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    I still don't know how much of this is Manning's fault, nor do I know who they need to get to replace him.

    But.... I concur, #FireManning. Bring in someone else to architect this underachieving unit.
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    Small sample size, but I'm wondering if the league has figured Schreiber out. That, or Hellyer and Jones' presence has diminished his role.

    Also.... Reinholdt seems to have supplanted Leblanc on the depth chart, eh?
  4. RockStar

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    Schreiber has one goal to show for two games and 18 shots

    Jonesy has three to show for 32

    Hellyer two on 27

    Reinholdt has one on 19,

    Leblanc has two on 15 for an acceptable .133

    (Hickey and Lintner are the only regular forwards on a pretty decent pace with four on 25 and 3 on 10 respectively)

    All this tells me is that most of the shots are the wrong ones to be taking, and, some of that is on coaching.

    And, I am getting motherstuffing sick and tired of
    -Single digit results,
    -second half offence putting up half as many goals as they did in the first, and, one of those goals was scored at a time when it barely mattered anymore
    -ill thought plays with all attackers deep and facing the wrong way, leading to quality transition chances against Toronto's goal.

    Hell, if I am a defenceman on this team, there is no way I peel back and dish the ball to an attacker coming off the bench in the second half......taking it to the hole and shooting, because, Hell, I can't do any worse than those guys even if I shank it into the ground and it ends up in bouncing into the netting.
  5. RockStar

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    And, I just had a gander at the shots, vs. shots on goal numbers.

    They look depressing

    Hickey has a very respectable 21 on 25,

    Jones at an OK ish 23 on 32

    Leblanc and Lintner with also OK ish 11 on 15, and 7 on 10 respectively

    The other three regulars are below 70%.

    this feels like it needs to get much better if they are going to continue to suck at breaking up opponent transition chances.
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    What if Josh Sanderson takes the reigns and becomes the offensive coach? As long as the guys are quick off the floor, he could be a good influence?
  7. RockStar

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    Josh is one obvious short term stop gap if they decide to make a move.

    Everyone else I can think of is already a coach, or an assistant coach somewhere that feels like it is a happier place, or at least no less happy a place, than Toronto right now.
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    My first thought

  9. AmericanRockFan

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    Blaine Manning is a great coach. In fact, he almost fought for his boys tonight.

  10. RockStar

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    Would have loved to see Batley or Milligan go Section 8 and attack Manning.

    This league needs more Slapshot and WWE.
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    The opposing D coach just keeps figuring Manning out! Held him to 6 fewer goals in the second half!
  12. AmericanRockFan

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    Manning was almost framed.
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    credit where it is due - this group is talented and is firing on all cylinders.

    Leblanc was not the biggest goat from the first two weeks, but I think moving him added value in more ways than even having Leblanc playing well would have.

    Burns gives you a solid defender who also finds loosies and adds yet another credible transition threat.

    at the other end, it is great to get Craig into the lineup, and, with the strong left lineup, McArdle and Reinholdt have been a bit better than expected too.

    great that its working.

    hope that it is still working in the last third of the season when the other top teams are chasing playoff spots too
  14. dougm

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    i was and still am so against that trade for the blackwolves. burns solved so many problems for the rock.
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    I was on the fire Manning bandwagon. The last three games certainly suggest he's turned things around. I'm not sure he can solve the Rush or Mammoth but that almost doesn't matter. The Rock have one game against the woolies in the regular season and won't see either team again until the final, if the play-off gods are kind. My other worry with Manning, however, may become a factor before the end of the season: streakiness. The Rock's hot start last season fizzled when the league adjusted their strategies to shut down the Rock and Manning couldn't answer. Let's see if the O can still perform when the league adjusts this season. For now, the team has stepped up. Manning deserves much of the credit for that.

    The Leblanc trade initially frustrated me. It felt like a smoke screen -- Rock management needed to appease their dwindling fan base so why not make a trade? In fairness, Leblanc disappeared for long stretches of games. In previous seasons, I attributed that to him being easily double teamed due to a weak lefty attack. This season, I blamed coaching.

    As it turns out, Leblanc's absence has made room for Dan Craig and Sheldon Burns. Rock management deserves credit for a smart trade.

    Let's see what the rest of the season has in store!
  16. dougm

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    sometimes letting go of the past is the only way to get to the future. i said it then and i say it now, rock wins this trade without breaking a sweat.
  17. RockStar

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    Same thoughts here. Closer to the playoffs, the other good teams' defences are firing on all cylinders, the D coach has more film of what the Rock are doing, and the refs are letting a bit more go.

    Gets tougher to score in bunches without a plan to expose whatever weakness the other guys might show.

    Happy for now, but, eternally vigilant.
  18. AmericanRockFan

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    I'd hate to think that Leblanc himself was the problem here, but I do think he wasn't a good fit for being the 5th guy on the offense. As the old adage says, there's only one ball to go around, I think guys like Craig and McArdle are better suited for the role of the 5th guy. I actually thought that Reinholdt would be the guy to take the ball and run with it, but Craig and McArdle have probably passed him on the depth chart over the past 3 games.

    I'm unsure if this roll is gonna be ridden out all season, but I'm eager to see how the rest of the year plays out. This offense right now is surpassing the 2005 offense, and it could potentially surpass it by a landslide.
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    *Bump , thread is hilarious to read now
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    This anaconda don't want none.

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