to buy time right now but with 2 rounds of expansion into bigger markets like Philly and San Diego may make that possible for at least playoff games.
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    Like I've said previously, I think they should have both some variant of NLLTV for the diehard fans because I don't see there being enough demand for a television version of NLLTV, and I think a game of the week on television is a must as well to hook casual fans and prospective fans.
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    Seeing as the league is spending 7 figures on upgrades, we would hope that would be the case. It shouldn't be a big issue in Buffalo, Colorado, Calgary, Toronto or Philly since they are NHL arenas with infrastructure already there.
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    The "no more arena feeds" thing NEEDED to happen before they started the paywall, or the Twitter mass marketing effort.

    Better late than never.
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    Some people have a to be bags of dicks about it though just sayin
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    Knowing the NLL, the arena feeds might prove to be better than what we're about to get :confused:
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    I'm in for a year...
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    I'll believe it when I see it. Hopefully the new season pass pricing will be reasonable.
  17. Vin

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    I'm not sure if that is how it'll work. I expect that you'll get a monthly billed account to B/R Live just like Netflix or Hulu and select from what's available. When NLL games are on, just select them. So, I am expecting a higher price overall if you are only interested in NLL, but if you are interested in what else they have to offer, it may be good. Who knows?
  18. Vin

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    I may be wrong.

    Turner Sports Unveils ‘Bleacher Report Live’ Pay-Streaming Service
    • Todd Spangler
      March 27, 2018 7:42AM PDT

    Turner didn’t announce pricing for B/R Live but said it will have “flexible pricing options” for direct access to live games on a per-event or subscription basis.

    In the first few months, B/R Live will be available for free in a bid to attract users, before Turner puts up a paywall starting in the summer of 2018. Going forward, the games carried on B/R Live “will always be available on a per-event basis. That’s very important,” said Lenny Daniels, president of Turner Sports, at a press conference Tuesday at Bleacher Report’s New York offices.

    With the direct-to-consumer B/R Live offering, Turner has “the opportunity to engage fans when and where it suits them,” Turner president David Levy said at the press event.
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    Oh man! How can I watch the NLL away from the arena without Kiss Cam, Human Hamster Ball Races, Guess the Player Silhouette, graphics telling me to provide "NOISE", player intros, preteen dance teams, mascots leading the wave or doing lapdances, Pizza Pizza Frisbee Toss, which company sponsors the home team power play,etc. ?:confused:

    I know no other way.
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