Last night was Swarm night at President's cup

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    5 players that were part of the Swarm last season played in the Capital Region Axemen vs St. Catharines Saints round robin game won by the Saints 10-6.

    Axemen players
    Callum Crawford 2 assists
    Ian Crawford
    Sam Bradman

    Saints Players
    Kiel Matisz 3 goals and 4 assists
    Jordon Houtby 1 assist

    2 other Saints players have also suited up for the Swarm
    Mike Atwood (2005)
    Brad Favero (2009) 2 goals, 1 assist

    *Travis Hill who played for the Swarm from 2005-2011 is also on the Saints but did not dress last night.

    Axemen play Snake Island Muskies in quarter final today. Winner of that game will meet the Saints tomorrow night in the Semis.
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    Presidents Cup talent wise is not that strong. So I am not sure its something you want your NLL team well represented at.

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