Letter from Styres:

Discussion in 'NLL News and Rumors' started by Tavares is God, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Tavares is God

    Tavares is God Active Member

    Dear Knighthawks fans,

    As I reflect on my time in Rochester, I am proud of everything we have accomplished together over the past 10 years. I am excited to be with you for the 2018-19 season and am truly honored to be able to celebrate the 25th Anniversary season with you. This season will also give my family and I the opportunity to thank every one of you for your dedication and loyalty to the Rochester Knighthawks.

    I want to express my most profound appreciation for your passion, which you brought to our home and road games. You are indeed the Seventh Man. It is your support and excitement that made our team one of the most successful in the history of the National Lacrosse League. We shared in the victories and defeats, learning from each game and challenging ourselves always to do better.

    I will always cherish the three championship seasons, especially the 2014 NLL Cup when you powered us to an incredible comeback in the tiebreaker game against Calgary. I believe that your enthusiasm, emotion and belief willed our players to win that game.

    To all of the corporate sponsors who have backed this team since long before I got here, I want to let you know that your commitment has not gone unnoticed. You have been some of our biggest ambassadors in this community, and we could not have gone this far without you.

    When I took over ownership of the Knighthawks on June 19, 2008, I said that when I left, I wanted to leave the team in better shape than I found it. I believe we have done that as we have added three banners to the rafters as NLL champions and made a fourth trip to the Finals last season. We have also created hundreds of new fans and introduced the game to thousands of children across western New York. Again, I cannot put into words how proud I am of everything that WE have accomplished together.

    This season, we are again focused on finishing the job we came so close to completing in 2017-18. The players, coaches, and staff are coming into training camp on a mission to bring home a sixth NLL Cup to the City of Rochester with you – our Seventh Man.

    Upon conclusion of our 2018-19 season, I will take another step in my journey to grow the game of lacrosse nationally as I begin my newest venture, bringing an NLL franchise to the City of Halifax. For NLL fans of the Rochester community, it was very important for my family and I to make sure that your Rochester franchise would be well looked after.


    Curt Styres
  2. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    So, that is pre-supposing that Curt is selling the KHawks...?
  3. TofuBomb

    TofuBomb Guest

    The Buffalo Bandits owners will be at an NLL related press conference in Rochester at 1 pm, so presumably...
  4. MILLwasbetter

    MILLwasbetter Well-Known Member

    where the new orange and black k'hawks logo will be revealed!
  5. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    Considering that:
    1. Curt Styres is moving our current KHawks (1.0) to Halifax.
    2. There already are NLL trademarks for Halifax Privateers.
    That would imply that the Knighthawks name is still available.

    I would expect that the Pegula's will retain the Knighthawks name and colors.

    The real questions are two-fold:
    1. Will this be like the Columbus Landsharks / Montréal Express situation?

      In that case, despite Montréal being one of 3 expansion teams for the 2001-2002 season, the reality was that the original 2001 Columbus Landshark's team moved to Montréal to become the 2001-2002 Montréal Express. Meanwhile, in Columbus, the 2001-2002 Landsharks were true expansion team.

      I do not know this for a fact, but I suspect that is what will happen with this ROC/HFX thing. I can't imagine Cody Jamieson not playing for Uncle Curt.

      So, in that case, the Pegulas will get a de facto expansion team. That said, I don't know if they will keep the KHawks name.

    2. IF the Pegula-owned ROC team is still Knighthawks (2.0), then does that franchise retain the history of the original KHawks franchise?

      Personally, I would say "no", but we've been down this road before both in the NLL and other leagues.
  6. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    Regarding the carry over of the name/logo/colors.

    Do you think they might mix it up a bit to give them a fresh look? Wings 2.0 went with a (slightly) different color scheme and a whole new logo.
  7. Vin

    Vin Well-Known Member

    That's a really good question.
    Personally, I have always loved the KHawks logo; it's the best in the NLL.
    That said, the new Wings logo is very badass! I gotta get a jersey.
  8. IAmDroot

    IAmDroot Guest

    I hope they keep the colors, they are different and fairly unique in sports. They just said they are keeping the name
  9. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    I meant just colors/logo. Name was obvious. I agree with you on the colors. As far as minor pro sports go, the Knighthakws colors are pretty iconic.
  10. IAmDroot

    IAmDroot Guest

    Yeah, I could see some minor tweaks to the colors but they should keep the Purple & Teal
  11. fandit

    fandit Well-Known Member

    It's all about the "Merch", baby. :rolleyes: Change things and hope to sell lots of stuff. New jerseys, banners, hats and a everything else.
  12. nickp91

    nickp91 Member

    I hope they soon remember how much Curt Styres has done for lacrosse in Rochester
  13. mtbf

    mtbf Well-Known Member

    New Logo
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  14. KHawkTobey

    KHawkTobey Member

    So Mike, are you saying that after this ownership/expansion debacle Knighthawks fans will be screaming for vengeance?
  15. Mr Boo

    Mr Boo Well-Known Member

    If that's what you think, then you've got another thing coming.
  16. wacklax

    wacklax Active Member

    some heads are gonna roll over this.
  17. Wings-4-Life

    Wings-4-Life Well-Known Member

    Maybe the old logo will be riding on the wind to Halifax.
  18. RockStar

    RockStar Well-Known Member

  19. swami24

    swami24 Well-Known Member

    It does look like a Journey album cover.

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