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Discussion in 'Saskatchewan Rush Forum' started by AmericanRockFan, Mar 9, 2017.

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    fired way too quickly in Toronto........(not that I can really argue with what Sanderson achieved in the first full year).

    glad to see him prove himself building a top notch champ team that's been in the hunt even when they weren't champs
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    As a long time Roughneck fan and lacrosse fan in general, I have to admit I have admired the way that Keenan and Urban built their team to beat the 'Necks and ultimately the whole league. Kudos to Bruce for sticking to his guns with the whole Edmonton fiasco and moving to a new town and THRIVING! Derek Keenan is always so composed and calm on his bench and it shows with his players... This is a great signing for continued stability in a new market. (and a model for other markets to look at..) Great Coach grows a Great Team..
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    Well deserved. Two championships and a cumulative 54-17 record since the league swapped to the 18 game format says it all. Not only is the team built to contend right now with studs at almost every position from top to bottom, he has stocked the cupboards for the future as well. The Rush have 5 first round picks the next 3 years to add to the likes of Messenger, Keenan, and Hossack, not to mention all the core players sans Thompson and Bold are still under 30 with many more productive seasons to give. He took the laughingstock franchise of the league still reeling from Paul Day's abysmal asset management/horrendous talent evaluation and turned it into a dynasty. Sometimes I wonder what could've been if Keenan were the Rush's day 1 hire. Perhaps the team takes off running instead of that laughable 1-15 inaugural season, and builds a strong loyal fanbase from the start thanks to that success, similar to what has happened in Saskatchewan. Then I'd still be able to attend live games instead of watching streams...
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