Jax removed from NLL site

Discussion in 'Portland LumberJax Forum' started by mtbf, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    so I am guessing distribution draft instead of relocation?
  2. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    I hope not... I just want to see league to have 12 teams in 2010 so we could have balanced schedule. Last season, we didnt have that due to Chicago being pulled out at the last second.

    How can you make schedule with 11 teams and keep it fair?

  3. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    Pulling them off the site is never good. RIP Jax.
  4. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    I hated it when franchise fold.. this is awesome league.

  5. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    Let's not use the F-word. Folding is different than suspending operations. It's like the difference between being dead and being in a coma.
  6. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    Vin - define Arizona and Chicago. They said that they suspended the operation and later on, we found out that they fold...so....

  7. wordup!

    wordup! New Member

    sure....and the storm still have a chance coming back to Socal. they are "suspended" still.....but I don't think they are coming back.
  8. boozinjedi

    boozinjedi New Member

    Anyone wanna take odds on when the dispersal draft will be held??
    Because when they take the team off the website...IT AIN'T GOOD!!
  9. Smackem

    Smackem New Member

    Or it's because they have already said they weren't coming back to Portland. Why leave the Portland name uop if it isn't going to be?
  10. dougm

    dougm Well-Known Member

    i would agree w/ you apart from the insider areticle on pete jacobs transfer in summer ball that indicated that portland had ceased operations.
  11. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    Same as San Jose - they have moved but the tab is still there until they decide on the team name.

    Wheres Portland? Gone

    And Titans - no one know where they are going to play but seem they are coming back in 2010

  12. Hollywood42

    Hollywood42 Well-Known Member

    heres to a nice dispersal draft ( raises beer)!
  13. Rabid Camel

    Rabid Camel New Member

    Angie, angie, when will those clouds all disappear?
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    I hate that sadness in your eyes
    But angie, angie, aint it time we said good-bye?

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  14. silvanthalas

    silvanthalas Active Member

    It wasn't an NLL Insider article said this, it was from a linked article at the Brantford Expositor. And I don't know why they would know something that hasn't been reported elsewhere as actual news (like the NLL Insider).

    Either way, I'm rather sick and tired of the NLL (and now the MLL, too) for not having the balls to just admit that a team is folding. They just dance around it and never say it. It's pathetic.
  15. JaxFan

    JaxFan New Member

    Bye Bye Angela!! You had no knowledge or business in owing a sports team or $$$$ . Well at least you found a HUIBBY!!! LOL! So long!
  16. JaxFan

    JaxFan New Member

    Oh Angela!

    Bye Bye Angela!! You had no knowledge or business in owing a sports team or $$$$ . Well at least you found a HUIBBY!!! LOL! So long!
  17. RockyNY

    RockyNY New Member

    and NLLInsider site also.

    When you click on Portland Lumberjax icon to go to their official website, they no longer take you to Lumberjax site. To top it off, www.portlandjax.com will take you directly to www.nll.com now

  18. N Barbera

    N Barbera New Member

    I had more people in my living room for UFC 98 then the Jax did allseason. They are not coming back.
  19. Daniellebow

    Daniellebow New Member

    That's a little unfair.
    We pulled decent attendance, averaging around 7 to 8k a game. That's better than a few others. The reason the team is forced to fold isn't because we couldn't put butts in seats-it was because we lost our sponsors.

    And I really don't think you were cramming 50k people in your living room for UFC 98. Just a hunch.
  20. N Barbera

    N Barbera New Member

    I guess you cant sense sarcasm can you.

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